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  1. Alright, just got what's happening I have to add an Redshift "Object Parameters" to the object I want blur + check the Deformation Blur from Velocity Attribute checkbox
  2. Hey guys, Does anyone knows how can I add motion blur to deforming geometry on Redshift? Here in this example I managed to put motion blur on one sphere, which is animated by the transform tab. The noisy sphere just have a noise animation + trail sop to compute vel. but got no blur. The right object is a flip fluid. No blur as well Scene file is attached in case anyone want to have a look. Thx, Alvaro redshift.deform.geo.blur.hiplc
  3. Alright, thank you guys. Haggi, the guy who's working with did it just like you said, with a simples script
  4. Good to know, I'll have a look at this. Even though, it would be awesome to be able to export smaller files with placeholders that could be replaced by any other object in maya. It's not easy to keep uploading these huge files
  5. Unfortunatelly alembic or fbx files get incredibly huge. The viewport freezes even when I export only one frame. Houdini Engine is not an option because I'm working with these guys from another studio and they don't have Houdini out there. Thx though
  6. Hey Ryan, could make it work?
  7. Hey Razvan, I've never worked with C4D but a few days ago I got an .obj from C4D and the animation was broken. Later i got the same object exported as alembic and it worked perfectly on Houdini. So, imo, Alembic from C4D to Houdini works really well.
  8. Hey Jack, I got a similar problem once and it the issue was on the Fluid Source of the pump node. It have been cooked wrong and the scene was trying to simulate with that wrong volume. To fix that I had to change it's initilize option from Pump to something else and then back to Pump. I couldn't make it cook again by switching off/on the display or the bypass flag but it worked with the initialize option. If it doesn't work I would just delete the stuff added by the pump shelf tool and apply it again. /Alvaro
  9. Hey guys, I have a scene with one object copied into thousands of points (particles). Since I'm using packed primitives, the scene gets super fast on Houdini but it's impossible to export it out. Does anyone knows what would be the best way to send it to Maya? Is there a way to, maybe, export it as a placeholder (a box for example) and, inside of maya, replace the box with the original object, maintaining it's matrix (pos, rotation, scale..)? Thx, Alvaro
  10. @sasho78, thx man, you just saved my life. I guess the merge node doesn't work with Redshift. @Atom, have you tried the merge node with redshift? It's not working here. Not sure if making something wrong though
  11. Got it! Thx Kiseh In case anyone else need it, I just had to check "Match by Attribute" on the Attribute Copy sop + match it by id. Like this: Cheers, Alvaro
  12. Hey guys, I have to create fireworks that turn into some specific shapes. Just like this: I have an workflow idea working with colors. It goes like this: -Simulate standard the fireworks; -Go to a specific frame where the where the starbusrt* is fully formed; -Apply the color at this specific frame; -keep that specific color assigned to individual particles through the whole simulation; (not working) does it make sense? I'm having problems to achieve this last step. what I'm doing is: -caching the simulation; -apply the colors; -add a timeshif to the "rest" frame (89 in this case); -copy the color attributes from this frame (89) to the animated simulation; I guess it happens because the particle count changes during the sim. Any idea on how to proceed? (Scene file is attached) Thank you, Alvaro *starburst is the round shape Fireworks.v1b.rar
  13. Hey Brickouz, there's a "Fractured Solid Object" button on the shelf tool, it should work work on a single click
  14. Thx guys! @Noobini, Use Material is already on :/ @kishenpj, thx for the file! It is a good workaround but, unfortunatelly, it's not as pratical as working in shops. I hope sidefx find a way to make it work soon. Cheers, Alvaro
  15. omg, it doesn't work? It will be impossible to work without it!