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  1. How to scale linearly with Sop Solver?

    thanks! but for my user case i can't use polyextrude inset, i really need scale lineraly the incoming geometry... (a oscillating waveform circle)
  2. How to scale linearly with Sop Solver?

    thanks, very interesting solution! but how to scale only in x and z? i tried modify your settings, but the result was a cross, not a circle... scaling in xyz, result incoming geometry (a oscillating waveform circle) turn an sphere... i need only a concentric circles (x and z scaling). again, thanks in advance!
  3. Hello guys! I have a math problem, i need scale circles with sop solver, but i need scales linearly, but for each iteraction (frame) scaling acts exponentially. i tried use some formulation on transform inside sop solver with “log()” but with no sucess… what i need is circles scaling equidistantly, so i need some trick to scale linearly. and yes, need reside inside a sop solver. any ideas? attached a image showing above the problem, and below (manually made) what i need output… thanks in advance.
  4. Hi On 4k diplay HiDPI preset on linux is too big, and "LARGE" UI preset is to small there is a way to set intermediate scale on Houdini UI, like 1.5x (like on windows 10 default)? any hidden settings on .env or similar?? thanks in advance!
  5. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    i removed script from emitters, even simplier for my purpose, all emitters with overlapping times. thanks brother, i will use the offset approach everywhere on my simulations from now on. Offset_pop_curve_force_Simple2.hipnc
  6. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    Nice one!
  7. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    " apply the force from the curve to the particle using a sop solver" yes, but simple vector curve velocity ones not solve the problem... what i need is all falloffs , rotation, force blending, etc who the built in have, so it's very complicated, no?) i look inside pop curve force node, looks complex to re-implement in SOP, the original one is em Geo VOP inside a DOP context. but, the real solution, i think, is re-implement POP curve force add curve ID Particle attribute matching. (no time to do this,for me, i will need a lot of research and testing to do this)
  8. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    i had an idea, but i don't like the solution because is too much convoluted... anyway. using a WEDGE i change each curve, and isolate each set of particles, collect the results to disk (ROP output driver), get again procedurally all caches, and merge into a single result geometry. it's very bad solution( convoluted, and particles can't interact with each other set of particles), i wish to get a better control on DOP level of what curve to influence what particle with a single "Pop Curve Force". i will implement this today, but maybe there's is another "less weird" solution. anyone?
  9. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    No man... no, no no... as i write before, i need all curves at same time, hundred of curves indeed, this (my example is not procedural at SOP level because is just a test) Your idea on hacky scene is quite obvious (sorry), i can't change input curve, because i need all curves being affected at same time, on example scene the time form emitter A and B is well separated just for simplification. i will do another scene, including a attribute for particle to indicate what emiter originating, and multiple curves at same time... but i'm busy now, maybe on end of day. thanks anyway!
  10. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    Thanks man, as i say before, this is impratical, this scene is a simple one, i need apply this to hundreds of curves at same time, procedurally. (my example is not procedural at SOP level because is just a test.
  11. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    look at crossing.. i need they not influeced by particles born far from each own curve... problem is pop curve force have no control or locals about what curve primitive will be being used for each particle... at least, not default node...
  12. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    yep, attached. PopCurves_control_RnD_01.hipnc
  13. Pop curve force with multiple curves.

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to born particles along curves, and use "Pop Curve Force" to push the particle along own initial birth path... problem: when curves intersect, the force act strangely, so i need each particle be influenced by own birth curve and nothing more... but need be procedurally, because is a lot of curves, and manually attach a "Pop Curve Force" for each curve is impractical. any ideas?? thanks in advance!
  14. Hello guys! i need to create a channel based on a table (csv file), the table looks like: (id can be ignored) id myvalue 1 509 2 514 3 519 4 524 5 529 6 534 7 540 8 544 9 550 10 555 i wish create a channel with a key value of 1 on every myvalue, and 0 in all other frames (basically a 0|1 toggle), this way: frame value 1 0 2 0 ... 509 1 510 0 ... 514 1 ... i try everything..but no sucess... any ideas??? thanks in advance!
  15. Already tried, but not work because a Non-random (linear) wedge is concatenated. if i have more than 1 wedged parameter on linear wedge, one is interated on other, impossibiliting the hack to be practical. i think the $WEDGENUM need be "revisited" by sideFX, because this limitation is really bad. the solution is have a $WEDGENUM return a PRODUCT number of all wired wedges interactions. (this is what i believe from beginning)