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  1. Hi all, Here's a noob question: is there any convienience class for per pixel raster image manipulation in HDK? By that I mean something simple and stupid with a method like putPixel(int x, int y, const UT_RGBA& pixel). All of the classes like IMG_Raster, PXL_Raster and so on seem to serve a different purpose and do not have such functionality. Of course I can calculate an offset into the buffer myself, but maybe someone could point me at the class that does it or suggest a better way of doing it?. I need this for temporary visualization purposes only, and performance is not an issue. Thank you in advance.
  2. You can set HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR env var to 1 and Houdini will do exactly that.
  3. Hi Maurits, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, this doesn't work since $OBJID appears to be always 0 on Geometry VOP node.
  4. Hi all, Could anyone please give me a hint, is there a way to retrieve context information (i.e. inputs of the calling Geometry VOP) from inside of the custom VEX function's evaluator? Alternatively, is there a way to feed the object ID of the object currently being simulated into a VEX function as a parameter? Then I could just find the appropriate DOP data by means of HDK. Thanks,