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  1. so my thoughts are if i can sort each leaf so one point is the start and the other is the end i can get a line or a vector. then i can copy my leaf instance to this line Then i can use points 1 and 8 (in this pic above) to orient my leaf copy correctly (near as dammit) But no idea how to do that also each leaf has different point numbers - i need to figure out how to get each leaf to have the same point numbers?
  2. so here are my leaves (scene file above) - each of these is a sep geo leaf... i tried throwing this into a sim and it blew up houdini i think... so i'm wondering if its possible to get one leaf and roate and translate it to the posiitions of others and use that leaf as a packed instance copy or something? i dont know how to edit and work with those polys or primitives - can anyone offer any advice please?
  3. Hi all i've got a bit of a query here - i built a tree in speedtree and exported it to houdini to do a sim. I've got a tree trunk fracture, but i want to work on the leaves having them scattered now. the prob is when i separated out the leaves and try to run that through a sim it just died a death - prob because each leaf was unique. so my thought is if its possible to copy a leaf instance to each leaf - that way i can use packed geo potentially? I'm a bit lost here - i dont even know how to transfer one leaf onto the other leaf positions. i included my basic scene and the meshes - is anyone able to help me with this please? ta! ant tree_leaves.zip leaves_for_odf.hip
  4. Deform Object By Curve

    old post i know but i was banging my head against a wall till i found this thankyou
  5. tree destruction - getting that "bendyness" into it ?

    Hey thanks I didn't find this. I did a search on here but dunno how I missed this. I added a cone twist constraint into mine but it didn't appear to do much. I'll try what there suggesting with substeps and other values.. May get lucky!
  6. tree destruction - getting that "bendyness" into it ?

    hi thanks for the reply - that kind of makes sense actually yeah... i'm fairly ok with FEM setups so i reckon i can do that. another vid i watched was this... i'm trying to connect my leaves to my chunks of fractured bark but not having much luck :/ there has to be easier ways!
  7. hey chaps, been a while since i was on here but i've been keeping myself busy! i'm having a little problem with my setup... i've got a tree (modelled in speedtree) and i've brought it into houdini. I've done a pre transform fracture to get 'splintery' pieces. I've set it up so a ball hits it (its a dragon in my scene but its quite heavy geo so dont want to include it!). now overall it 'works' ...as in the ball fractures the tree on impact. But its just lacking that splintery 'connected bendy' feel... eg if you load the sim and play it you'll see the lower half just kinda crumbles away... It would be nice for that to bend in the direction of the impact as if the tree itself is bendy - right now it feels like crumbling chunks of brick that all break apart - it would be nice to get some kind of bendyness in any branches that stay together? another thing is the pieces seem to lack some sort of 'inherit velocity' from the impact. I've followed a heap of tuts online but i just cant figure anything out - is anyone able to take a look at my scene (attached) and see if anything is possible? ta! ant scene included below - tree alembic also included.... i will shower you in MAOAMS sweetys if you can help me with this scene because i'm really lost tree_destruction.zip
  8. Granular Sheet - Can't Rip the Mesh

    Drop down a remesh or just set the sphere node to polygon mode and up the divisions as I think it just triangulates it.
  9. Glue Constraint Relationship parameters questions

    funnily enough i've been playing with thse today myself - i tried tweaking that propagation rate to wild values and barely saw much change. the half life seemed to give me more 'falloff' from the point of impact.. Maybe its worth setting up a simple scene... so a tall leaning column when hit with a ball hitting it at the top I imagine it will maintain most of its structure when the half life is say at 0.1 ...but if you up that to 1 then i think it means the impact zone spreads out 10x as much... so the top pieces crumble and the pieces beneath break their glue constraints and it crumbles away more noticeably. the propagation rate probably means how long it takes to crumble to this maximum distance?
  10. UV sets and alembic

    hey all i thought i'd add to this as i've been banging my head off it for most of today alembic with maya seems to suck goat cheese... i tried a heap of things to get the uvs out... anyway i read on another thread that someone used an attribute promote to transfer the vertex uvs to point uvs before they exported. this made no sense but i gave it a go and weirdly it worked?! fbx seems to have work for still frames but a sequence wouldn't play ball annoyingly dont know whats going on there. (i'm using maya 2015.5 btw here for the lolz)
  11. Render is upside down

    legend! just been banging my head against the wall with this one lol
  12. Anyone able to suggest anything for This? I'm wondering if i need to setup a duplicate of the joint system in bind pose in Houdini.. using hou joints etc.. Then somehow bind or parent constrain those joints to the fbx joints. Then drive my muscle sim via the hou joints.. but the bonus is I can iterate on the anim in Maya.. export fbx and plug back into Houdini auto updating the hou joint anim and muscle sim?
  13. Hey all ok I have a simple joint chain anim done in Maya.. 4 bones and a tube animating to bend the tube. I've imported it as fbx (merged into scene).. it all comes in as a subnet package with joints and skinned mesh. All looks good. So I've been testing the muscle sim and basically I'm connecting the muscle start and end points to joints in the subnet. Right now it seems to work fine.. joints animate.. muscles follow. However I now need to update the anim on the 4 joint system. This is easy enough Maya side.. animate.. export fbx.. job done. BUT.. now I want to replace the existing bones/skel animation data with the one from my new fbx. And I've no idea how to do that. Can anyone help here please? Id be a bit miffed if I need to keep reparenting all those muscle nodes each time an anim changes lol. Ta! Ant

    i have to ask on this - i've been away from hou for a while but i seem to remember most people doing this via a vop like a pointvop maybe? I cant for the life of me find out how to do this and each way i try seems to fall over in H16 - am i doing something wrong here? Everything just seems to go towards wrangling now and its getting bloody frustrating for me as i'm really struggling to get through the syntax ? anyone got any links to setting it up via vop method?
  15. Hi everyone - been fairly quiet on here of late due to work and life being a bit hectic! anyways i'm looking to achieve a cloth simulation on my Deadpool character. I've modelled the character in maya to a fairly decent resolution overall. He's textured to a fairly decent quality too. But i want to push it and achieve some cloth simulation if i can on him to get it to a further level visually. This wont be for all shots but if i could achieve it on some slow motion shots that would be epic! heres my thought process... obviously with him being animated i want to fire out an alembic cache from Maya to Houdini. i may need to potentially remesh it so there are plenty of triangles? Then assign cloth parameters to my mesh. but he'll need collision geometry inside possible - so its likely i'll need to setup that geometry in maya and export that as collision geometry too? Hopefully with some time spent on decent sim quality i'll get some nice crease results around the joints ? then i'm stuck on how to deal with various bits around his body - stuff like the leather strap that holds his swords on or the arm braces. Then of course the belt round his waist. I then need to get this back to maya for rendering in vray so i reckon alembic export afterward should help. I should be able to find a way to preserve uvs. My texture is a simple drop-on - one shader does it all! Is this all a bit brute force do you think? I'd love to get some thoughts from you chaps If theres any of you VFX gurus out there in film studios that could offer me some advice? If you worked on the films or other stuff all the better lol! Thanks in advance hope you like what you see below Ant here's some screenshots.. UDIM texture layout... Should give you an idea of the mesh resolution... to give you an idea of what i'm up to you can check out this teaser here. I'm planning alot more than this teaser shows off and some expected Gore and guts so there'll be some amusing tomfoolery with FEM and grains for @Farmfield to have some lolz with hehehe