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  1. Grain RBD Active/Deactive

    unbelievable - thanks Sepu
  2. Grain RBD Active/Deactive

    Morning all, I've got a basic Grain RBD setup of a box filled with grains I would like to settle and then stop movement until a collider is introduced. I 've used a pop wrangle to deactivate the grains below a velocity threshold but would like them to be reactivated once the collider is in close proximity. I thought a simple SOP Solver with an attribute transfer would do the job but, although the spreadsheet says their active value = 0 - they are clearly still active and the SOP Solver appears to be overriding the POP Wrangle completely. Any suggestions on either why this doesn't work or a better alternative. Thanks basicGrainRBD.hip
  3. Geo to Maya Mblur

    Foolishly, I realised it's a changing point count issue with Arnold.
  4. Geo to Maya Mblur

    I've copySOP'd a bunch of geo and exported it to Maya via Alembic - the velocities look good in Houdini but rendering in Arnold/Maya the mblur is all over the place. I've tried exporting with subsamples too but theyre still wrong Any ideas?
  5. Floating windows on Linux

    When I was on Linux I did exactly that. Created a workspace which spanned two monitors. Customise it so the timeline and other bits only span one monitor.
  6. Volume Displacement on Rest

    I'm trying to add some detail to a smoke sim - logically it feels like I should be able to displace/multiply noise into the density using the rest field but I don't know how to use it in the volume vop. Can someone give me some clues?
  7. VEX: If statement

    Nice one. Thanks.
  8. VEX: If statement

    How do you run an 'if' statement on a string in vex? if(@id==0){ @Cd = set(1,1,1); } will work but if I were to run it over a string attribute it errors with 'invalid assignment from string to float' if(@shape=='box'){ @Cd = set(1,1,1); } I know that running @shape="box" blast works so I tried it with just a single '=' also, but this errors too.
  9. vop accel attribute

    Thanks - that seems to do the business. But, for curiosities sake, is there a way without running through a time shift?
  10. Python code in the channels?

    Stick a return statement at the end to return your value file= r'C:\myFolder\myFile.bgeo.sc' return file
  11. Create HDA using python

    Not used it myself but these might help you http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/HDADefinition.html
  12. Possibly a stupid question. In older versions of Houdini there was access to the 'accel' attribute in vops. Where's it gone? I'm using H15.0.416
  13. Python - Create Operator Path

    Thanks This helped a lot:
  14. Hello, What's the class to create an "Operator Path" parameter in python? group.addParmTemplate(hou.FloatParmTemplate("myparam", "My Param", 1)) will create a float type parameter What would create an Operator Path parameter?
  15. Is it possible to interrogate a keyframe animate curve to find it's maximum and minimum values? I want to be able to pipe these values into a fit range in VOPs