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  1. Procedural Oval curve

    Sure man, always a pleasure .
  2. Procedural Oval curve

    Hi, here is another approach using circular arcs. oval.hipnc
  3. Twist Problem

    Yes I've created this path_frame, but other path deformers will work similarly. Path Deformers can be used, to make geometry follow a curve (path). Unfortunately there is no official path deformer, so you have to create your own one or choose one from many different assets. Since I've created my own path deformer, I have knowledge where I can add changes/improvements on the fly, so I prefer it. If I understand you correctly you want to blend between the curves and want the spiral to follow it? rope_PathX.hipnc
  4. Twist Problem

    Hi, have you tried a path deformer on the twisted spline? rope_Path.hipnc
  5. Hi again, if you want avoid the while loop, which potentially can fail, here is another (similar) way. loopY.hipnc
  6. Hi, here is an approach using a foreach and checking each neighbour for each point. loopX.hipnc