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  1. eh...it rotates in the wrong direction
  2. thats a pity May I ask why you didn´t use mantra in place for on of the three render engines above?
  3. Thats at least how I would have done it. Dont know if its the best or fastest method. Create attribute from relbounding box and use the values in extra image plane. pRest.hiplc
  4. I will respond later more in detail because I am on the move. I had a quick glance at you link. I think you can store the @P in a custom attribute e.g. "@Pref" at the beginning of your animation and use this in your render element. The values will stick to the object now. Or export the @Prest attribute from vops with a relative to bounding box VOP. Gives you more fitting values straight out of mantra. Should work. I can do an example file later if there should´t already be one kind regards
  5. hm...either it´s your english or my ( quite possible ) but I don´t get your problem at all. The alpha has nothing to do with this so far. You can use the position pass to get the world position of each pixel. Inspect each channel (r,g,b) of this layer in nuke by its own. This gives you some clarity I think. ( be aware of that some pixel of the image will be just black because they have negative values ) Jon
  6. Currently I wanted to change some rops´s image path parameters with python. I have the problem that python converts my strings with e.g. "$F4" or "$JOB" expressions in it to absolute paths. Can I avoid that? e.g. : c.parm("vm_picture").set("//testDirectory/teststring_$F4.v001.exr") turns to: //testDirectory/teststring_0079.v001.exr How can I set this up with keeping the $JOB or $F expressions in it? is this possible?
  7. Thank you for the gifs! I´m working with 15.5.717 Hm dont know if that makes any difference but i used this method to submit my code. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniPython#Make_a_general_python_input_window I will try it with the python shelf and with houdini 16. No, I checked that already. kind regards EDIT: I checked it via python shelf and there it works! Thank you Jeff. Would be interesting whats the problem with this self build python text editor...
  8. it changes colors because its going from negativ to positive values...should work in nuke. Btw. there is no need to change the shader in your case. Just tick on "Shading Position" in the Extra Image Planes Tab in your ROP.
  9. hm maybe this is not what you looking for because its not proportional to the segment length but you can use the ptdist to delete if the points are x units apart from each other? And ctrl the the resample size with the segments count...I attached the file. resample_by_length_Polylines.hip
  10. If you look again at the link that fencer replied to you that´s exactly what you need to group by color with vex.
  11. Ah thank you Tomas, I came to this situation while working with alembic caches so the pre compute in SOPs workflow is no option. I saved my test cube out and used the file for the relbbox node. That worked. So i think I can also refer to some alemic cache instead and this solves my problem. May I ask you if this is the normal way of doing such things like gradiant in one axis etc. Im asking myself why does the Shader is not able to look up the dimensions of a cube in the scene but from a file on disk ?
  12. hi, I try to work with the relbbox node in a shader just like in sops but it doesnt give me the desired results. The picture below shows my network in the shader which I thought should give me a gradiant from bottom to the top of the box. But it looks like that I´m missing something. I read that P in shading context is P in camera space. But converting it from cam to obj space also didn´t change anything. I would be thankfull for some help here.
  13. Hey Ben, Thank you for looking into that. I have to admit that I currently recognized that one mantra path in deadline was wrong configured by myself. It was leading to an older houdini version That was causing the issue. It works now.
  14. Hi, I discovered a strange problem. I don´t know if its a bug or if I´m missing something. I have a scene with two spheres. Each of those spheres have exactly the same mantra surface material. The only thing i changed on one of the mantra surfaces is that i added a bind Node to import an vector attribute for some multi matte render elements. If I render locally to disk everything is working as it should. If I create an ifd file and render the ifd file. The sphere with the bind node in the mantra shader is rendering with different shading! I created some material with the material shader builder with bind node. That works as it should. Only if i manipulate the mantra surface it does´t work anymore. any ideas? kind regards Jon ifd_testfile.hip
  15. hi, I know how to do some basic rotations with vex although the objects is always rotation around itself. Is it possible to do the same thing but use an external rotation point e.g. one of the corners of the box ?
  16. Carlo you gave me some motivation This is my attempt for "descending" descending_gif.hiplc
  17. hello, I have a gid with an torus object on top. The torus object is rendered as matte. I would like to have a reflection pass of my torus object in a separate channel or in the beauty pass. Is this possible? kind regards Jon reflectionPass.hip
  18. wow. Thank you for the file Dennis. Its kind of what I wanted to achieve except for the torus reflection channel. It should only show the reflection/specular element of the torus. Like a normal reflection pass but only for the torus object. I´m very impressed that even the current way what you did is possible with houdini. I will try to comprehend this. Thanks again. Jon
  19. Yea I wanted the reflection of the grid on the "matte torus" but of course it makes sense to me that this is not so easily possible. I thought if I am able to render it in one go I can save some time and space with the ifd files because my actually scene is much more complex. Thank you very much Dominik.
  20. hi, I wanted to import a texture from COP context into my shader as a texture. So I just navigated to the path into the COP context but I always get an error that mantra is not able to load the texture. " mantra: Unable to load texture '/obj/cop2net1/OUT_stripes' " The image in the COP network is no bitmap file or anything else. Its just a ramp texture of the COP network but actually thats it what I want. I want to do that without external files. I attached a very basic scene whith to explain the problem. It would be nice to have some help here. Thank you. Jon textureFromCOP.hiplc
  21. Do you have an example of the effect you achieved in maya to make it more clear what you are after? Do you want random extrusion in an specific area? maybe this links will help you... http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini#Instance_with_effector http://www.rohandalvi.net/mograph/
  22. Yea I got it working one time with a quickshade too but after some time it stopped working again. No matter if I use "op:" , quickshade or different texture maps. Thank you anyway for looking into that.
  23. Hi, I started a local fluid sim on my machine over night and saved out the bgeo.sc files. Now I want to interrupt the simulation, have to do some work and later resume the simulation after the last simulated frame? I did not saved out any checkpoints or anything. Is this possible? How would the process look like? Thank you in advance. Jon
  24. Hi, I have a whitewater simulation which I converted to a vdb volume. Is it possible to render a vector pass out of this vdb ? I want to blur my whitewater pass in Nuke as I don´t get proper motion Blur while rendering it in mantra. I tried it with import the velocity to an image plane but this works only for normal geometry. With vdb volumes I did not had luck for now. I would be thankful for some ideas. Jon