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  1. More like this kind of movement: YouTube - ice grow
  2. this is nice example but so far from this what I'm looking for I think Here also everything is linear without any randomization.. So still have to figure out how to achieve this effect which I'm looking for.
  3. I'm trying to create kind of arrow grow from the ice and at this moment I have something like this what you can see in the attachment. Grow besed on simply object and color transfer. I cant figure out how can I make the movment of my grow more like a crack on the ground so kind of this movement: // In my scane I have red mask with fade so it grow up like something soft, not like a ice or crystals. Do you have any tips or hip files for this kind of effects? grow.mp4
  4. This is it exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for the link and Johnny for his useful stuff
  5. I'm trying to create "simply" effect which will freez my fire simulation. Currently I have just sphere with standard explosion preset from shell and I would like to create on this fire kind of ice surface to get freezing fire effect. I was thinking that I should first make sim and cache it and after this step I should make layer with this vdb converted on surface and make some noise on it but it can cost me so much pain.. Do you have any other solution how should I start with it? There is also hard to find any references on the internet so I cant paste here anything Hope you can give me some usefull tips in which way should I go and play with it. Simply hip file always welcome.
  6. ok, VOP solved my problem Thank you.
  7. Sure but then it looks like made from lots of small spheres.. Is it posibble do achieve results more like a cloud?
  8. I have a little problem which maybe not so complicated but what is the easiest way to change particles from attchment in smoke? I can't make from it ISO so? Is there any other easy and fast way for this? I would like to achieve something like a smoke/mist.. test_smoke.hip
  9. Did you pack them before?
  10. today I did two test using free models form megascans and results you can see below. I have used all maps in 8K but results which you see below don't satisfied me so there is question.. how can i improve it still a little? In my scene I have env light with 4k hdri + 1 direct light and nothing more in lighting. I did renders with 8 samples and 12 rays. Don'tt know so much about rendering with Mantra so hope you can give me some useful tips I saw that there is only one topic with it on odforce : odforce topic
  11. Yeah. Now I understand what was the problem. Here is my topic on redshift forum with it so need to buy GPU. Redshift Forum
  12. I'm using i7 3770K / 32GB RAM and low GTX 560.. Ok, I will also make new topic on redshift forum.
  13. I need to up this topic because now I have problem with my redshift installation so hope you will hep me I have installed demo from redshift website and add this line to my houdini.env: HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR = 2 PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/15.5.565;&" Houdini see this plugin but all the time there is information that "Building Redshift Scene.." I was trying to put sphere + RS light but still the same problem.. Someone had the same situation and solve it? I'm usuing Houdini 15.5.717
  14. Try to reduce your speed limit of particles maybe or try with proxy mesh with VDB for your collision object.
  15. Usually I'm using standin for exporting water + particles form Houdini to Maya and everything working find also with motion blur so I recommend you to do this in your case.