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  1. Thx guys! @Noobini, Use Material is already on :/ @kishenpj, thx for the file! It is a good workaround but, unfortunatelly, it's not as pratical as working in shops. I hope sidefx find a way to make it work soon. Cheers, Alvaro
  2. omg, it doesn't work? It will be impossible to work without it!
  3. Guys, I guess it might be a veeery silly question but I just can't do it. How do I display textures on viewport? In this case I have this ramp applied (not an image texture) Thx! Alvaro
  4. Now it's working, thx a lot Matt. scene file + stick notes is attached: Grains Constraint v1.a.rar
  5. Thx Matt! That's an awesome example. I haven't realised that targetP should be directly related to P (i know, it makes a lot of sense) (v@targetP=@P;) I still couldn't make it work but now I have some new ideas to explore. Guys, I still apprectiate any other tips Cheers, Alvaro
  6. Hey guys, how can I use this target pins option? I have an animation in sops and I need the grains to be constranited to that animation. I guess the targetP attribute shouldn't come from Sops but I can't find a way to make it in Dops beased on that Sop animation. Any tips? Thx
  7. Hey Tomas, thank you, I wasn't aware of this sop. Had a look but it's not that intuitive though
  8. Guys, in case anyone else need this, I managed to do it easily with the primitive sop (suggested by @Skybar) @stickyblue, check this one out, there's no vex but it works pretty fine (Scene file is attached) Control Animation of Individual Pieces.rar
  9. Hey David, check it out, it's attached: Control Animation of Individual Pieces.rar
  10. Man, I don't even knew i had that other topic! What a mess... Thx for letting me know Anthony, and also thx for that answer, looks perfect!
  11. Hey Chris, I haven't! Thx man, i'll have a look at it right now
  12. The wire solver could totally work but it doesn't look efficient. It wouldn't be easy if you have a lot of snot to do. Something like a pintoanimation would be just perfect but I couldn't make it work. Maybe i'm doing something wrong though @anthonymcgrath ""Warrington UK... the VFX limbo of nowhere" lol, you should see here, Porto UniĆ£o - Brazil, I'm sure it can't get more nowhere then here
  13. thx but nope. Low viscosity cuts the snot. It should be high to hold it
  14. yeah, but try adding some viscosity to it, something around 10000 The viscosity just brings all the 0 velocity particles down
  15. Is there a way to make the pop wrangle "stronger"? Using more substeps or somethings?