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  1. How about merge dops, read data from pop and play with it in flip? pop_do_flip.hip
  2. simple foreach loop problem

    I mean like this FOREACH_points_v02.hip
  3. simple foreach loop problem

    oh, seems foreach doesn't want to work with timeshift. Maybe you will try shift with classic "primuv" approach, more flexible way I guess.
  4. simple foreach loop problem

    Change "foreach_begin1" method to "Fetch Input"
  5. Two state constraint

    As I remember it works like this two_state_v02.hipnc
  6. Tearing metal from bullet sim

    Check this ideas
  7. Velocity Field issue with smoke clustering

    Strange why source doesn't want to add velocity field. But you can try to add it manually. cluster_velFieldIssue_v02.hipnc
  8. Spray simulation problem.

    Share the setup to help you.
  9. This is currect. Wrangle is working in "run over" - "points mode" mode. You have feedback with every point. If you wish run wrangle once use Detail (only once) mode. But in this case you don't have direct access to point like @P (use point(0, "P", num) instead). Search more about how wrangle is working.
  10. You alredy doing this. Check "pos" in spreadsheet with assign attribute like "v[]@temp = pos;" after loop You also can fill array with "push(pos, @P);" Also check loop limit, i<nbTotal-1 should be i<nbTotal
  11. Define a function in point wrangle

    not sure that vex allows return array
  12. Define a function in point wrangle

    myfunc(int input; int ptnum)
  13. moving

    More fun moveit_v04.hip
  14. moving

    Sorry, I'm away from pc, there is should be parameter "spee" (speed)), play with it, try negative as well.
  15. moving

    maybe) moveit_v03.hip