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  1. Hi everyone - been fairly quiet on here of late due to work and life being a bit hectic! anyways i'm looking to achieve a cloth simulation on my Deadpool character. I've modelled the character in maya to a fairly decent resolution overall. He's textured to a fairly decent quality too. But i want to push it and achieve some cloth simulation if i can on him to get it to a further level visually. This wont be for all shots but if i could achieve it on some slow motion shots that would be epic! heres my thought process... obviously with him being animated i want to fire out an alembic cache from Maya to Houdini. i may need to potentially remesh it so there are plenty of triangles? Then assign cloth parameters to my mesh. but he'll need collision geometry inside possible - so its likely i'll need to setup that geometry in maya and export that as collision geometry too? Hopefully with some time spent on decent sim quality i'll get some nice crease results around the joints ? then i'm stuck on how to deal with various bits around his body - stuff like the leather strap that holds his swords on or the arm braces. Then of course the belt round his waist. I then need to get this back to maya for rendering in vray so i reckon alembic export afterward should help. I should be able to find a way to preserve uvs. My texture is a simple drop-on - one shader does it all! Is this all a bit brute force do you think? I'd love to get some thoughts from you chaps If theres any of you VFX gurus out there in film studios that could offer me some advice? If you worked on the films or other stuff all the better lol! Thanks in advance hope you like what you see below Ant here's some screenshots.. UDIM texture layout... Should give you an idea of the mesh resolution... to give you an idea of what i'm up to you can check out this teaser here. I'm planning alot more than this teaser shows off and some expected Gore and guts so there'll be some amusing tomfoolery with FEM and grains for @Farmfield to have some lolz with hehehe
  2. another exporting particles grains question

    If I switch to wireframe view the colour attribute of my particle cache is there sure enough so that's something. I don't know what I've done to bork houdini here it's a bit weird as a newly created default pop sprite points to smokepuff.rat instead of sphere_matte.pic and I can't seem for revert it. Looks like it's re install time.
  3. another exporting particles grains question

    hmmm i have a feeling it may be because somehow i've managed to bork the shader for the grains when i create a sprite shader the default texture file is smokepuff.rat instead of sphere_matte.pic - i dont know how to revert this back in the default settings though - i tried to reset default parameters for the shader but it crashes houdini every time. this could be why my grains are coming in as black squares
  4. another exporting particles grains question

    hi Atom no worries so use the copy sop to put spheres onto the grains is there no way to plug this back into a houdini network so i can render them as sprites as mantra normally would ? Or is mantra just rendering spheres anyway at render time? I'm just curious because this sim scene i've shared is low resolution you see - i need to really upres the grain count so there'd be millions of spheres :/
  5. another exporting particles grains question

    attached a quick few frames of the simulation and my crappy scene setup @Farmfield @mestela @ParticleSkull @Atom hey chaps any chance you could help me with this please? I just want to be able to bring my particle cache back in and apply the grain 'look' to them via the popnet ready for rendering at another friends computer. sand_sim_scene.zip
  6. hey guys so this one is thumping my head i have a popnet with some grains... its working well. now i want to simply cache out this simulation to disk, then bring it to another hou file. But what is the best way to go about that? I'm just lost here. i can cache it out a .bgeo sequence and then fetch it in with file read node into a blank hou scene but the grains have lost their spherical look and the ramp colour too ? I cant for the life of me suss out how to plug this into a new popnet scene anyone with any advice much appreciated losing my head here ant
  7. hmmm thinking about it with regards to the vdb method its not going to work as the poly mesh is differing per frame so its just gonna spaz out everywhere i guess :/ so i guess i'm back to my embedded mesh but no idea how to split that in two - in my network i can see the shelf has essentially setup a pointdeform on the end but doesn't deal with the fact the mesh has cut in two.
  8. hey chaps so pretty simple one... made a ball, applied granular solid from the shelf. now i have a simple knife tool that drops on it cleaving it in two. really quick... takes mins to setup in houdini - love it. So heres my questions... i have the embedded mesh but when it slices its still one shape - how can i slice it into two? (the other thing i have is the grains which i converted into vdb then back to polys) for both/either of these results how can i transfer an inner colour into the geo? in my naivety i object merged the knife into my vdb then applied attribute transfer to transfer colour - but the colour wont stick as the two halves drop away from the knife. anyone got any cool ideas? ta ant
  9. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    Umm.. wix & a simple blogspot page come to mind. Anywhere where you can basically upload gifs to show the results might help. In fact this could be done for a bundle of fx in hou actually.. different rbd results and fem settings.. Matt has that sorta thing goin on with his page it's likely we can use the same sort of page potentially. Was twiddling a bit more today.. couldn't get flip sim to follow an animated mesh.. basically I was turning an alembic into a group of points from volume.. then trying to get that to drive flip point movement in dops. Couldn't get it to work.. was hoping to make it animated and then pass a sop solver in dops over it to lower viscosity so it drops away. Similar to Ben watts melting angel tutorial but with animated mesh. Kinda tough to do.
  10. Flip Fluid Object Follow Geometry

