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  1. This way? pyro_source_mask_v02.hip
  2. Do you want to apply turbulence only for source or whole future field from this source? pyro_source_mask.hip
  3. Thanks MENOZ, I know this page. I just looking somebody from our industry first.
  4. Hi there! Sorry for a bit offtopic. I'm going to London this weekend, to work (not only for the weekend)). Looking for friends to share a flat for a long term. Office near Oxford Circus. Thinking about Zone 2. No smoking, no pats, male, 29, Houdini bro. PM or Skype me (pavel.pekun), will be thankful for any help. Thanks.
  5. UP (first and last time)
  6. http://www.cemyuksel.com/research/lgh/lgh-high.pdf Waiting for SideFX implementation?
  7. Thanks Atom! Self rendering, Mantra. Don't let them take away this cool part XD
  8. volume_vdb_combine.hip
  9. Convert to VDB and merge using vdbcombine each field separately.
  10. >>other renderer ? You can merge in one container using vdbcombine.
  11. I know that feeling bro)) Maybe in H20-30 they fix it.
  12. Ok, but what about ordinary constrain? wires_to_surface.hip
  13. >> it seems glue to animation only works if you are generating the curves at points on the geometry Sorry)
  14. Check this approach (Wire solver) http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops
  15. You just mean directional cross? @N = cross(@N, {1,0,0});
  16. You have incorrect topology after polysplit operations. Try Boolean shatter in this case.
  17. fem_vs_pyro.hip
  18. That's I wanna to call the first post! Thank for sharing, very nice tool, feather looks really realistic.
  19. pyro_clusters_for_each.hip
  20. Viewport has limitations with resolution, you need render to see the result. 280x908x108 is not so high, think about 500-600 in each. For such effect usually look at gridless advection or selma techniques: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/16415-gridless-advection/ https://people.cs.clemson.edu/~jtessen/papers_files/RIV.pdf *chapter 7-8
  21. randomize_scale_by_class_h16.hip
  22. Use pointwrangle.
  23. Have never worked with crowd sim) But an example from shelf shows "state" attribute in agent sim, so you can filter your "exhale" state, when it happened do fire on that agent. In your case I see two ways to sim fire, 1 - instancing per agent, 2 - sim separately in the loop.
  24. You mean? pyro_fallow_trigger_dont know what to write here_h16.hip