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  1. Hi, I want to emit alot of coins which will be pushed outwards the earlier borned coins Like a growing stack of coins. What is a good way to do this? Cause What bullet now is doing is leaving all the intersecting geometry Alone (no popping)
  2. SOLUTION: I foud it.... don't use OUTPUT BACK. manifold geo: <- is not possible?
  3. Hi, I have some issues with the FUSE before SUBDIVIDE sop and I think it might be a bug. Its realy simple... -> Platonic Soccerball -> create Unique Points -> assemble name attr. -> (foreachSubnet.-..Extrude) -> Fuse -> subdivide. After that it just doesnt seems to work probably. see example: soccerball tst.hip
  4. no your not, backgroud is as it is, two different splines to drive the main streaks(one spiral, one just inside) And one to drive the fluid smoke in the same directionss Good luck;)
  5. Hi, Im trying to make some water explosion using flip, Biut there are always streaks (vel vectors) who are just going further than I want. And they arent driving faster than others. What is a good approach to keep them in a area?point lookups? length? Im a bit touching in the dark or cant find a good solution
  6. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    I just bought my laptop some months ago, I let them figger it out first. dont want to overclock anything. so I let it checked, keep everyone up to date here. Thnx Atom! Your realy helpfull to me!
  7. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    while rendering... Does that meen I need a Cooler underneath my laptop?
  8. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    Im just a artist, Dont know what is right in temperature....but boiling temperature seems not to be right RIGHT?
  9. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    My hole system is crashing, I cant even move my mouse. ( I have to restart after that mostly 3 or 4 times) so Maybe it has something to do with heat.... funny hehe Im working with water now...not fuel, heat or temperature But it seems you need FLIP to let them work probably to have a proper heat haha THNX for the fast feedback bytheway, Im working on some simple water explosion...:
  10. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    I turned Off openCL also, but it sometimes still freezing my PC, Have Increased my VRAM also. haven't test it jet.
  11. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    Nope not inspected it with cpu-z. Is this the correct one: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html Also maybe it can be the heat... but when I searched for that, I only could find some post that you only can look at it in BIOS mode right?
  12. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    Nope, in total my RAM is 9GB not 24
  13. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    Hi, I have alot of crashes when I use flip. I got 24GB of RAM, 2.9Ghz, i7, 8CPU's, Nvidea Quadro K2100M, (win10) After I try to do any rop outputs in background and even close everything that has big processes of memory (even houdini itself) its freezing after a while. The RAM is never above 9GB. The processes are mostly around 98%. But even if I lower my afinity in processes Houdini can use (like 60%), my whole Notebook is froozen and have to do a reboot. In flip solver I tried using openCL, Pre conditioner Off/On, It only seems to work with the normal render button instead of "Render in background". Anyone who have some experience with this and knows how to fix it? THNX ALOT
  14. scalarfieldvisualization node has no Streamers anymore?

    THNX!!! yeah... I was looking everywhere. thnx for your fast reply!
  15. Hi, Since when did houdini not have a streamers visualization option anymore in scalarfieldvisualization? I want to view my velocity curls in dops. Any other solutions? thnx