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  1. Those line look so cool on the rat Gave me an idea ! for you, they are cosmetic or functional ?
  2. I like this little piece too ! lovely mix of kinda lowpoly with nice render and ambience. it deserves something longer
  3. niiiiice! great corals, very interesting method, and that jelly fish anim is real good too. I'd only say that the "fixed" overall shape of the jelly dome could maybe have some motion too ? Feels a little stiff at the top. Dunno for sure, I didn't check any real life ref. Congrat Kevin, very curious of what's to follow
  4. I used the wrong terminology, I said shadowmatte "material", which is wrong. It is indeed a vop, and I use it just like you (into color diffuse).
  5. Have you watched some head modeling tutorials ? there's different approach to this. Also, there's one important thing that might change the modeling method : will that head be animated or not. If not, you can go crazy, but if you intend to animate it, then you need to model it with special care of the topology (edgeloop at key places) in order to support the deformations nicely.
  6. Are you sure, I believe one of the key feature of redshift is the ability to use regular RAM when you reached your VRAM limit. @dpap @art3mis as said in this post already, there's no comparison to be made between mantra and redshift. They are 2 different approach to rendering. Redshift is BIASED ! = no physically correct, YOU tweak it to make it look correct/good. But, one thing for sure : there's huge difference in speed !! for example, I render 1 frame of a scene in mantra in 1 hour, and the same in redshift in less then 2 minutes !
  7. oh I thought Chris wanted some animation of the sawdust falling... But if it just to settle a pile of dust, INSTANCING (more efficient then stamping) would be the easiest way. but.. self intersections.... might not be such a problem tho (depend on the distance to cam).
  8. have you tried to use a proxy geo for collisions? you can then very easily replace them with high res geo. Then you should be have to skip the layers and drop them all at once ? maybe ?
  9. just try ! as there's no true answer to that, it depend a lot on where, for who, what position etc... there's a lot a short contract for commercials, aim there maybe ?
  10. would be great if mantra adopt the cryptomatte plugin !
  11. glad to hear even tho it's f1480187 who unstuck you f1480187 the unstucker ! got a problem? press the f1480187 key !
  12. @soroush it does work, but I guess since it comes from H16, you loose the material tab on the box object. So get inside box1, add a material node at the end, and select the /shop/vopmaterial1. Don't forget to put the display flag on that new node that's it, just hit render and see the occlusion, you can then play with the param of the occlusion node in Shop max ray distance : the spreading of the occlusion background color : intensity of the "light"
  13. I tested it on linux, and immediately got annoyed by the laggy experience. I blamed my video drivers, but now that I read this thread... staying on 15.5. (and mad to miss on that awesome boolean tool).
  14. that's the only code I see, and I tried it, in case ... but it's doing what I thought.. move along X as you're only affecting P.x maybe I don't see the updated code (I refreshed tho).. Oh ok .. I see now. I didn't get it, because I was not thinking that was what you were trying to do. just sin that N
  15. weird, reading you code I feel it would just make points travel on X axis at different speed.