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  1. It works, thanks guys!
  2. Hello guys, i'm breaking my head on a problem, that probably is very easy to solve. I have a FBX of a character in TPOSE, and i want transfer the point order from this FBX to an Alembic animation of the same character. The only stuff that i can use for transfer is the uv that are exactly the same. The topology is the same. So basically i want transfer the point order based on UV, is that possible ? Thanks in advance
  3. I saw this link: http://blendernpr.org/chibi-ryu-realtime-outline-shading/ And it's the same method that they use in GDC talk, but in Blender. I'm quite convinced that's possible achieve the same result in Houdini
  4. The GDC show is very interesting ! I didn't see, thanks for the link. It's a big plus that every works in realtime, i would like to have some time for test this solution in Houdini Abvfx, that's true, but i was thinking to build the setup for the normals in a Wrangle SOP
  5. Just amazing ! http://blendernpr.org/edge-node-v1-2-4-july-2015/
  6. Hi, i'm tryng to convert a Curl Noise 3D inside a point VOP in local space, but for now no way. Could you someone give me a hint or suggestion ? Thanks in advance
  7. That's exactly what was looking for, thanks both guys !
  8. Thanks, but maybe my code is a bit different let's see: v@up = {0,1,0}; @N = normalize(@N); v@binormal = normalize(cross(@N, @up)); @up = normalize(cross(@binormal, @N)); matrix3 mat = set(set(@N.x, @N.y, @N.z),set(@up.x, @up.y, @up.z), set(@binormal.x, @binormal.y, @binormal.z)); float angle = chramp("ramp", ch("turn")) * radians(360); rotate(mat, angle, set(@N.x, @N.y, @N.z)); @orient = quaternion(mat); //@P *= mat; float ramp = chramp("roll_on_path", @roll); If i set P as you suggested works, but with weird result, seems that the rotation happen in world space and not with the matrix that i defined by hand; But i'm using @orient for pass data to copy SOP, in this case doesn't work... I attached the HDN file for better explanationroll_test_tmp_002.zip
  9. Hi again, i'm tryng to add a rotation to my path, so after matrix definition i have this code: rotate(mat, angle, set(@N.x, @N.y, @N.z)); This works, and rotate the profile on the path by angle, but i would need control rotation with my spline ramp defined by float ramp = chramp("roll_on_path"); How can i do that ? ​Thanks in advance
  10. Rows order is is another quite painful issue outside matrix creation scope Absolutely Thanks!
  11. Finally i solved, actually the logic was right, the vector order in the matrix not: matrix3 mat = set(set(normal.x, normal.y, normal.z), set(up.x, up.y, up.z), set(binormal.x, binormal.y, binormal.z));
  12. Yep, apparently there's something weird... Thanks anyway
  13. Thanks mestela, my problem there's some error in the wrangle code for define a matrix Here the file: roll_test_tmp_001.zip
  14. Hello wizards! I have a question about point wrangle SOP. Is it possible create a matrix, and use that matrix in copy SOP as a transform ? In the file attached, i build all axis that i need for create a matrix, and rotate the copies with "roll_on_path" ramp parameter, but until now, no way. If someone have an idea... a big Thanks