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  1. Hi guys. I'm glad you found it useful. Banking with constraints is great but it's also nice to create it in sops so you can use it for modeling. I'm also getting used to the new constraint system. Slow and steady =)
  2. Thanks 3dome. I'll take a look into that!
  3. Arnold for Indie errors [solved]

    Same issue happening here. I made a simple sphere, arnold light, arnold standard and arnold rop and when I try to render the "Error: [htoa] Error while writing ASS file" appears again and again. I contacted SESI, if I get an answer I'll let you know. Cheers
  4. Clamped is useful to fit and make sure no values exceed your new limits. Unclamped fits and extrapolates. Here you have a small clip showing a basic visual explanation. You can see that both clamped and unclamped have the same slope but clamped gets blocked between newMin and newMax. The uses for this are many, I hope it's a bit clearer now. Cheers! JT_clampedUnclamped.mp4
  5. get into point channels

    Hi Juzwa. I'm not sure if i understood your doubt. I attach a hip file that does the following: - Two points, one of them is moving, the other is still. - I transfer speed from the moving pt to the still one using point expression in point wrangle. - Then, in a popnet, still point emits particles based on moving point's speed. I hope that's useful. Sorry if it's not what you needed! =D emitPtBspeed.hiplc
  6. I'm trying to make an accurate system but meanwhile i created a cheap and dirty one =D. It's based on a particle system a tube and a ray sop. Take a look if you are interested. I'll let you know if i come up with a better solution. Cheers! slideRnD_01.hiplc
  7. Hi everyone. I'm making a mine themed rollercoaster and i'm wondering how to avoid keyframing animation. I thought about some kind of "rbd path slider constraint" that allows the minecarts to slide, accelerate downhill, slow down uphill and so on... but i can't find the way. Do you guys have any tip on how to implement something like that? Thanks!