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  1. cloth to motion path

  2. cloth to motion path

    hey SO, can yout use the Pop Curve Force? It looks like it's working but I had to change the setup to the shelf default one Check it ou: I also increased the constraint's Search Radius to make it more "stiff" 03_sim_c_v01a_fix.hiplc
  3. Hey James, I would approach it in a different way, check it out: first of all, packed rigid bodies act like particles so you can use the pop wind instead of the wind force (and all the other pop forces, this give us a lot of forces varieties) Here's how you can set this up: To make statement run multiple times it must be inside the dop network (use a popwrangle for this) Idk how to make the pieces scale up or down using vex (never thought of that) so I would do it using the primitive sop. To use the primitive sop you will need a sop solver. To use the sop solver with the bullet solver you must connect both using a Multi Solver (I know, it looks complex but it's a very common technique, you will see yourself doing a lot of multisolvers in th future) Here's how it should looks like: Inisde the sop solver you can set things like this and use the scale parameter to scale individual pieces based on some other attribute (age in this situation) (Inside the sop solver you can do stuff you'd do in sop context, affecting the dop net stuff) It looks like it's working fine now, I hope it can makes some things clear for you Cheers, Alvaro Plant Debris scale_fix_02.hipnc
  4. Create multiple FEM over time?

    Hey Marek, damn, it's not working here as well (on 16.5.405) About the cloth, at the end it got some interpenetrations here :/ @Animatect, sorry bro, i totally missed your post! In fact i didn't really got what karl richter have done, i just knew it was working perfectly Would like to check the file nowadays, i might understand that better, but, as Ebonit99 said, it looks like it's not working on newer versions of Houdini
  5. Logo - Trace with Extrude and PolyBevel (need other workflow?)

    Woah, that is perfect, Noobini! Thank you
  6. It doesn't need to be tetrahedralized, it just have to be connected. If you apply it on a plane or a box it will work between the connected points. Can you generate a new base mesh to tetrahedralize? I did a small example of how it would work Cheers, Alvaro Lightning.hiplc
  7. Logo - Trace with Extrude and PolyBevel (need other workflow?)

    Alright, it's so obvious that I wasn't even considering it haha I have never worked with nurbs, do you think it could be a good option? Thx Atom! - Alvaro
  8. Hey guys, how can I have some beautiful round edges on an extruded logo? It doesn't work at all with polybevel Here's how I'm doing it, the scene file is also attached Thx! Logo.rar
  9. Got it, i had this problem already. All the edges in your base mesh must be connected. Are you tetrahedralizing a mesh to generate the edges?
  10. Hey Tanya, have you tried the find shortest path? I think you have a lot of artistic control with it
  11. Bending/Folding geo before breaking

    Hey James, check this out, this technique might be good as well:
  12. voronoi fracture, how to avoid straight segments

    hey @toadstorm, your article about texturing flowing liquids saved my life once! Thx by that
  13. voronoi fracture, how to avoid straight segments

    Yeap haha I did an example. Have a look at the file, it works pretty fine with the convex collision shape RBD Boolean Fracture.hiplc
  14. voronoi fracture, how to avoid straight segments

    Nope, I mean convex shapes. I know it looks weird and the simulation shouldn't look right but, if you have a lot of pieces it's impossible to notice it has a "wrong" collision shape. Concave is too expensive on calculation and do cause a lot of problems. In this situation, with just a few pieces, you could break each piece into smaller ones to have a better collision shape. You know what I mean? Then you can glue the smaller pieces together to form the big piece with a better (but not perfect) shape.