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  1. raising node errors

    Hi! I want to raise errors on a node using python, but the information about the error in the help dialog gets pretty cluttered when just raising hou.NodeError('The description about the error') when raising this straight up i get multiple lines about where in the code the error was raised and other stuff is there something i can do to make the node info cleaner? Optimally i would like the error dialog to only say "Error: The description of the error" as regular sop nodes does when they warn about errors / Jonas
  2. FLIP velocity artifacts

    Anyone that can help me understand why i get these small velocity glitches in the flip? They seem to appear at collisions, both at the sides and also it causes instabilities at the shallow end. vel_glitches.hiplc vel_explosions.mp4 Thanks! /Jonas
  3. Packed object moved center of mass

    Yay!!! that was it Was using both houdini 14 and 15, both with older builds though. Just tried the new build out for 14, and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the pointer!
  4. Packed object moved center of mass

    Hey, i need to export animated objects via FBX after simulating them with rbd. And one pickle i came across was that if i have all my pieces of debris all split up and all of them has one joint each put at the point of the packed primitive. But as soon as the dop node kicks in (since it doesn't start on frame 0), the center of the objects gets moved. I guess this has to do with the "Compute center of mass" Can i force the center of mass to be the previous point position, and just not move it around? It seems as though if i simply uncheck the tickbox all objects jumps down to origo, and i cant get any variables to work in the "pivot" attributes. Or is there another way to pre calculate it to have the same position on the chunks before the dop node?
  5. Wind shadow

    I'm simulating a flag, and the result i get with a simple wind force doesn't really behave how i would expect wind to behave. What I'm trying to achieve is the effect where the flag would cast wind shadow so that the pieces of the flag that is behind other pieces doesn't get the same amount of wind applied to it. I have done this in Maya, where there is simply a check box, and i would think that there should be some way to achieve this in Houdini as well. I tried with setting up a sop solver that figures out with a ray sop if it's behind something and just multiplied a vector to that. I also tried with the VOP Force, but couldn't get the shadow attribute to be used in there. When i got something to work, simply multiplying the shadow value with an acceleration vector didn't really produce a result that looked realistic, since the cloth shouldn't be pushed in the wind direction only, but also take in consideration how the normal of the cloth is aligned towards the wind. Anyways, both of those setups seemed both very inaccurate and too advanced to be the best way to solve it. Is there something i am totally overlooking or does anyone have a setup that allows for this to be calculated? wind_shadow.hip