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  1. Texture on flip mesh using rest, rest2

    @polterizer Hey Carlos, could you make it work? I'm havin trouble with the same thing. @derjcmp João, I couldn't make it work. What should I pipe in the dualrest vop?
  2. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    Hey Ant, by default viscous fluid tend to stick a lot, the Slip Scale just helps it to not stick Good to know about the force scale and, yeaaah, this wiki would be freaking awesome. The most dificult part, at least for me, would be the website itself. Do you have any idea on where we could do it, something simple like a blog but good?
  3. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    Atom, thank you! A long tima ago I had some serious problems with viscous fluid sticking too much, how could I forget about the new Slip Scale?! That might do it - Alvaro
  4. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    Hey guys, What is the best way to make FLIP reaaally stick to an object? Right now I'm using only the "Stick on Collision" option but it doesn't work as I expected. I've crancked up the normal value to make it move more drastically but It's getting unstalble. I guess this setup from Dave Stewart works better than the Stick on Collision only (i guess he's using both). It doens't stick like mud the the object but I'd like to know how it works as well, he says: "Grabbed the Pressure field values (Gas Field to Particle) and ran them through a POP VOP, also using the surface distance to reinforce the outer shell of the toy." how can I use the Gas Field to Particle? I know what it does but i have no idea on how to connect it with the object and trasnfer this velocities using a VOP POP. Well, any tips are welcome Thank's - Alvaro
  5. Cloud Detail from Sop do Dop (Pyro)

    Thx guys, I'm kinda busy on another project atm but I'll check this asap. John, that's a pretty obvious idea, I should have done it already Jiri, Thx, i'd say it's probably the problem here.
  6. Cloud Detail from Sop do Dop (Pyro)

    that is freakin' weird. I've download your file and, yeah, it's working perfectly My file, on the other hand, stills the same
  7. Cloud Detail from Sop do Dop (Pyro)

    the file is attached, just in case Pyro.Detail.v2a.hiplc
  8. Cloud Detail from Sop do Dop (Pyro)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to put a cloud from sops to use in a Pyro sim. Even though i'm using the same division size in both, the resolution looks very differente. Any tips on how to make it looks as close as possible from sops? Sops: Dops: Thx
  9. Pyro | Multiple Sources with Unique Microsolvers?

    Guys, you're freaking awesome Alejandro, it's perfect but it looks a bit complicated for me atm. It's an excellent scene to study and I'll definetelly dissect and recreate it later Paul, thank you very much, that's it and it looks so simple! I'll make some tests right now
  10. Pyro | Multiple Sources with Unique Microsolvers?

    Thx @fencer! This mask setup is pretty awesome but it's not exactly what I'm looking for (i'm sure it will be useful in the future though) Hey Alejandro, this id mask looks like what I'm looking for! I'll do some research on it, thank you!
  11. Pyro | Multiple Sources with Unique Microsolvers?

    I just realised it was stupid to use 2 Smoke Objects Despite of that, the question remains the same. btw, my main problem is on how to make one emitter dissipate more than the other one. Not sure why I tried it with turbulence in the first place
  12. Hey guys, I think it's easier to explain with this images: Basically, is there a way to apply turbulence to one of the sources only? I'm not even sure if that's the best way of using 2 emitters so any tips will be very valid Thank's multi.pyro.v1a.hiplc
  13. Copy Debris Mesh to Pop

    Awesome, Alejandro! Thx guys, it's working perfectly. Now I'll try to do it by myself. Cheers, Alvaro
  14. Copy Debris Mesh to Pop

    Thx Sepu, but it's looking a bit weird. Was is looking good at your machine? It looks llike the fragments are no really on top of the points. Maybe the fragment's certer is wrong, do you know hoe to fix it?
  15. Copy Debris Mesh to Pop

    Hey guys, Does anyone knows how can I copy these debris into the Pop Simulation points? (Scene file is attached) copy.fragments.to.particles.v1a.hiplc