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  1. what kind of errors? on what nodes? there shouldn't be any errors. did you update the file paths?
  2. don't know if that is what you need but you might wanna have a look at it Cheers Disintergration_hand_002.hipnc
  3. put this point wrangle just before the extrude: int neighs = neighbourcount(0, @ptnum); if(neighs < 3) { removepoint(0, @ptnum); } deletes the points (procedurally) so you get clean geo but doesnt fix the rendering issue. This comes from cusping the polygons. Do you need to cusp them? EDIT: fixing the geo with fuse nodes helps. see file SphereBoole_EdgeProblem_v2.hipnc
  4. it's because you have a lot of "useless" edges on the seam. delete them and it should work
  5. why don't you use your up-vector instead of @N? if I got this right, p@rot = quaternion(@Time, v@up); in your attribwrangle_INSTANCE should do the trick and remove those other lines
  6. it's quite easy. you need to make the 'gas resize fluid dynamic' track your moving source. have a look at the attached file Cheers dm_animatedFluidSource.hip
  7. here you go. I put some comments in the file. Cheers Edit: sorry I switched boxes and balls just switch them in my file and adjust sizes (box to 1.5, sphere radius to 1) dm_RBDswitchToActiveState.hip
  8. maybe try the op:/full/path/to/node syntax. maybe you have to add backticks `` not sure right now
  9. don't know, maybe you forgot to specifiy a distance on polyextrude or maybe it is because the wrange in your picture is set to points instead of prims anyway you might wanna have a look at my file and compare it with yours Cheers dm_extrude.hip
  10. so this new version has a customizable falloff ramp and sorta uses the seams of a boolean. I have no idea if it's possible to really define arbitrary shapes as boundaries.. I'm sure there is a way but I just have no idea regarding your last question: on attribtransfer you could set the blend with (that would be your range) and feed that into a spline ramp to remap the values to your liking Cheers dm_regionDisplace_v02.hip
  11. maybe something in this direction? ok, there is no definable distance and so on yet but maybe it's a start Cheers dm_regionDisplace.hip
  12. another way (but fracturing will be calculated every frame) dm_dynamicShatterTransfer.hip
  13. H16 has a nice implementation of surface tension. play around with that
  14. If you look closely you can see that Mike is using rbd packed objects. With them it works, because a packed object is represented as only 1 point. From this point you query the y-Position in the sop solver. dm_force.hip
  15. SideFX will release the recording and with it all the example files soon. Anyway I prepared a little scene just like Jeff did in the webinar. Cheers dm_foreach_copystamp.hip