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  1. I'm trying to figure out an expression to use in a time shift, that will give me a posterize time effect (after effect plugin) on a cache. I want to play every 6th frame with a hold in between. the frames would look like 111116666612 ect... It seems simple but I just can't seem to get it. Any suggestion would be a great help. Thanks Rob
  2. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get a tool that I created to render on a farm. It's a multi-container sim tool for volumes. All the tool is, is a ROP Geo node in a subnet that I tell to iterate over a sop output. I give it a min and a max and a current iteration value. This is the Code: def render(): node = hou.pwd() min = node.evalParm('from') max = node.evalParm('max') sop = hou.node(node.evalParm('soppath')) for n in range(min,max): node.setParms({'current':n}) print node.evalParm('current') sop.cook() hou.parm(node.path()+ '/sim/execute' ).pressButton() It works locally beautifully, but when I submit it to a farm it just sim's the same "current" iteration, over and over not iterating as it does locally. I imagine the farm runs the render command and then once it's finished it runs the entire function again (but I could be wrong) instead of running through the loop. or its just not iterating the current value. Sorry if this is a bit vague. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff I would love a little help. Thanks Rob
  3. Hey F1 Thanks for getting back to me! I thought the center ring was the issue. I had the aim in there at one point but looking at the file I sent you it dropped off some how. I really appreciate your help! Rob
  4. I'm trying to create a translation and rotation matrix to move an object back to the origin. I have very little experience building these. I have a fetched my vectors from my object and they seem right. and then added them to a float to matrix then added a matrix3 to 4, gave it the translation data then exported the matrix attrib. when I multiplied the matrix data to the original point info it works although there is a slight rotation to the object, I can't figure out where its coming from. Sorry for the long winded explanation. I have attached the file to this post. any help is much appreciated. matrix_test.hip
  5. I'm trying to make a version of the Eye of Saroun from LOTR. I am just curious if anyone has any suggestion on where they would start to tackle this effect. The way I have started it (and haven't gotten a good result). I am emitting particles from onto the sphere and they are being attracted to the tower sides via pop attract. I use the particles as a fluid source and start to create a pyro sim for the fire. The fire is fairly uncontrollable and tooo big. I would love any suggestion on how to begin to set this up. would this be better as a particle solution entirely? and no Pyro. Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Both of these are great solution! thanks so much for getting back to me!
  7. Does anyone know a way to get noise on a animated sphere that to offset in opposite directions from the center? I have attached an image of what I'm talking about. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. I'm trying to run a sim in the background from a file cache. I set the output and frame range. I hit Save to disk in the background. The scheduler pops up and says that the job is complete after 1 sec, but nothing has been cached? Has anyone experienced this? it doesn't seem to be throwing an error (unless I'm not looking in the right place). I have administrator privileges and i'm rendering on only one machine. Any suggestions would be great. Rob
  9. HI I'm trying to create a tool that Matches IK to FK in a click of a button, using python. Everything works great untill I copy the translation information from the tempNull (Which is put in place to act as the pre-transforms for the IK) to the ikHandle. When I run to tool they both fly off in to space? when I was hoping that the ikHandle would snap to the end of the bone. I'm assuming that this has something to do with pre-transforms but I can't figure it out. I have attached 2 still's as one is of the tempNull working correctly and snapping to the end of the bone (before I copy the transforms to the ikHandle) and the 2nd is the tempNull and the ikHandle shooting off into space. Has anyone experienced this? Sorry if this is vague, any help is greatly appreciated Rob
  10. Hey thanks so much for having a look at my code. but its turned out to be something so insignificant!!! as it was just the "k" in my FKControl was not capitalized and I over looked it a million times! until I finally saw it. The set pending was a good suggestion though! but I just wanted to let you know why I use a set pending there. Its because if I did have a keyframe set and then I ran the script (with only a set() not setPending()) it would set a key. setPending will return the value without setting a keyframe. so that the animator isn't setting keys accidently. It forces the animator to set the key manually (warning: if autokey is on, that will override the setPending()). I really appreciate you guys giving this a shot though!! thanks Rob
  11. I wrote this script for a FK, IK Controls tool. This is to get the FK rotations to match IK rotations. (I have the FK and IK working correctly). I have attached a screen shot of the tool and the script. The tool loops through the bones in reverse (from bone_3,bone_2,bone_1) storing the rotations and then setting the FK to the IK and restoring the original FK value in the FK IK blend parameter. So far when I run the script nothing happens, no errors or snapping (which the bones should snap from an FK rotation to the IK rotation and the blend parameter should stay at FK [0]). If I comment out the last line (The line that sets the original FK value) the tool works. So this leads me to think there is something wrong with the last line. But everything looks to me as to be correct. I was hoping that someone might be able to have a look at the code and see if there are any glaring mistakes that maybe I have over looked. I have attached a screen shot of the code and the Tool. Please have a look and let me know if you this looks right. I'm sorry I know this is prolly hard to understand I am not the best at explaining these things. any help is greatly appreciated. Rob
  12. This might not be the right issue. But here goes... I am trying to do a nearest neighbor pcopen. Where depending on the search radius i set in the pcopen. it will iterate through and when it finds a point it adds it to a group. until it grabs all the points. I set the points onto the mesh with a scatter. and then this is where the tricky part is. the mesh is deforming. so all the scatter points are changing. I do have the points sticking to the mesh and not changing with a attrib interpolate. But now on the second frame it jumps to the search radius and adds the all the points and then just stops not iterating and not adding any more points. I know this is probably hard to understand what is going on, but i'm having a hard time even explaining it. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have added my project file if this helps. swimmingNoise.rar
  13. I need help with this effect. I'm trying to get particles to emit and follow along the surface. I have a piece of geo. and a emitter with a POP VOP that should be creating the creep along the surface part. but it seems that the particles are sticking to one edge of the mesh. I'm sure its an easy fix. prolly a world space issue but I can't lock it down. I have attached the geo and the scene that might help with the explanation. any help is much appreciated. Thanks Rob CreepTest_02.rar
  14. I have a geo cashed arm. in polys. I converted it to a NURBS surface. And I want to have particles (primary a fluid) traverse the arm. to try to make a terminator liquid metal type effect. but when I try to use the creep it seems to only want to use one poly (or patch not that its converted). any one have any suggestions what I'm doing wrong? I have attached a file and a bgeo of the arm, for anyone to have look at. Thanks for your help CreepTest.rar