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  1. @Hamp, no worries, thx anyway btw, I'm trying to tear this but can't have the "mesh tearing" like the particles. It just stretches the mesh. In case you guys know a solution, please have a look at this other topic (don't want to mess with this one) Cheers, Alvaro
  2. Yeah, thank you very much Vitor, i'm sure it will be useful in the future. Pretty simple to implement. There's a file attached in case anyone else have the same doubt granular sheet pin - targetP.rar
  3. Does anyone know's how to solve it? It must be simple but I just can't find a solution anywhere :/ Grains in Dop: Mesh in Sop: Thx again, Alvaro
  4. Does anyone know's how to solve it? It must be simple but I just can't find a solution anywhere :/ Grains in Dop: Mesh in Sop: Thx again, Alvaro granular sheet - ripping it.rar
  5. Hey, solved it! doing some research on the targetP attribute I found this saying: " Set the mass of grain particles to zero (mass == 0). They will stop responding to external forces and the PBD update, giving you complete control over their motion. If you are driving their positions from external animation, remember to set their velocities correctly. " Here's the steps to achieve it: 1 - On the Grain Sourc (SOP level), you have to switch on "compute mass" (it looks like you must turn off "ignore mass" on all the forces you're using); 2 - Group the particles you want to be pinned; 3 - Create an attribute for the group of particles setting mass to 0 (anyone know it doesn't work with the Attribute Wrangle and just with the Attribute Create?); Scene fixed it attached granular sheet pin - fixed.rar
  6. Thank's guys! EDIT: I've attached the file, just in case @Hamp, thx man! i've tried it but all the points are going to the scene orgin, check it out: here's how i've done the setup, it look's fine, just like you said: Hey @vtrvtr, thx! I couldn't get any good results from it yet but i'm still diggin' it. Might have ask you something in a while /Alvaro granular sheet pin.hiplc
  7. Hey guys, I'm testing some cloth simulation using PBD but couldn't find a way to constraint some areas of it. I don't want to constraint it to another object, just want to make those particles to be "frozen". Can someone give me some ideas about this? Thank you /Alvaro
  8. Thx, Atom. I was having the same problem and now it's working perfectly. I'd just like to point that, for me, it's working on Houdini 15.5.673 Not sure if it's necessary but I've made a copy of the 15.5.565 folder, renamed it to the newer one (15.5.673) and added this version on the env file (HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/15.5.673;&") Cheers, Alvaro
  9. Thx Tomas! Your example is perfect for what i'm doing /Alvaro
  10. Cool
  11. I got it, the problem is with that tip, on the right top corner, gettin' out of the frame. I just had to put it back inside the left frame (using an Edit UVW) and render it again. When the 2 frames have something inside, it looks like Houdini renders both and save them on the same file. I noticed this observing the image thumbnail on it's folder. /Alvaro
  12. Awesome! Thank you, Rayman I can't try it today but I'll do it tomorrow asap. Cheers, Alvaro
  13. Hey guys, everytime I try to bake this texture I got the next square rendered. It's weird 'cos i have been rendering a lot of textures from this file and that started today only. Did anyone had this problem already? Thank's Alvaro
  14. Yeap, since Houdini is Houdini I believe it might be possible somehow. I guess i'll have to go for the static eyes on this scene, at least for now. /Alvaro
  15. Hey guys, I have an alembic character with his eyes "spinning" - besides of this the character is static BUT it loses the eyes animation as soon as I make it a FEM. I like to have the static object being simulated but i really need the animated one to be embed. Here's some gifs to explain it better. I'd like to have the spinning on the second one. The scene file is attached, just in case Thanks, Alvaro FEM Animated.rar