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  1. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thank you. we never get enough of your tests
  2. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    any chance to get the latest week grain solver files? just asking
  3. Boolean subtract geometry from curves?

    satoru's solutions works without any problems on my setup (some CAD curves and some voodoo in Houdini), Peter's VEX works for 90% of curves, but there are some occasions when its failing. anyway, i think that the main focus of this topic was fulfill in several ways.
  4. Boolean subtract geometry from curves?

    Good update. i had fix that was working for mine specific case, but your solution is way better. Funny how you can use Houdini for preparing CNC data
  5. Boolean subtract geometry from curves?

    this is very good thread. i did test all approaches and im getting best results from satoru's setup (testing on 58k curves - cad drawings, where im making bridges for router). But that being said, i found scenario where even his method fails. And thats when curve goes through two cutting objects where curve points are outside. See sample image (as input i have curve with two poins)
  6. Triplanar Projection and Displacement

    take your texture output and feed it into the displace along normal node and then feed that node as regular displacement. If any issues, look how displacement node is used in those prebuild shaders, or how to build displacement your self on forum.
  7. sticky slime

    Thank you, makes sense. Will look into that
  8. sticky slime

    Hello guys. i was trying to make sticky glue, that 100% sticks to two objects (never peals of). I have two boards, each with piece of slime, as they touch, slime should join and as they move apart, the slime should stretch and break apart (but never peal off from board). I did spend some time, investigating, but im having hard time to force the slime to stick without pealing. anyone can point me in better direction?
  9. Selected node border color

    in a mean time you might want to play with GraphBorderWidth: inside NodeGraphCommon.inc
  10. Meshing Small Splashes

    also dont be scared to scale it up, i ended scaling stuff in houdini several time as it doesnt work very good on small scale (like droplet scale), i ended up scaling it 10-100x sim, mesh and then scale it down
  11. Selected node border color

    ahh now i get it, you want to have the fill color different depending on if its selected or not sorry, i might be little slow today. as far i know not possible, i submitted several request to sidefx, probably 6months ago. nothing changed
  12. Selected node border color

    you want change the fill color? like i have it green? If so, just hit C in network view and select color you want.
  13. Selected node border color

    GraphItemCurrent: i have it working on my houdini setup
  14. Selected node border color

    edit NodeGraphDark.inc
  15. How to recreate this Awsome effect?

    check this one