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  1. rbd flip collision problem

    I'm afraid to ask but what the purpose of this?
  2. rbd flip collision problem

    Try to use packed geometry with animated status instead of. rbd_flip_collision_problem_v02.hip
  3. Have someone found how to dissable "Required:..." popup message in H16.5? It's so annoying every time when I create node seperatly, it's obvious that there is must be connected something, what's the point of this notification?!
  4. What next? Plugins))) I ran away from this sh#t in 3ds max. To speak seriously, yeah it's looks ok, if it's help to atract more people from mograph and help them to cross first stage of using houdini. In perspective it's not good, all can be done with basic knowledge and give you more flexibility and understanding how to change or inprove it. This year I have seen a lot of newcomers, and this is awesome but, a lot of them don't want to learn basics, what is it? laziness, fear, don't understanding main ideas of houdini or now nobody wants to spend months to learn new software? Just wanna say, yes houdini is not easy software to learn, yes it takes time, but believe me you will be rewarded, we have one of the best community and a lot of good tutorials, just keep learn!
  5. Nvidia Flex implementation

    Houdini implementation
  6. destruction animated impulse velocity

    Check "RBD inherit @v and @w after initial frame" topic http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops
  7. gas advect

    Hi, check this (sub included)
  8. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    New AMD Threadripper 32-core, 64-thread, hell yeah!
  9. Count velocity per object, separately.
  10. Keep in my that by default you don't have most important influence - resistance of the environment (air resistance), you are playing only with vacuum environment and gravity, take Andrea's example and add drag with force scale 300 to see the effect. Heavy (brick) has less impact of drag, pushing himself through the air and falling faster than light (styrofoam).
  11. Auto resize pyro container

    ? pyro_auto_geo_position_v01.hip
  12. Hacked site

    I found him/her/it/them
  13. rest fields in pyro

    and read bunker's comment
  14. Explosion in Farm Rendering

    There are many things, why it's rendering how it's rendering. 1h for real production is no long at all. You can try to cheat with the farm limit time by using "tiled render".