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  1. Guys, you're freaking awesome Alejandro, it's perfect but it looks a bit complicated for me atm. It's an excellent scene to study and I'll definetelly dissect and recreate it later Paul, thank you very much, that's it and it looks so simple! I'll make some tests right now
  2. Hey guys, I think it's easier to explain with this images: Basically, is there a way to apply turbulence to one of the sources only? I'm not even sure if that's the best way of using 2 emitters so any tips will be very valid Thank's multi.pyro.v1a.hiplc
  3. Thx @fencer! This mask setup is pretty awesome but it's not exactly what I'm looking for (i'm sure it will be useful in the future though) Hey Alejandro, this id mask looks like what I'm looking for! I'll do some research on it, thank you!
  4. I just realised it was stupid to use 2 Smoke Objects Despite of that, the question remains the same. btw, my main problem is on how to make one emitter dissipate more than the other one. Not sure why I tried it with turbulence in the first place
  5. Awesome, Alejandro! Thx guys, it's working perfectly. Now I'll try to do it by myself. Cheers, Alvaro
  6. Hey guys, Does anyone knows how can I copy these debris into the Pop Simulation points? (Scene file is attached) copy.fragments.to.particles.v1a.hiplc
  7. Thx Sepu, but it's looking a bit weird. Was is looking good at your machine? It looks llike the fragments are no really on top of the points. Maybe the fragment's certer is wrong, do you know hoe to fix it?
  8. @anthonymcgrath, I was just wondering where the collision is coming from. @vtrvtr, thx man, the collision visualization is just what was expecting to see
  9. Hey guys, pls help me understand what's going on here: Check it out, on the RBD Packed node I can only use Bullet collisions (there's no other option in there) and it looks like the Pyro solver is using something else, like a volume collision. In this gif the RBD uses Sphere as collision representation and it's working perfectly fine, colliding with the original box shape: the proof: and the options avaliable: bullet.pyro.v1a.hiplc
  10. Hey Ed, that masterclass is outdated. It works for the basics but a lot of things have changed since that version. I would ad a geometry wrangle connected + multisolver to visualize it in DOPs. There's a quick example attached. Cheers, Alvaro fem.attributes.v1b.hiplc
  11. That's pretty freaking simple
  12. Hey guys, I'm growing some objects using volumes (scene is attached) and I'd like to have motion blur on the moving/growing areas. I do have some velocity on the volume, in order to control it's growing direction, but i have no idea on how to transfer it to the mesh itself. here's how the setup looks like: Thx Volume.Growth.Velocity.v1a.hiplc
  13. Cool, Guerton! I'll give it a try asap
  14. Wow, awesome!!!
  15. Hey guys, Is there a way to control the strength of the smooth based on an attribute intensity? top image without smooth, botton with "full" smooth In this case I'd like to smooth only the red areas, controlled by the intensity of the color. Scene is attached Cheers, Alvaro smooth.by.attribute.v1a.hiplc
  16. Exatctly what I was looking for Thank you very much, Hernan (fixed file is attached) /Avaro smooth.by.attribute.v1b.hiplc
  17. btw, maybe this will help: Varomix have this rope fem tutorials:
  18. Hey jackassol, check it out. I did what you said but i guess it doesn't work as expected. Anyway, you have to animate the tetrahedralized mesh (on sops) and switch ON the Rest and Target Deformation fields on the Solid Object. You have to control the target strength in order to make it "blend" with the original animation done in sops. You can also give a initial velocity to box tets. Just do the same thing but keep the Target and Deformation fields OFF (velocity will be added by the trail sop. I switched it off on the other example) + constraint the top points using the follow target shelf tool. It works a bit better but nope good as well. fem.rope.jackassol.v1b.hiplc fem.rope.jackassol.v1a.hiplc
  19. Thx @Deviner! The Attribute from Volume did transfered that velocity to the mesh but doesn't work as I expected (for some obvious reasons the static part of the mesh was getting velocity as well) I can't test what said right now but i'll do it first thing in the morning. Thx man Cheers, Alvaro Volume.Growth.Velocity.v1b.hiplc
  20. Wow, never heard of it Will check it right now, thx!
  21. Hey guys, I need to fill an object with some FEM spheres but: - I need the spheres to be a copy of the same FEM sphere; - I need it to be generated at the same place on every 10 frames or so (and fall due to gravity); Does it make sense? Here's the basic idea but with 1 sphere only, I'd like to keep generating them until the beaker is full File is attached Cheers, Alvaro beaker.v1a.hiplc
  22. Alright, thank you very much, Sepu
  23. Hey guys, I've noticed the VDB Smooth and the VDB Reshape have a VDB ALPHA MASK thing on the node's second input. I've tried it in the obvious way, connecting another vdb into the second input, but it doesn't work. Can anyone give me a hint on that? My "not working" scene file is attached Thx vdb.mask.v1a.hiplc
  24. Yeah, and I can't wait for your next project! I guess both thing's will happen at the same time
  25. Hey @anthonymcgrath, are you looking for something like this? FEM.ant.v1a.hiplc