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  1. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Big thanks Odforce!
  2. Bullet Going Through a Mechanical Heart

    Maybe try deforming static object instead bullet simulation.
  3. How to recreate this Awsome effect?

    https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/ And month two later you will be able to do it.
  4. addpoint, add attributes

    int np = addpoint(0, @P); setpointattrib(0, "id", np, 123, "set");
  5. Thank for sharing! What ot your overall thought about this approach, especially comparable with Bifrost (speed, control and flexibility, setup friendly...)?
  6. They (fire/smoke mask) intended for masking Change color, intensity, other operations... The main goal is independent control in each pass, this can be done by example above.
  7. Passes export example in the file google -> nuke compositing passes tutorial pyro_passes__render.hip
  8. Shrink large float to smaller float ?

    google > cut float decimal float original = 4.48; int tmp = original * 10; // 44.8 truncated to 44 float truncated = tmp / 10.0; // 4.4
  9. RDB driven by POP network

    maybe RDB_driven_by_POP_v01.hip
  10. Fast Moving Pyro Source Causes Flames to Die

    If you want like in "real", you need to add "timeblend" after source geometry and increase substeps according to speed. fastpyro_v02.hipnc
  11. Fast Moving Pyro Source Causes Flames to Die

    Search forum first.
  12. It's time to dive into Houdini's destructions
  13. rbd and softbodys

    Look through the topic, there are some useful examples.
  14. rbd and softbodys

  15. I think it's not about performance at all, it's about convenience. People who are doing these presentations do it in free time, at home or so, eventually using their own laptop, there is no comparison between work process and doing presentations. On the other hand Apple is still expensive brand, lifestyle or something like that, people with status in some way must use this product to be more presented for an audience. More over Apple software like keynote is very easy and powerful for making presentations.
  16. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    Make a screenshot of the problem area, maybe I do not understand what do you mean.
  17. Rendering IFD files

    Your idf file contains data about camera, geometry and output path. You just ask mantra to execute it. IFD is located where you saved it. mantra.exe -f ifdfile.ifd c:\\myfiles\ifdfile.ifd
  18. Rendering IFD files

    1. generate ifd 2. /bin/hcmd.exe 3. mantra.exe -f ifdfile.ifd
  19. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    Set "Local scaling" to "Use Local Feature Size" to have more accurate solidembed. In "box_object1" set "Division size" to 0.05 or less. Change substeps to default 4 and 2 for collision.
  20. Cloth sim shading problems

    Add normal node.
  21. fluid attract problem

    Try to play with negative divergence pyro_negative_divergence_v01.hip
  22. How to load in UDIM textures?

    diffuse.%(UDIM)d.tif ...
  23. OpenCL and Smoke Dual Rest

    Work when do not change resolution (Rest Division Scale = 1) OK but it doesn't work by default (
  24. OpenCL and Smoke Dual Rest

    During testing Dual Rest Fields in Smoke solver found out that "Gas Advect CL" (in OpenCL mode) doesn't want to advect "rest rest2" fields. Microsolver just shows warning: The same in H15.5 and 16 Google said nothing..