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  1. Hair / Fur custom geometry or shapes

    adding scene. For arnold you probably want to go with standin instead of real geo. instanceScale_hou_mdl_001_01_mk.hip
  2. Hair / Fur custom geometry or shapes

    Instancing geo you want (hexagon, cube) onto points, plus scaling given axis (Y).
  3. I have an alpha rendering question.

    any chance you have scale on camera? i have been seeing similar problems when camera was scaled
  4. Multiple GPU and OpenCL performance

    some results from my new machine using TITAN Xp and dual Xeons and pyro solver, no micro solvers involved OpenCL on GPU - almost no GPU usage, high GPU ram usage, took 12:43 OpenCL on CPU- no GP usage, no GPU ram usage, took 14:25 no OpenCL - after 14:25 i had only 47% done (so its 1/2 slower compared to OpenCL) OpenCL on GPU , all inputs for dopnet precached (cca 4min to precache all inputs) - almost no GP usage, high GPU ram usage, took 10:55
  5. How To ?.. Export A Shop Shader...

    or you can share it using following method (but that might be overkill for your setup), i use it to shader materials across multiple scenes with option to sync them back to lookdev scene if needed. Create shop_network, convert it to OTL and load it back. Save all your materials inside that OTL.
  6. HtoA.Baking textures?

    i think he is more after baking arnold shader results then baking procedural textures, David. we will see
  7. HtoA.Baking textures?

    export to ass file and bake with Maya or there is python script that will work without maya using Kick only. i was not able to make it work though https://bitbucket.org/ryanheniser/rentotx
  8. general h16 material question

    sorry i should be more clear. force shader is necessary if you promoted some attributes from inside the subnet. Otherwise it cooks its self fine. Im usin classic as i never got used to principled shader. But works with both. Im sending simple scene using material builder material.hip
  9. general h16 material question

    im not using the new workflow for reasons you described. if you have two shades it looks so nice in demo, if you have 150shaders (normal count im having on some assets) the all on one level shaders creates huge mess. What im using instead is classic core shader inside material subnet. But there is bug that i listed months ago that once you use material subnet, shaders dont compile correctly and each time you make a change you have to Force Cook the shader.
  10. If you are on H16 you can use those two scripts. One adds visibility node with blast (as i didnt wanted to render hidden prims) and second finds all visibility nodes with specific names and deletes them. kill isolate.txt isolate after.txt
  11. I have similar setup, as Houdini is missing isolate selection. I have it as RFE, but as they dont have high priority for it i created one myself. Same idea as what you have. Im using radial menu for it.
  12. Other ways to look through a camera

    pretty good, didn't know about that one
  13. as what you already discovered, create new tool, put it onto shelf and assign hotKey to it - note that in H16 you cant easily assign hotkeys with ALT key. if you dont want your tool visible in TAB menu, dont fill any Label. I have whole toolbar only for scripts that im using as hotkeys.
  14. try this, tested on H15.5.523 and arnold 4 and on H16.557 with HtoA 2.0.0 instanceASS_instancefile.hip
  15. use point wrangle and add attributes to points s@instancefile = "O:/projects/alt_ResearchDevelopment_2016_2051/shots/rnd/setups/houdini/cache/ass/_03.ass"; add instance attributes to GEO container, set it to Fast Point instancing, and leave Instance object blank