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  1. theres tons of footage to grab from various sites so i'm pretty sure you could fbx them into hou and attach to one of their mocap rigs and that'll get you going right away maybe
  2. sounds cool mate - i need to get on it but haven't had chance as i'm in London and haven't been at my home pc since end of March lol - we have access to houdini in the office here but i dont think its h16 - i did attend the Amarok Seminar in London though and that was really cool - H16 looks stupid powerful and i need to get involved with it!
  3. hey all thought i'd just drop a grenade of Houdini work i put together over 2016 & early 2017 - nothing particularly complex - most of this is all stuff i've learnt off this forum and youtube video tutorials by ppl like @mestela @ParticleSkull @Farmfield @rohandalvi the guys at Entagma, Sidefx, and a bundle of other ppl whom i cant seem to tag like Ben Watts - i just want to say thankyou for all your help and tutorage on forums and the time you guys take to put all those epic videos together and encouraging me to learn cheers ant hoob (houdini noob geddit?!) this was my first project set in houdini - following tutorials and clearly inspired by Method (who isn't c'mon) and their video.. I then went away and did some more twiddling with sop based stuff to try some more fun effects - had alot of fun with this one - i love balloon boy lol... this was inspired by all the Hydraulic press channels and just trying a fun few setups... this one was inspired by Erik Fergusons fem stuff... and this one was an attempt to try some fun ragdoll/crowd sim stuff :)
  4. https://68.media.tumblr.com/c8000ac3908a1357452727df788dde98/tumblr_on333euvCT1w15z4yo1_540.gif loving this!
  5. whats your end goal with masking it then? is it to get it to affect various areas of a mesh or zones in 3d space? Just wondering as theres probably a friendly way of doing it.
  6. i havent got into H16 yet sadly Framestore gobbled me up into the anim dept in april lol!
  7. Sorry for the essay lol. It's just an attempt to mentally reset what's needed from it.. there's nice results with the grains to a point but then they constantly try to fight forces so there is a constant need to wrangle against that. With a wire it hangs swings and can maintain its length and stretch a bit if needed?
  8. There has to be a better way to do this surely? one thing to bear in mind is what kind of motion.. eg.. it looks snot like as it hangs but ideally you want it to hang and sit there not continue to fall and pull the rest down. So it needs to stretch somewhat but then return to its original snot length maybe? It still needs to be manipulatable eg able to be pinned to a mesh and move with that.. if rotated (eg pinned to a moving head) it inherits that rotation (Like a parent constraint) how about a wire solver as described earlier on.. then create a snot hangin droplet shape and perhaps use the wire to deform it? (Lattice or point deform).. If you wanted to after then convert it to a grains sim with constrains and pin to animation? It might sound a bit heavy but grains alone doesn't seem to be giving as much control. With a hybrid wire grains method you could essentially pin then use wrangles and stuff to make the grains hang or drop if needed?
  9. @ParticleSkull nice one at least there's a few ways. I think I'm going to end up doing it the full way.. a balloon cloth shape that pops when hit releasing the fluid. It'll be slower but more like how it should be. I just wish I could suss this stuff out more tbh i feel like I've hit a wall with various things in houdini lately
  10. @cwhite awesome I have no prob sorting that bit out but my problem is how to setup that agent layer to start with and also how to get the mesh to switch.. eg is it done in the solver sop in dops or somewhere else? I've only used an agent layer to put an object in the hands of a character like a hammer or sword I didn't know it can be used to do more like entire character switch. I've watched all sesi vids and a few others and nobody online is explaining how to setup that kind of system beyond "here's some dudes walking with hammers" :-/
  11. Nah I couldn't figure it out. The first one spawned and ragdolled just fine but the others just broke apart Thinking about it.. it could be something that's needed in the constraints network part inside the solver sop. Because I recently sussed out how to get the agents to fall apart and limbs disconnect and it involved putting a primitive wrangle into said solver sop to break the constraints. Now at frame 1 all the agents are there and they all have a constraint network built for them. But spawned.. well only the first one has a constraint network but the next ones of course don't because they never existed at frame1.
  12. @cwhite hi i couldn't for the life of me suss this out. I've attached a scene because its just confused seven bells out of me now actually i was trying to go one further and do detaching limbs which i managed to get working in this scene with a prim wrangle in a sop solver in the sim network... but i couldn't get the skin to separate - i was told i need to use an agent layer but its the same problem - i've no idea how to use this layer properly and the docs aren't very helpful at all from what i can understand of them :/ can anyone take a look please? ta ant ragdoll_with_tearing_limbs_test.zip
  13. Cheers mate I'll take a look tomorrow at it. I'm still on 15.5 tho will it open ok?
  14. ok will try that out - i did try a target constraint - that seemed to work on groups of points with a FEM sim a while back - dunno if it works with pop grains tho but will try !
  15. to add is there a way to pin the upper grains and have the others dangle from it at all? I was thinking this setup would make an interesting snot setup lol so the top grains hold the others beneath and they swing about maybe ?