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  1. painting maps on cloth object

    nevermind, I figured it out by editing the solidFracture sop. thanks anyway!
  2. painting maps on cloth object

    Hey guys, I am trying to have an object burst through a cloth object but was hoping I could paint maps to control where the paper will tear. Does anyone have experience with this? Should the map go into the Fracturing Threshold or the Target Stiffness? I attached my scene. Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks so much Chrisclothtear_rnd_cr_v005.hip
  3. particles going through geometry

    ok, thank you for the information!
  4. particles going through geometry

    hey everyone, I'm working on a boat wake sim and some of the particles are going through my geo. I setup my geo with vdb to make it airtight but still some particles are getting through and doing some weird things. is it possible to kill off any particles that get inside? i attached my script, thanks to anyone who is able to take a look! chris oceanwake.zip
  5. first boat wake

    oh yea, that sounds pretty easy! thanks!
  6. first boat wake

    Ohh yep, I watched this a few weeks ago and thought it was super helpful but it would give me a lot more information than I needed since all I need is a flat layer. Is it possible to cut off the bottom layer of the geo once it is done (i'm rendering from inside the ocean looking up)
  7. first boat wake

    Hey all! My first post! I am working on a project where we see a shot of a sailboat slowly moving from bottom to about halfway up creating a boat wake. The water will be still like a lake and I don't need to see any foam. What do you guys think is the best oceanFX tool to achieve this?