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  1. Here is the hip file, Thank you son much in advance. ^_^ http://wikisend.com/download/306422/TestB.hipnc
  2. Oh i am awfully sorry didn't realize that my question wasn't obvious really sorry again pardon my stupidity here is the thing when i do that bottle and dip in fluid thing first it doesn't fill up fully, 2nd when it comes out the fluid gets squished to a thin layer at the bottom of the bottle, and is there a way to create bubbles around the bottle and air pockets effect? i guess that is a different question though. And another question is there a way to simulate with lock frame like in "RealFlow" where it sims without advancing in the timeline to create initial state and such ? again thank you very much for even considering to answer my idiotic questions And by buoyant objects sim i meant floating objects on to of the fluid and the by the "art directed" question i meant like a rigid body that has keyfrrames and then after a specific time it starts siming and floats on the surface of the fluid
  3. Please anyone ??
  4. Hello there nice people I have 3 questions that are confusing me please pardon my ignorance as i am just a noob * want to simulate a bottle getting in a flip tank and scooping water and comes out? * how to simulate buoyant object? * how to art direct rigid body/ buoyant objects ? Thanks in advance
  5. Oh thank you very much that helped a lot .. sorry for the late reply though but do you have any information about ex machina ?
  6. Hi I have two questions that I‘ll try to do my best explaining them giving that my English is a foreign language to me The first is about motion capture and how do they do motion capture without a suit, e.g. in the latest “the chemical brothers clip” “wide open” how did the mill capture the motion of the dancer and at the same time shoot it without a special equipment or suit and if they capture the performance first then captured the motion how did they do it, giving the logic that it is impossible the get her to do the same exact movement twice down to a pixel accuracy so they could place her digital motion captured double on the life footage . Also a good example for my point is the movie “Ex machine” The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC2dRkm8ATU The Chemical Brothers - The Making Of Wide Open https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifAE5MWR-4k The second question is more of an overall question about integrating cg with life footage I mean I have seen lots of small studios do every step in the book and still looks fake , what is it the big studios do to make it look plausible is there an X factor sort of thing to it . I mean I have seen them do camera anomalies from flares to chromatic aberration distortion hdri and still most of the time something will seem of and throw you off Thank you in advance.
  7. Okay will try that thanks again
  8. Marty you are an amazing person thank you very much I know what you mean but since i have no way of formal education so i think its better for me to dive in head first to learn .. but anyways thank you for the advice
  9. hey thanks man you are awesome . and i came up with two ways or rather discovered a way and came up with another the first is to increase the final amplitude parameter in the density in the pyro shader the other was actually taken cue from you --- i don't know if it counts as a new way or not but --- in the pyro shader i enabled editing of content and multiplied the density output by a number smoke_density.hipnc
  10. I am sorry but i have another question . the smoke renders in H14 looks flat or rather very bright unlike H12.5 even though its the same light setup ?? i think i found out the problem but i don't know how to solve it I think it is the opacity. how can i get a thick opaque smoke ??
  11. Wow thank you very much you are the man
  12. Cool you guys rock i love this place. and yes i am using 12.5 in this file , and is there a big difference in speed in H14 ?? and thank you in advance
  13. here it is a very simple basic out of the box shelf pyro sim , with some tweaks in the render and the result is very noisy. thank you in advance
  14. Yes thank you that worked but it only works in pbr and it is incredibly slow compared to Fume
  15. Thank you very much for the link and i hate to be annoying. but there is still a question that baffles me which is how to scatter light inside the smoke like what you get in say FumeFX .. for example the fire light lights up the smoke in previous Houdini versions you had a scatter tab in the pyro shader now its gone and you have only the scatter phase parameter which does not give me the result i am looking for ? and thanks in advance