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  1. Auto resize pyro container

    ? pyro_auto_geo_position_v01.hip
  2. Hacked site

    I found him/her/it/them
  3. rest fields in pyro

    and read bunker's comment
  4. Explosion in Farm Rendering

    There are many things, why it's rendering how it's rendering. 1h for real production is no long at all. You can try to cheat with the farm limit time by using "tiled render".
  5. Combine VDB vectors

    I'm using "Replace A with active B" for each component separately (vel.x, vel.y, vel.z), interpolation "Nearest", "Flatten All B into A" as well.
  6. Particles from RBD object

    btw check this also
  7. Particles from RBD object

    Make sure you have learned all about RBD and constraints: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/ For "emits particles" you can use "Debris" shelf tool, something like https://vimeo.com/146794995 If you don't know how to deal with Pyro: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/ For the future, the best way is to try to build a simple scene, share an example or full scene if you stuck or have a question. Good luck)
  8. Can't render particles as volume.

    Share an example, save geo in the scene.
  9. Can't render particles as volume.

    Did you copy materials as well?
  10. Create water droplets on moving car

    Check for inspiration 00:15+ 00:50+
  11. particles creating objects

    Backward playback.
  12. Are you sure? As I remember HQueue does it for Pyro.
  13. ok, if I understand you right, you need something like that. car_hits_glass_and_lamp_v01.hip
  14. Seems the lamp must be constrained. Do you have constraints?
  15. Just needed elements to repeat the problem.
  16. Simply "lock" input geo, this allows you to save all in the scene.
  17. Store geometry in the scene before sharing. Probably (99%) you have problems with collision representation, make sure you learned all from:
  18. FEM POPs two-way interaction

    bold... why?
  19. Smoke falling down

  20. Different noise value per point

    Search "Copy Stamp"
  21. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Did you check all render passes?