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  1. popnet, getting number of points for sourcing

    Here you are! Make your geo. Scatter some points. make a popnet set it to all points. set the frame you want to emit, only for 1 frame ($$FF==1) for example. You have instructions inside the hip anyways. Have fun! popnet_sourcingPoints.hiplc
  2. creation of dust at the impact of the steps

    Hello Lampay! Attaching a hip, you should play with the Transfer attribute under Emitter and also with the dynamics into the Pyro sim, because for testing purposes, I just used the shelf tab for billowy smoke haha. Have fun messing around the hip! dust_Step_odforce.hiplc
  3. Creating Uvs for viscous flip sim

    This should do the thing! 1:16:30 - Dual solver explanation (about 10min, from 16 to 26ish)
  4. How could I make this dynamic ?

    Really good solution yonglegend. If u want to push it a bit further, how could u control the mass of the sphere? I mean, now is moving like a really light one, what if its a concrete or iron ball? Cheers and thanks!
  5. Redshift - Mesh Light Inherit Cd

    Aha, i was wondering why my mesh light wasnt inheriting the color using your previous example, so we have to hack and fake like usual hahahah Thank you guys, i'll give a try.
  6. Hello! I scattered some points, gave them random Cd, copied Spheres on points and made a Redshift Mesh light. Now I wan't the mesh light to inherit the Cd from points into the light color. So i will have a lot of diferent color lights. Is it posible to do this? I have been messing around without any good result, i have even tried the color from texture but nothing. I am working in Houdini 16.5.378 + Redshift 2.5.65 Thanks guys!
  7. Redshift Render error

    Could u attach the hip file? ty
  8. Syntheyes to Houdini scene scale issues

    Never tried the workflow before, but we are going to start using houd/synth in the studio, so im interested in this. Sorry if i cant help yet, never opened syntheyes before. So..up!
  9. Ice growth effects

    Just took ben watts clean file and did some fast geo for testing. Play with Solver_Controls max distance and max points for speed control, or just go inside and tweak the vex. Hope it helps. bwd_H16_editedIceSpikes.hiplc
  10. Ice growth effects

    He has a very clean new setup for houdini 16, easier and faster, you should give a try. File aside, i would just model/sculpt the ice spikes and apply the same system starting the grow from the bottom of the spikes, and make the growing system to go faster, so u will have two systems, one for the wall itself and one for the spikes, just time them properly and here u go.
  11. Solved by Peter Sanitra @ Redshift Render community facebook group. Uploading the updated hip file. So: 1. you have to compute the velocity of points before the boolean, then use a atribute transfer to transfer the velocity from that preboolean to the new boolean geo. 2. go to redshift per object parameters (OBJ level) - Settings - Render and activate Deformation Blur From Velocity Attribute , so you force redshift to compute the motion from your velocity atribute from points. Done! I hope my full morning investigation will be usefull for you guys! Keep growing! mberror_solved.hiplc
  12. Motion Blur changing topology issue. Hi guys! I am having an issue with Houdini + Redshift. I have a geometry moving and im using a boolean to desintegrate it art directed. The thing is, since im using a boolean, there is a lot of point changing on the mesh so redshift is not able to compute the motion blur because the changing topology, i have this message when i hover the redshift render rop: Any tip on how to solve motion blur on changing topologies? I already have a trail sop to compute velocity on my node tree. Got the latest houdini indie and redshift. HIP attached. Thanks!! mberror.hiplc
  13. Whaaat.... I should start learning VEX hahah I was cracking my head up with Point Vops. That's exactly what I wanted!! Thank you very much!
  14. Actually, i just need a random fit clamp, isnt it?
  15. Hello! Im getting crazy on a very easy (i guess) problem. I have some scattered points with a random pscale (done with an Attribute randomize node) between 0.3 and 3. Now, my problem: I want these points to grow their pscale to their maxium in the first 10 frames, i mean, They all start on 0 and the grow until they get their maxium value given, so they will finish at frame 10 between 0.3 and 3. I know how to make them grow but with the same pscale. I know how to give them a random fixed pscale. But I don't know how to mix both systems! hahah Any tip? Thaaaaaaaaanks!