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  1. Python in Houdini Question

    this should do it: hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.CompositorViewer).setIsCurrentTab() (put this in the callback script - no need for module but feel free to put it wherever you want to. but then you might want to split it into 2 lines maybe for readability) also here's the list of the types in case Scene and Comp is just the beginning http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/paneTabType.html
  2. Primitives soft selection

    well, what max does is basically by selecting the face it selects all 4 points of it and moves them in the same direction as probiner said, it's the points that are moving after all, not the face. so although being not really handy, you gotta select all the points of the face and then use the soft settings
  3. on the rop alembic output there's the option to build Hierachy from Attribute. that should do the trick
  4. Boolean issue, non manifold edge...maybe

    hmm can't look at the file right now but quickly did a setup myself (16.5) and it works just fine. will look at it tonight but in the meantime you might go with a vdb workflow. convert the big sphere to vdb aswell, dont convert the small ones back to polys and use a vdb combine (set to SDF difference). then convert to polys
  5. noise on grains

    grains is just points! what you see with the shelf tool setup is sprites that are instanced onto the points so yeah, create your own sprites or just instance real geometry onto them
  6. you could promote the cluster attrib to prims (mode max or min), then use a primwrangle with s@name = sprintf("cluster_%d", i@cluster); and then assemble (tick off create name)
  7. Create Heightfield from Input Geometry

    Hey man, what do you mean "not on the default heightfields"? Basically if you heighfield project your geo with mode set to replace you get a heightfield from your geo that you can do all the operations on. But if you're goal is to convert lets say a model of a human into a heightfield, that's not what they were designed for. I guess you better use vdbs and write your own erode algorithms on that
  8. not that I know of. I mean you could probably go and say ok I got 8 scalar fields and 2 vector fields that would be 8 bytes/voxel for each scalar field and 24 bytes/voxel for vectors = 112 byte for each voxel in sim mutliply by 50mio = 5.6GB\frame just to store the data! now comes all the math, things get probably stored in variables and so on and all that is without any overhead/housekeeping, any custom fields, SOP calculations (like fluid source), maybe internal solver substeps double/triple... this value and I could be completely wrong
  9. well you allow the sim to have almost 50 million voxels (when the explosion is fully expanded) i'm currently only on a laptop with 8 gigs otherwise with 64gigs I could tell you how much RAM it will use, because I think 50 mio voxels is not gonna fit into 32 gigs. if you dont have access to more RAM, you just have to lower the resolution until 32GB works and then maybe run a upres pyro
  10. multiple user input issue

    what you get from the input is a integer, but you try to compare x with a string. just get rid of "" around the 1 and it should work also it seems like you have to enter a, b, c or d with "" those things when the program asks you

    are you sure you have 48 individual Dodecahedrons? Pretty sure you have 48 primitves which as you probably know are just the faces. 12 faces on dodecahedron times 4 copies = 48
  12. how much RAM a simulation uses does not depend on the container size alone! It's the relation between container size and voxel size! so without both values or a scene file it's probably impossible to help you. I don't know of a way to control the RAM usage and dont think it's possible
  13. Group in dops [SOLVED]

    well instead of going crazy with the drag values you could just use a pop wrangle to mess with velocities directly then there's no reason for increased substeps switch between the 2 and see that the results are about the same (or maybe even THE same) dm_group_in_dops_nan.hipnc
  14. Geometry particles PopSpin

    particles is just points and are treated as such in the solver. Sourcing all geo add primitves and so on but the solver doesnt care about them. this is why they dont get oriented according to the changing orient attrib. see the file for 2 ways to solve this dm_popSpin.hip
  15. I had a quick look at your file and the UVs aswell as restpos are alright after the sim. I don't have redshift either so my only guess is it might have something to do with the attribs being packed away.