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  1. Yeap, i tried to reproduce this one but that make crash houdini or "freeze" the sim Here is a kind of error i had when houdini crash: 12204: Fatal error: Segmentation fault Saving application data to
  2. Hi everybody, Actually i'm trying to make a destruction with the "bending effect". I started to do with what i know. I used the angle for detect the piece bending and changed that in "glue" I try to include the auto fracture of the piece but i have some problem with. Here is the result I try to reproduce the setup on the topic But each time that make crash houdini or freeze the simulation... If someone know how i can fix it? Thanks, Dest_BEND_004a.hip
  3. Deleted this topic please
  4. Hi, everybody! I try to made a drop trail. I use a particle, attached with the node "trail" and i want the particles of the trail, become small as the particle's age. I just succeeded to scale all the particles at the same time. Someone can give me some advice ? Thanks. RnD_Droplet_001_test01.hip
  5. Hi everybody! I start to learn Houdini a few month ago. After learning the basics, I looked at the new Position Based dynamics solver, and i made the different test of Snow (inspired by the tests performed by Disney for Frozen) for a project. Please give me ay comments, critique, feedback! Hope you enjoy!
  6. Hi everybody! I start a new test, i will try to create droplet simulation. For the moment i success to make a droplet on the object. I want to make a droplet that following a curve and flowing on a surface....i don't know how doing it.... In my final projet, i want to do a girl cry with a close on her eyes. Soneone can help me to explain how i can do it? Thanks
  7. Ok, thanks. I though also, it work for the simple ground, but for the complex ground, recreated separate box primtive for each tilt...it's tedious I'm doing a test with the Snow Plow, i'll let the Convex Hull and it work...(it work too when the geometry is Concave) Here is a preview
  8. Hi everybody, I'm DangVy Nguyen, i'm a FX Artist Junior. Here is my demoreel: I'm currently learning houdini for some month, i'm begin to play with the new sand solver. It's very cool and fast! Actually, I do some test with the "Grain Solver" in Houdini 14. I try to do the Snow Packing, and i have a problem with the snow, it through the ground. I put the ground in the "Bullet Data" Concave instead of Convex. I put the sphere in "RBD Object", the collision with the ground is perfect but not for the snow.... I attached my scene, for you see it yourself. Thanks for your help! RnD_snow_packing_001_01.hip