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  1. Can Houdini do this leaves setup?

    For the flexible leaves he used a cloth sim. Have a look at the tools in the cloth shelve
  2. Loop for all nodes

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you want to loop over for example all file nodes in your scene you could use hou.nodeType(). Example: import hou # Get sopNodeType for the file SOP file_nodes = hou.nodeType(hou.sopNodeTypeCategory(), "file") # Loop over all instances of the sopNodeType for node in file_nodes.instances(): print node.parm("file").eval()
  3. Issues with VDB as RBD Collision Object

    Like Ryan says, if you want to use VBDs as collision you should change the solver type to RBD. However, for a sim like this Bullet might be a good solution since it tends to be faster (but less accurate as RBD). To fix the issue you could set the geometry representation in the Bullet Data tab of your static object to Concave. Don't forget to direct the SOP Path to the collision mesh instead of the VDB.