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  1. @ParticleSkull yep i'll hopefully be having a go at doing something else hehe - got a few fun things lined up! btw i couldn't get the random rotation thing working: rand($PT)*360 in the copy stamp variable tried a fit something or other - still nothing in the end this worked: rand($PT) * 33.3 * $FF now my instanced fem things are rotated on creation. It works sod it!
  2. lol exactly hehe I'll give that scene a check shortly thanks @ParticleSkull man i cant wait to dive back in houdini properly again soon!
  3. see now my first thought went to attribute randomise but all i ever hear is ppl twiddling wrangles and writing code now so my mindset seemed to gravitate that way and i was trying to do that ffs! So where would i plug this in on the copy sop? I'm guessing its before the copy sop on the input template points i reckon..
  4. all i really know is something like rand($PT)*360 or something noob and incorrect like that - no idea how to set it up for a vector :/
  5. this is a cool effect - i was trying to get the copy sop to create random rotation on each spawned object but had no luck. I was using copy stamp but couldn't suss it out - each spawned character just appears in the same rotation sadly :/
  6. @Atom i will never tire of seeing these scene example gifs
  7. @derjcmp cheers Jaou i've watched that about ten times in the past lol! @Yon Anadeyo i'll check that out in a bit thanks it might be something as daft as that. i'm always a little confused with the name attribute simply because one or two sops have it- i'm sure the voronoi fracture does in there seomwhere so i'm not sure if i'm creating a 2nd with the assemble or replacing the old one .
  8. yeah am still on H15.5 here not got 16 yet :/ not had chance since i came down here to work yayyyyy work life sucking the fun from everything :/
  9. so I have a scene -a character running through some simple walls - that was all setup fairly easily and seems to work sweet. But i want to transform some high resolution pieces by the low res ones. there is of course the transformpieces trick but all that happens is my pieces get shifted over from their original position as if re-centred and then the pieces seem to inherit some sort of double-transform or move much faster than the original low res sim. I tried this tutorial below as well and the same result occurs. can anyone help here its winding me up - I'm doing something wrong but i've followed a few tutorials and read the help docs on these nodes and it seems i'm doing whats needed :( cheers ant
  10. woot got it working - in the sop solver you used a merge as a group - for some reason that wasn't working so i stuck a group node in there and plugged a box into it instead and it seems to work ta @derjcmp
  11. @derjcmp sadly that scene doesn't seem to work altho i'm loading it in 15.5 at the office - it just gives me an error with the sim :/ so basiccally your doing it in a sop solver tho - can give that a try.
  12. cheeers dude - with me trying to pin some pieces to the ground my head is thinking 'constraints so therefore prims' but of course they're packed so need to use something else. I did find this thread below - the chap uses a clever trick of a vop sop (remember them?!) to use the proximity to the groundplane to pin pieces down. I tried to rebuild it but theres an if-then-block in there and i couldn't find the node in the vop :/
  13. cheers Joao i haven't really gone away been keeping my eye on houdini when time allows (usually an hour in the evening at work just to keep my hand into the workflow... so maya doesn't swallow me up whole ever again!)... i did create a group of the points (bounding volume) and then an attribute wrangle - but now i think about it i think i stuck both of those on primitives and with packed rbd you need to work on points is that right? Might be something as daft as that but i'll take a look at your scene and see where i went wrong ta
  14. this has to be simpler than i'm making it. I hear theres an active attribute i can set but dont know how to do it. Currently i'm trying to faff on with an attribute vop and some xyzdist and compare and if-then block but i cant get it working. I got the trick from a search results and a file but houdini doesn't seem to have the if-then block i need so its really confusing me. can anyone help i just need a nice solution for pinning some parts of fractured wall to the floor maybe based on a proximity value or a group or something so i dont have to manually enter all the pieces as active=0 i cant supply a scene sadly as i'm in work and cant upload anything. But its a pretty simple ball hits wall scene really :/ really confused by this ant
  15. have a search for a recent thread by @ParticleSkull he's been doing a very similar thing spawning instances of a fem object - i dont think it relies on pops setup tho