    hey guys is there a way to tackle this? I'm currently batting my head against a wall with it i mean i know there'll be a way but i'm just a little lost so any suggestions - i have got my sim setup and in a solver sop i'm passing an animated box over my mesh to adjust the viscosity. The prob just comes in me getting the particles (or flip) to follow the animation ?
  11. FLIP / FEM - Mutual Interaction

    i saw this quite a while back ...its still repulsive lol anyhow can you share how you went about this? Is it literally some objects inside slowly trying to push their way out till the outer shape pops open? Then how was the fluid simulated too? overall totally gross - made my wife grimace unapprovingly - she hates the fact i cant stop twiddling with all this fem stuff lol! now i need to get the flip stuff going and grotty displacement sweaty renders going too for extra ew factor
  12. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    having a go with a simple scene - i dont have the slip scale from what i can see but got most of the other things - i've got two balls dropping in a flip tank - seems to work fairly well. I've had to play with viscosity on the water, and then the friction on the flip and the ball i think is helping a little. The water still seems quite thin so the viscosity may need to be amped up. i dont know if the simulation speed outside the dop would help either ? edit - playing with the flip solvers force scale seems to make the particles stick to the geo a bit more whilst still retaining the speed when they fall off the mesh.. can you imagine if someone did a big wiki with a ton of gifs showing this stuff and its various settings.. ...its gonna end up being me isn't it...
  13. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    man i need to get on h16 asap - so much cool stuff on it from what i can see! is this possible in 15.5?
  14. hey guys got a good un for you I attended a thingy in london some time ago and basically there was a vfx guy who was demonstrating how they setup the spaceship battles in the first guardians of the galaxy. So it got me thinking if i can use a spaceship as a little crowd agent and maybe transition from one ship pose to another as its affected by velocities. Are there any good workflows in houdini? I'm currently using a crowd/agent setup. I've got a little spaceship model with a basic idle on the spot and thats exported as a .fbx from maya. and wanted to have it so it transitions to another state (wings back when accelerating) when they move forward (another exported clip). Ideally it would be better to have say 100 points that move in space and on each point is a spaceship thats aligned by the points movement. anyone tried this in the past or got any good suggestions? cheers ant @Farmfield @mestela any good thoughts on this one? I'm guessing i can use points and a popnet possibly to control the flight of my spaceships - the idea of using the crowd is to get them to 'animate' based on what they are doing
  15. dr strange time slices effect

    cheers chaps yep i'll take another look at it with that setup @mestela ta Not had chance to get H16 installed at home mainly because they announced it (went to some sidefx showing in feb of this year in london) - then a week later i was working at framestore on Thor doh! Anyway due to finish in 2 weeks so cant wait to dig into it