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  1. thanks for replying - so if i had say a cape on a character and i did a basic anim for my character to govern roughly where it should be... brought that in as alembic.. then i want to make that cape cloth but have some target strength based on the anim - is there a way for me to paint that value onto the mesh and then have that pass through to the simulation results? I've used a target constraint in fem in the past and that seemed to work - i wonder if the process is similar ?
  2. can you share how ? I'd like to know how to do this too
  3. yeah i gave up with any off the shelf mocap bipeds and built my own in maya rigged and animated there then i just bring those in as clips for my agent setup. That was one of my goals for using the crowd system anyway so i could integrate various rigged meshes from maya but its annoying that the mocap bipeds are different skels on the shelf. It may/will be possible to retarget the anim from one biped to another in houdini then export that out but not sure how.
  4. um no expert at all but can you not do something like time * 0.05 in the rotation channel or something so that it slows down? chops should do it in all honesty i'm not sure why that isn't working effectively?
  5. https://vimeo.com/entagma check out their reaction diffusion videos that'll get you some way
  6. Yeah you could solve it straight then add some turbulence for high speed noise then direct deformation after that around chosen object via straight fwd lattice for example:)
  7. i recently had a twiddle with a trick from @mestela on his page advect smoke from particles - seems to provide a good few things and just beneath that is advecting smoke from particles - actually there is a few on that page.. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops and at the bottom of this page is a volume deform but when i looked into the scene theres a volume from attribute node he uses - i dont know if that might give some answers... he basically creates a bound around the particles and then uses volume from attribute to cut away the density http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVolumes
  8. nice work turned out ok in the end what techniques did you use in the end?
  9. as said needs to be rebuilt I've actually found this a great way to learn new nodes, settings and how to connect stuff up so often i dont mind when its personal work and theres no real deadline anyhow.
  10. bit lost here Alvaro are you looking to solve a problem or noted that its working with collison on the pyro? I think its happy to work with packed and bullet proxys but for more accurate stuff needs to be unpacked esp if you want the pyro to have an effect on the rigid bodys? someone correct me if i'm off pls
  11. looking at the resolution of the tet mesh in the middle image i would say its perhaps a little high so the embedded geo is struggling a bit to pick which point to work with. Maybe try lowering the resolution of the tet mesh (solid embed) perhaps and see if that smooths out the deformation on the embedded?
  12. i think this would need to be setup in a sop solver in dops but sadly no idea how sorry :/
  13. point deform so timeshift to frm1 - do your vdb work on that then convert back to mesh and plug that into first port of point deform then the timeshift plug it into the 2nd and your anim into the 3rd that should get your mesh working fairly well ? at 7 seconds i did it with cheesy man in this little piece:
  14. @sepu hahahaha yep exactly thanks! I managed to get something working using a vdb from polygons then scattering points in that then point Deform. Is this the same trick?
  15. hi all i know this is an old thread (really quite old now) but this technique by @anim is really quite effective. I'm wondering how i would go about applying this technique to an alembic mesh i've brought in? Right now in the network there is a channel sop thats bringing in a vertex cache from the locked geometry inside the scene. I've setup an alembic anim and i'm just trying to plug it into the sane network with the isooffset, scatter and then the mesh deform network. however it breaks because of the chop network outside of the setup and i dont know how to get around that. essentially i'm after the same technique where a volume of points moves with the deforming mesh as opposed to jittering around inside. I can lock points to a surface thats fairly straight forward but locking a 'volume' of points inside a deforming geometry seems to be quite a bit harder ? any advice ppl? cheers ant