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  1. Any chance to have a sample file to give it a try?
  2. Controlled FLIP tornado (whirlpool)

    This one have a vop that allow you to change the shape of the whirlpool using a ramp armFX_experinemtal2.hipnc
  3. Controlled FLIP tornado (whirlpool)

    what about a more procedural approach like this, I am not saying that it couldn't be done using particles, but this seems like the kind of things I would approach splitting the effect in different parts, one would be the waterfall, and the other one would be the wrilpool, and then at the end I would mix everything with secondary particles, spray and stuff like that. armFX_experinemtal2.hipnc
  4. Calculating / matching orientation

    I just tried another approach building the transformation matrix itself, the transform contains the transformation values of the set of points B pc_match_001.hip
  5. This is probably more like that. pointsOnPrimitiveGroups.hip
  6. No I misunderstood the question, I am gonna prepare something else. Sorry about that.
  7. Is it something like this?, I am doing it inside a for each, maybe is not what you are looking for, but have a look. pointsOnPrimitiveGroups.hip
  8. point color on a changing mesh

    You could paint colors in the geometry that you get from dops before the vdb process, and then attribute transfer the colors from that mesh into your vdb mesh.
  9. Crawling insects coustom solver issue

    Hi, check if this help. Although I would think to add some noise to the motion too, I moved everything related to the motion to the same solver test_v01.hiplc
  10. Ship Kelvin Wake

    Hi Sergey, pretty cool job, did you use any paper to get the formulas or did you figure it out? in case you use any paper, would you mind to share them to check them out? Thanks very much.
  11. velocity fields for grains

    you should be able to create your vectors in sops, and then in the pop network you can bring those vectors inside a popvop, and play with that, maybe this helps grainsV.hip
  12. Man, I am very sorry but I have to say that those bipeds... have absolutely no idea about how to dance salsa properly.
  13. whitewater setup on deformed wave

    I did again something quick in my part of the setup, nothing fancy but is to give you an idea, I didnt did this in your part of the setup because I dont think with your current setup would be posible to create nice motion on the particles, unless you sculpt some forces, because basically you dont have a nice initial velocity for your points. regarding the floating particles, I am using an intersect, for sure a VDB would be faster, but in the office I have limited access to H16 so I had to do something very rough and quickly to give you an idea. It got lots of errors, but maybe serve as an starting point. WaveDeformerTestQuickMask_edit2.hip
  14. whitewater setup on deformed wave

    you could use a vdb and them move the points using the gradient of the vdb, or you could use your mesh and then use a ray vop to keep the points in the surface, but with a static mesh I won't expect the points to have a very cool motion though.
  15. whitewater setup on deformed wave

    I setup an example of how you probably could create a mask, is something I did very quickly so of course is not something you can actually use, but maybe it help you thinking about a way to create your setup, after the emittion, most of your job will be in pops, finding a way of making the particles "float" on the surface of your geo, is not that hard though. Maybe on the weekend with time I can prepare something. WaveDeformerTestQuickMask.hip
  16. whitewater setup on deformed wave

    Ill check the file tonight when I get back from work. The scattered points are just the emitters of your particles, not the particles themselves. I just opened the file very quickly but I don't see any animation on the waves, is that gonna be a still? or you were thinking on build your fluid simulation from there? because right now I see you are creating the mask, but there is no velocity in the points which of course wont give you any nice initial motion on your points.
  17. whitewater setup on deformed wave

    something that comes to my mind is that you could create a mask in you mesh based on the velocity of the points and the curvature, then scatter some points in that masked area and use pops to create your white water, I did a white water setup that way here at my job for non hero shots and is working pretty nicely. If on top of your animated wave you are using an Ocean spectrum then is much more easy, because the ocean spectrum will give you a bunch of useful attributes, like cusp, velocity, etc... Then inside VOPs in a pop network you can use those attributes to drive the motion of your particles, which I think is basically what the white water solver does, but instead of using the attributes from your ocean spectrum, is using the attributes from your flip simulation. Let me know if this make sense.
  18. [SOLVED]Scatter By Inverse Volume Density?

    You could fit range the density in a volume vop, but anyway in I think the low density in the wings is just because the wings are a thinner geometry so they look less dense, you could create another scatter based on color, painting only the wings, and then merge them together. Not the most procedural approach but would work.
  19. Layer Mix Exports

    Hello Guys, I been working with H15 so far, I picked H16 for shading very recently and everything very cool, but... I been trying to export custom AOVs with two shaders being merged using the layermix, I saw the master class from Kay, and I am trying exactly what he is doing and it doesn't work for me, for sure I am doing something wrong, I am leaving a file here if you want to check, the custom AOV is called "turb", its basically a noise, I already tryied using the "export_turb" syntax and it didn't work neither. Thanks very much. layerMixExports.hip
  20. Layer Mix Exports

    well I will leave a working file just in case someone face the same problem, thanks to Alejandro Echeverry (pazuzu) for his help. layerMixExports.hip
  21. general h16 material question

    I had the same problem exporting the AOVs, it works fine if you are using one custom shader, but if you put two shaders with a layer mix it stops working, I'll let you the path to my topic, there is also a file to check in there, the custom AOV is called turb and it only works if you use only one material. Alejandro Echeverry (pazuzzu) helps me with that, and now is working so I will leave the working file here too. layerMixExports.hip
  22. If you want to specify an Up vector, I think you will have to use a looAt function instead of the dihedral, that way you can specify each axis of the rotation matrix.
  23. Hello everybody, I bought 2 days ago a license of Houdini 16 indie, and after installing Houdini on my pc I tried to run it in order to start doing the licensing stuff, and boom, there goes the error, "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)" Maan I don't know what to do, I been trying everything in the forums, has anyone face this same problem before? Thanks very much.
  24. Problem after installing H16

    Well actually the problem is in general, even with the license manager.
  25. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you can give me any clue about how to proper emitt fire from an object that is moving really really fast, I been trying this approaches so far, 1- Inverting all the transformations and keeping it in the origin, simulate everything in the origin, and then reaply the transformation to the fire, 2- Using only a percentage of the transformation to keep it moving slow but preserving some sort of movement, 3- Using quaternions based on velocity to create an orient, and then use this orient to drive the rotation of some precached fires, non of these have give me cool enough results. Do any of you guys have experience with a task like this? Cheers.