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  1. Curve Force on Cloth / FEM

    OK got it. field force with a sopvectorfield plugged into it.
  2. Curve Force on Cloth / FEM

    Hiya, How does one get a curve force or other such custom force into a cloth sim? Trying to push some cloth grids along a custom velocity field. I found this setup but it doesnt appear to work in H15 Cheers
  3. Pin it to stop it changing.
  4. Matching Curves

    Hello, I have two sets of curves - the first has a lot of points and the second is a lower-res resample of the first. Ideally I would like to simulate the lo-res and then match the hires back to the lo-res. I'm thinking I need to find the nearest uv location on the lo-res for the hi-res points (on a rest frame) and then transform each of the hi-res points via that matrix in order to match them. Is this the right methodology and how do I go about doing this? Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  5. Matching Curves

    Sure. matchCurves.hip
  6. Matching Curves

    I was over thinking it. This will do the job. prim attribute = P
  7. Matching Curves

    Pointdeform almost gets me there but it's not a match - templated (grey) is what I want it to be. I've tried a setup using nearpoint on rest frames and then using that point number's point position on the animated geo to set my point positions. This almost works too but with some random points crossing over to other curves:
  8. hou.hipFile.save but stay in the same session.

    import os.path as op import hou activeSession = hou.hipFile.name() print activeSession # Fetch tuple with index of pressed button and input text. choice, text = hou.ui.readInput('Type comments message', help='Type comments description.', title='Commented HIP', buttons=('OK', 'Cancel'), default_choice=1, close_choice=1) # If OK was pressed with some non-empty text. if choice == 0: # save tmp file tmp = ('').join(hou.hipFile.name().split('.')[0]) + '_tmp.hip' hou.hipFile.save(tmp) # set path name to the current session name path = activeFilename # Replace existing comment. if text: dir, name = op.split(path) name = op.splitext(name)[0] name = name.rsplit('.', 1)[0] name = '%s.%s.hip' % (name, text) path = op.join(dir, name) path = op.normpath(path) # save off the newly commented version hou.hipFile.save(path) # load the tmp file hou.hipFile.load(tmp) # rename it to the original session name hou.hipFile.setName(activeSession) print(path) It's clunky - but it does what you want it to
  9. hou.hipFile.save but stay in the same session.

    I guess you would want to save the current session as temp file before running this script. Then once this script has run open the temp file.
  10. How to create a custom deep channel

    The default Pz pass will give you this information
  11. source volume stop birth

    Add an expression or keyframe into the Activation parameter e.g. Add $F == $FSTART
  12. Tooltip

    nice one thanks
  13. Tooltip

    Hello How do I add a tool tip to a shelf tool?
  14. Path for Houdini self learn

    Give yourself a task and then try and complete it - I find this a good way to learn. e.g. find an effect someone else has done and then try and replicate it yourself. The first thing I did was to make a procedural fence asset so that taught me to use some basic math, introduced the copySOP with stamping, switches, rays and some simple modeliing techniques.
  15. Plant Dynamics

    Wire Solver will do what you want
  16. Hey guys, We're currently running H15 over here, but have manged to convince the powers-that-be to let us do some work with H16. What's the most stable build people are using on a Windows 7 Pipeline? Thoughts appreciated.
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acme_Corporation It would be in safer hands with Acme....
  18. L-System Pivot

    Hello, Does anyone know a way to get the pivot point of each prim from an L-System? I'd like to use this for animating bends and rotations but I'm not sure how I would go about it. Logically I need to find the nearest point on the previous gen to the 0 point of each primitive but it must also take into account the transforms of the previous gens too. I looked in to matt estela's rotation matrices but this doesn't account for the previous gen's transforms. Any help greatly appreciated. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex#Rotate_prims_around_an_edge.2C_alternate_version
  19. Capture to disk and Mplay

    Bump. Has any progress been made on this? I realise you can write to disk using viewwrite -f 1 10 Build.panetab1.world.persp1 '$F.jpg' and write to mplay using viewwrite -f 1 10 Build.panetab1.world.persp1 ip but I'd really like a way to script writing images to disk from mplay. Even knowing if/where mplay temp images are located would be a start.
  20. Urgent: How to get Very Soft Splashes

    How about just doing a sim as you normally would be then using the VDB tools to sculpt it / smooth it into a less defined shape?
  21. Need advice from Houdini users.

    Yeah - houdini is becoming more and more artist friendly so knowing the maths is useful but not absolutely necessary. Anything you don't know can always be googled Python is not necessary at all but again, any additional skill is useful. If I were to invest in my future from scratch I would do it with SideFX not Autodesk for sure. They are considerably more customer-centric, they listen to their user-base and you can get their software free to learn with the PLE version. There's tonnes of learning content out there with Peter Quint, entagma, Rohan Dalvi, Go Procedural, sidefx.com and here on odForce. The community is really helpful and can always get you out of a pickle. I'm an XSI convert but I'm glad autodesk canned it as it gave me the push towards this sensational piece of software.
  22. Python - Houdini Engine

    Anyone scripted anything for Houdini Engine in Maya? Just want to be able to import an HDA. Any pointers appreciated.
  23. Python - Houdini Engine

    This was quite handy https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/39115/
  24. Hello there, I'm mucking about with houdini engine in maya and used the bog-standard file hda to get particles in there and it works. So to add some level of control into maya I thought I would add a delete SOP after the file SOP and have this controlled by a slider on the top level of the hda so that within maya you can dial out some particles if needs be. This works as you would expect in houdini but has no effect in Maya. So my question is this. Is this functionality possible or does it fail due to the limitations of nParticles? If it's not the latter then, anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Cheers
  25. Python - Parameters 'Type'

    Ayup! How do you evaluate a parameter to determine it's contents 'type' - e.g. expression/string - 'type' method is currently crossed out in the docs http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Parm import hou sel = hou.selectedNodes() for i in range(len(sel)): for p in range(0, len(sel[0].parms())): sel[1].parms()[p].set(sel[0].parms()[p].eval()) print str(sel[0]) + ' = ' + str(sel[0].parms()[p].eval()) print str(sel[1]) + ' = ' + str(sel[1].parms()[p].eval())