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  1. hey, this are some shots I did with houdini the past months. I know its short and still not the quality I want to achieve but yea... Some of the shots e.g. the leather inflate is a not just a hobby shot rather a production shot I did most recently. Switching from 3ds Max to Houdini was the best decision I made.... kind regards Jon
  2. file is ok here. Check if you have some primitve groups for the assemble sop. Also make sure that you transfer your groups if you create the packed geo in the assemble sop. Than it should work.
  3. You can do this with an assemble sop. Just use it on all groups and transfer the groups also. Create packed geo and delete the points which are not grouped. I think there are also slicker methods but this one was the first I came up with. pointsOnPrimitiveGroups.hip
  4. hi, I try to do a simple cloth animation on my character but I cant quite get rid of these bounces that my cloth object does after some time. As you can see in the first part of the animation everything goes well and in the second part of the animation the cloth freaks out somehow although the movement of the character doesn´t change so much. Does anyone with some cloth experience have some tips for me? Sub Steps in the Solver are at 16 and I cached out my collision geo with substeps. Thank you. Jon cloth_flipbook.[1900-2300].mp4
  5. does the console give you any errors? Is your guide groom included for rendering?
  6. Thank you very much for the file Richard. Thats awesome. I always tried to replace the complete transformation of all the rbds. The idea to transform the actual transformation with a scale factor is nice. Instead of generating the scaling factor in the dop network I try to import it from sops e.g. a color channel. Unfortunately I still dont get correct transforms but your file gives me a lot new thinking approaches.
  7. I want to scale my packed primitives over time while they are simulated. In the attached hip file you can see I import the @active attribute successfully with a sop solver so that they are active around frame 70. In addition I want to scale them up first from e.g. 5% to 100% and update the transformation in dops. Unfortunately I cant get it to work. I´m not able to merge the transforms into dops in a way that it behaves correct. I also tried it with intrinsics "transform" attribute but without luck. I guess it has to be a combination with "transform" attribute and @P but there I got problems with the pivot and I wasn´t able to get correct results. I would be thankful for some help. kind regards jon scalePackedPrim_01.hip
  8. magnet point snap align

    he just uses the point snap tool which is located on the left. You can even see it in your video that it gets activated.
  9. Need some help about vex or Hscript.

    I hope I did not get you wrong. But cant you name your hipfile e.g. "testfile_v001.hip" in your FileCache you type in the expression "$HIP/$HIPNAME.$F4.bgeo". Now If you save your hip File as "testfile_v002.hip" your FileCache will update to version 002. Had to smile on this one
  10. Mastering Pyro FX In Houdini - Rebelway

    the renders look awesome...
  11. Prometheus Exercise

    hi, This is a shot I did with my colleague. This shot is a imitated shot from the Prometheus movie. So it´s not an creative achievement but it´s great to get deeper into Houdini and for learning some new techniques. We created this shot completely from scratch for ourselves to get more experience and speed in more cinematic like sequences which are a nice variety to our daily work. I was responsible for the ground setup, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, FX. My colleague did all the animation, modeling of the rover and mountains, matte painting. Except modeling of mountains, camera animation and rover model everything is houdini. After a little RnD about the ifd workflow I was pretty surprised how well mantra performed with millions of stones and the ultra wide scale of the scene. Average rendertimes of the scene was around 10 minutes. Of course its no high-end quality but its the quality what we were able to achieve in the amount of time we had. We leave it like that for know and concentrate ourselves on the next shot I hope you like it. kind regards Jon
  12. particle collide problem

    checked it for 3 minutes this morning before work and didn´t save at all. Do the following: Navigate to the pop network and hit the Ground Plane button in the shelf. Your particles should collide immediately with the ground. In your autoDop network ( this one with the smoke sim ) just deactivate the auto resize fluid.... node. Resize your fluid Grid a bit. That´s all. Jon
  13. particle collide problem

    particles: Add a static solver to your particle dop network with the collision object of your choice. You just have added a collision detect which stores some hit attributes. smoke: At first glance I think there is something wrong with your dynamic grid. I turned it off and set the bounding box to a proper size and I got some feedback. Maybe start looking there. Jon
  14. FarCry 5 Cinematics

    I stumbled over these new Cinematics for Far Cry 5. They really look awesome!!! Does anyone know which studio made them? And which software was used? I know you can achieve good renders and animations with a lot of programs and render engines but anyway its somehow an interesting additional info.
  15. Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Bees & Bombs

    eh...it rotates in the wrong direction
  16. Making Dessert in Houdini - Training

    thats a pity May I ask why you didn´t use mantra in place for on of the three render engines above?
  17. P_world

    Thats at least how I would have done it. Dont know if its the best or fastest method. Create attribute from relbounding box and use the values in extra image plane. pRest.hiplc
  18. P_world

    I will respond later more in detail because I am on the move. I had a quick glance at you link. I think you can store the @P in a custom attribute e.g. "@Pref" at the beginning of your animation and use this in your render element. The values will stick to the object now. Or export the @Prest attribute from vops with a relative to bounding box VOP. Gives you more fitting values straight out of mantra. Should work. I can do an example file later if there should´t already be one kind regards
  19. P_world

    hm...either it´s your english or my ( quite possible ) but I don´t get your problem at all. The alpha has nothing to do with this so far. You can use the position pass to get the world position of each pixel. Inspect each channel (r,g,b) of this layer in nuke by its own. This gives you some clarity I think. ( be aware of that some pixel of the image will be just black because they have negative values ) Jon
  20. Currently I wanted to change some rops´s image path parameters with python. I have the problem that python converts my strings with e.g. "$F4" or "$JOB" expressions in it to absolute paths. Can I avoid that? e.g. : c.parm("vm_picture").set("//testDirectory/teststring_$F4.v001.exr") turns to: //testDirectory/teststring_0079.v001.exr How can I set this up with keeping the $JOB or $F expressions in it? is this possible?
  21. Thank you for the gifs! I´m working with 15.5.717 Hm dont know if that makes any difference but i used this method to submit my code. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniPython#Make_a_general_python_input_window I will try it with the python shelf and with houdini 16. No, I checked that already. kind regards EDIT: I checked it via python shelf and there it works! Thank you Jeff. Would be interesting whats the problem with this self build python text editor...
  22. P_world

    it changes colors because its going from negativ to positive values...should work in nuke. Btw. there is no need to change the shader in your case. Just tick on "Shading Position" in the Extra Image Planes Tab in your ROP.
  23. Resample Lines by length

    hm maybe this is not what you looking for because its not proportional to the segment length but you can use the ptdist to delete if the points are x units apart from each other? And ctrl the the resample size with the segments count...I attached the file. resample_by_length_Polylines.hip
  24. Color Group by VEX

    If you look again at the link that fencer replied to you that´s exactly what you need to group by color with vex.
  25. hi, I try to work with the relbbox node in a shader just like in sops but it doesnt give me the desired results. The picture below shows my network in the shader which I thought should give me a gradiant from bottom to the top of the box. But it looks like that I´m missing something. I read that P in shading context is P in camera space. But converting it from cam to obj space also didn´t change anything. I would be thankfull for some help here.