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  1. vex noise output bounds

    Please, how do you deal with the output bounds of noise in vex? I usually want them (-1,1) and I set turbulence and roughness, then I use to manually tune the amplitude. I assume, that exact bounds is expensive and it can be done in two steps (generate > fit to min, max) but isn't there any practice that I am missing? I was thinking about building approximate "hardcoded" lookuptable of [turbulence, roughness, attenuation], outputting the amplitude? Some minor overshoot is usually not a problem (or is desirable).
  2. Quaternion To Euler ?

    I was using DJs code, but in some rotations (for example 90° x, 90° y, 0° z) it is not evaluating right. So I ended with this: matrix m = qconvert(@orient); v@rot = cracktransform(0, 0, 1, {0,0,0}, m); Note: Rotation angles are returned in degrees.
  3. I was using this simple script (with hotkey) for a while, but it is probably not right way to do it. Sometimes the playbar gets "stuck" and play() command doesn't work. Even if I run hou.playbar.play() from the python shell. I have to push the UI play button then. I assume, that a right way is to use eventCallback(), but I cannot make it work, too. Please, do you anybody have working script for that? if hou.playbar.isPlaying() : hou.playbar.stop() else : hou.playbar.play()
  4. Switch Radio Button in Python

    Hi Szalbolcs, I am python newbie, so there is probably better solution. I wanted to switch Tabs (which is just different type of folder, Radio Buttons are also type of folder) with python. I solved it like this: - add new int parm (invisible) - add expression, reference the name of the first Tab (add "1" to the name) - switch that new int parm - Tabs get synced, as "side effect" Maybe you will find a better solution. Otherwise, here is mine. Attached is .py doing all these steps. EDIT: btw for some reason, the initial naming of Tabs (when the node is created) is "wrong" and gets updated as soon as you read (or update) the UI. So, in my code, I start by addSpareParmTuple() and then ask for the Tab name. This is some Houdini thing, which I don't understand. You may try to read parmTemplateGroup() entries() on a new node twice. The second time, folder names are different, updated. Then they stay like this. folders.py
  5. Mograph words

    Thank you very much!!! I have added one more if() to the code. Because characters, which are made from more segments (for example i ; : ? ! = ě š í á), were splitting the words: if (i@textindex - 1 != i@opinput1_textindex) { if ( i@textsymbol != i@opinput1_textsymbol) { @name = "word"; } }
  6. I agree. I will really appreciate if anybody could help us. Btw you may like this feature to highlight only the nondefault parms:
  7. Btw last year, I was trying to set red colour for this, and I was unsuccessful: If multiple objects are selected and they have different values on a channel (e.g. different resolution on two cameras), then display the number as bold red. Now it is grey and hard to check up. I have been editing the .hcs but did not succeed.
  8. Hi Yves, unfortunately I am not sure if I have an answer for you, but you may try to find it in the .hcs file For example here, on windows: C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.5.378\houdini\config\UIDark.hcs You should probably create a copy here, on windows: C:\Users\.....\Documents\houdini16.5\config\UIDark.hcs Here, I did not test to edit it:
  9. Slow network hip save

    You are welcome, thanks go to Juraj. More tips and inspiration in his thread:
  10. Here is the Houdini Apprentice HD to Houdini Indie Converter https://www.orbolt.com/upgrade-houdini-files It may help you. I did not test it as I don't want to waste one of limited times. So excuse me if it did not work for you.
  11. Slow network hip save

    Hi Trond, maybe this might help you? https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/01/15/houdini-tip-faster-saving-of-scenes-on-network-drives/
  12. I was Apprentice, then Indie. I was able to copypaste from my .hipnc into my .hipnc ... so I thought that it is common and I can do that from every .hipnc from the internet //// but I could not. I cannot describe it more accurately, those are just old and empirical data, occasional situations that I had.
  13. Please, why doesn't the stamps() function see the variables (DOPNET for example) in the Parm Editor? Please look at this picture: I would like to understand what is happening, I am learning DOPs. I understands it like this: - when sim is running, the SOP Solver DOP is cloned (attached) onto all appropriate objects (which are wired, and active) - when I am editing the scene and dive into the SOP Solver DOP, I am inside one of the clones ("random" one?) But there is something MORE ... something I don't see. I believe that understanding of this "MORE" could help me understand the "Solver Per Object" option and "Group" mask option? Please give me a clue, if anybody can. stamps.hiplc
  14. python - node calls itself

    Hi JJ, important is the variable on the left side, when creating: node_mrg = hou.node(container).createNode('object_merge',name_mrg) You can then refer to this node like this: node_mrg.setName("newname") Here is whole example: # define offsetx = 3 offsety = 0 color = hou.Color(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) node_src = hou.selectedNodes()[0] name_src = node_src.name() posx = node_src.position()[0] + offsetx posy = node_src.position()[1] + offsety #create, name, pos container = node_src.parent().path() name_mrg = "IN_" + name_src node_mrg = hou.node(container).createNode('object_merge',name_mrg) node_mrg.setPosition( [posx,posy] ) #parm path_src = node_src.path() parm = node_mrg.parm("objpath1") parm.set(path_src) #setcol node_src.setColor(color) node_mrg.setColor(color)
  15. Shortcut - run script in network view

    Maybe you should check, that you erased the other W, the default W from Network Pane? As in the attached image. Also you may look in this file: C:\Users\...\Documents\houdini16.5\Houdini.keymap.overrides