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  1. F1 thank you very much for explanations. As "automated method" I have ment any new SOP since the 2012 ... something as the Convertline SOP is new, and useful. So the packing is new since then, great
  2. Thank you F1. I have attached the files. I am still newbie and I am maybe confused by this: we cannot simply set or detect the "3D Connected" geometry connectivity by intrinsic or other attribute. This is "blackboxed" am I right? For example these two scenarios: - artificially connect separate disconnected geometries into one "baked" geometry (for the bullet collision, I faked this by packing those separate geometries) - set "artificial" disconnectivity to single island of connected geometry ... or in other words ... set connectivity of primitives by an attribute (or group) disregarding the 3D positions (which was also discussed here and I solved partially with Exploded View) collision connected convex.hiplc
  3. Please is there any new automated method for this issue? I had similar problem and solved it temporarily with the Name SOP and then Exploded View SOP (zero scale).
  4. I am not sure, but HQueue Render node might be simpler solution: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/out/hq_render It is not explicitly mentioned there, if it supports geometry ROP Output Driver. But probably it does? I will try to setup server/client and investigate some more. EDIT: I will be really thankful for any Hardware (network) or Software (should I invest to Deadline?) tips on distributing on such an Indie level.
  5. Hello, I would like to distribute heavier cooking of SOP animation to more PCs. No solvers, just VDBs, vex wrangles, sops. The help says, we can distribute the simulation only when partitioning (to volumes, particles, clusters, wedges). The attached file is "fake" wedging ... I have tried to split ROP Output range and then Wedge between those ranges. It looks like a solution. Can I set a small farm and distribute this Wedge with HQueue? Isn't there a any simpler "few clicks" solution that I am missing? I hope so. Btw I have one Indie license, maximum computer counts for indies are: 4 computers = 199$/year (one Indie, three Engine) 5 computers = 398$/year (two Indie, three Engine) 6 computers = total maximum for Indies allowed = 597$/year cook - v1 - wedge.hiplc
  6. Hello pusat, I am: - on Wacom Intuos many years (XL for 30" LCD), happy - without mouse many years, quite happy (you know, no wheel) - with Space Navigator few days, amazed... especially for modelling or transforming or selecting So I dont have much experience with 3D mouse, but I think that wacom is no problem.
  7. Gas Project Non Divergent? I will investigate more
  8. Please, is there a simple solution to compare previous and current frame of volume moving around deforming geometry? I mean just "air", just compute velocity vector volume "everywhere" around the deforming object in a container. I dont need turbulence or inertia/momentum/mass of the fluid. I could use flip solver and extract velocities, but I hope there could be something simpler and computationally faster?
  9. Thank you very very much Matt So the "pinned" selection bar will be hard to add. Probably I should RFE this: When in edit mode, after switching features on/off (Shift-V or other hotkeys) in viewport, status bar should say: "Area Select Visible Geometry Only ON" "Area Select Visible Geometry Only OFF" "Area Select Visible Geometry Only ON" If anybody has no better idea, I will RFE that.
  10. - please, how did Matt Estela add the Color correction bar to the Scene view? - here on Vimeo - or in the attachment - please, advanced question ... can we have two "operation controls" bars somehow? - for example I would like the "selection" bar to be always visible, because some important swithes (like "select visible only") disappear when editing and the shortcut (Shift-C, Shift-V) dont tell actual setting in the status ... always visible bar will be nice - like in my second attachment
  11. We can create local variables in VEX like this: float c; We cannot create local temporary variables in VOPs, something like in the attachment. Am I right? Wouldn't it be nice feature to organize bigger VOPs? Is it valid RFE or am I missing something?
  12. Hello, I am on windows, so my screenshot is attached. Maybe on mac you have something similar? Try to google. If I have reversed settings, I "push" camera with the mouse. If I have not reversed, I push the model ... for me intuitive is to move the camera. But everybody has its own "intuitive".
  13. I have to recommend 3D mouse to everybody. It is amazing. Try to borrow one from friend. Also second hand mice are cheap. Here are tips which I have discovered so far. Good luck! Getting used to: Reversed orbits - Everybody has his own “understanding” if the mouse should be reversed or not. I have tried 3D mouse formerly on one conference and I was disappointed. Now I have borrowed one from my friend and he told me to try reversed and ... wow Side stepping - there is no “step forward” with the 3D mouse ... you are "zooming in" - if you are “zooming in”, you are moving the viewport pivot closer to the camera and “locking” the pivot to the cam ... and when the "viewport pivot" is getting closer to the camera, it can result in strange "lock" (seemingly wrong, but in fact allright if you think about it) - solution is to use more "side stepping" ... when you get into it, it is really intuitive Hotkeys - I have the small Space Navigator, close to the keyboard, and I am quite able to do basic orbit with midfinger and forefinger and also can hold ctrl/shift with my thumb - This should be great for modellers C4D/Houdini - "camera pivot" in Houdini behaves slightly different than in C4D (in C4D it considers selection, I personally like H behaviour better) Installation: - http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/3dmouse - Windows ... you have to copy some files manually ... %ProgramFiles%\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\Cfg - Windows ... I had to reinstall Houdini after installing the 3D mouse. For greater minds than mine: - the pivot behaviour is unfortunately "invisible", because you dont know where and how far the pivot is - maybe SESI could add some "PIVOT HUD" into viewport? Some "crosshair target" getting bigger/close or smaller/far? Tags: Space Navigator, 3D mouse, Space Mouse, connexion Also discussed here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/48526/
  14. Thank you very much F1. I have added the draw.io to the list I have also renamed the topic. Mobile apps may be practical (you can sketch with stylus) but also very impractical. I have thought through my problem again and it seems to be like this: I have to do a big complex network I can imagine partial problems and partial solutions I can't imagine the whole "map" I go "headless" from the part of the problem I end redoing the network, because the network can be done much more efficiently (thanks to Houdini's procedural principle and "branching" partial solutions to another solution) Today I am going to buy classic "hw" magnetic whiteboard and markers. Pros: easy sketching, erasing. Cons: no scaling, no moving. I am quite curious how will it go.
  15. Dedeks, you are right. In the Channel Wrangle, the function is working. So my old question probably remains unanswered with H16 ... or can we reference CHOP directly from the SOP wrangle in H16?