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  1. Hi, Is there an possibility to have @ working to create write attributes in a vex function? Something similar to the following function void test() { i@test_attrib = 10; } The reason I want to avoid setattrib is that it is much slower as implementation. Are there any other idea's? does the *.vcc compiler optimize the setting of attributes? Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, In the older versions of houdini it was possible to set the "clear viewport value", it seems this has now been replaced by the onion skinning. I was wondering is the option still available somewhere as it is described in "Houdini on the spot" "Onion-Skinning" ? I could really use the feature and I'm unable to get what I need using the current onion skinning. Thank you!
  3. It depends how flexible you want the system to be, but a first easy approach would be to. 1-Sweep a line first 2-use triangulate 2d on that shape. this way you'll get rid of the overlapping polygons. 3-extrude the shape in the Y axis to give thickness
  4. It is hard to tell without seeing the data. But can't you achieve the same by Storing the point positions as an attrib flattening the shapes in the Y direction before the attrib transfer And then restoring the point positions?
  5. Go to the top menu Edit/Preferences/Desktops and Toolbars/Save Desktops Automatically
  6. I've added an example to show what I mean. Any idea's to put this functionality in one node? Cheers.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to overload snippet inputports? If so how should this be done. I'd like for example make a multiply function that can deal with array's of various types. Cheers!
  8. Is it possible to share the presets folder by having it referenced from a different location then the "..User\Documents\houdini15.0\presets" on windows? I can get it to work with HOUDINI_PATH and couldn't find another dedicated Path variable for it. Are there other methods? Cheers. Kim
  9. Solved using the foreach node chop node.
  10. Hi, Is it possible to get the channels of multiple objects in the chops context using one node? Perhaps importing bundles, or defining a list nodes? Thanks!
  11. Something Like this? sample_CHOPs_problem-kim.hipnc
  12. Hi Bram, Thanks, but this is not what I'm looking for. I know that assets can have .idx files stored. My question is about the location of idx files in general so you can share the presets for all the sop nodes for example.
  13. Hi, Is it possible to change the preset path location so it can be shared among various machines?
  14. And yet another method Sweep-02.hipnc
  15. Another workaround you can do is Unroll the circle before sweeping using the ends node. Then after applying your uv's you can promote the uv point attribute to a uv vertex attribute using the attribute promote node then fuse the points together.