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  1. search and check for UV's in scene

    Thank you both!! The wrangle is realy easy to read! It should be: float test = max(@uv); Also it gave me by testing it on a unwrapped cube one value on the spreadsheet of 0. But by promoting it, it luckely disappeared. Hopefully it works on the rest of the stuff now. uhmmm... damn nope it didnt realy worked as expected... there are some objects that are just getting deleted who has uv's. if(test != 0) // did some fix too.. Im almost there float test = abs(length(@uv)); //gives me also some result for uv's that are placed in a negative uv sheet: i@hasuv = 0; float test = abs(length(@uv)); if(test > 0) {@hasuv = 1;} Now Im almost there... How to find overlap procedurally? Any idea? scene2_uvCleanUp-ViaWrangle.hip
  2. search and check for UV's in scene

    Hi, I have large scene with alot of geometry wher some have UV's and some who doesnt. I imported the whole scene as one obj file so it thinks it has UV's. I know there is a way to determine if it has to uv's I saw in the simple baker that it has a switch that unwraps the model if it doesnt have any: haspointattrib(0, "uv")||hasvertexattrib(0, "uv") But this doesnt work. because it has a attribute uv, which is empty on some object. Is there another way to look for objects that doesnt have uv's? or where the uv attr views none uv's? thnx
  3. Gamedev Simple Baker

    I got the last version, 1.11. Shortest path and cluster doesnt work at all. Only the Standard uvunwrap.
  4. Gamedev Simple Baker

    Thnx for your help mate!!! Now it works. Dont know what the problem was. Maybe the visibility, maybe not... cause I did get the occlusion and normal out of it. maybe it was just the gamedev tool. Also strange problems with the autoUV tool now. seems like it is still a bit buggy.
  5. Gamedev Simple Baker

    I noticed it was just linked and not more then just a simple hda /otl. but both doesnt seems to work.. would love if you or any other could figure it out what is wrong. THNX Davpe! In the file: In SOP game dev.. I get the lines for displacement. Normal and OA for example are just fine. in the ROP(texture baker): All is getting black... simpleRockBakerExample.hip
  6. Gamedev Simple Baker

    Thnx, I did a search andn that seems to work the sameway as the tool except its in sops, but this gives me just black images for everything now... (using exr / tga for now).
  7. Gamedev Simple Baker

    Hi, I try to bake some heightmap but I get some weird lines. Does anyone knows what this is? Tried to install different versions of the gamedev tools, Tried adding my own distance, adding samples, different file formats.. but without any luck. thnx
  8. Export pyro to polygon alembic with vertex color

    THNX for your fast reply. I understand what your saying but thats not totally true. (but i tried to change the name to see if that fixed it, but no luck) If I test it with a grid > color it > use a object for transfer color attr. > promote to vertex color > and export with alembic it works in viewport. I just need to set my colorSet to Cd for render in arnld, e.g. But, if I try it by another object in my colorSet editor I see the attribute named"Cd". If I do that with Pyro converted polygons. there is no attribute listed in maya. read the file back in Houdini it gives me the color though...
  9. Hi, I was trying something stupid but it doesn't seems to work. I converted some pyro to polygons. Get the Cd heat from volume. Promote it to vertex color. Export to alembic But the colors aren't visible in Maya when I import it. If I do it with some other object. It works. Do I overlook something?
  10. Hi, I want to emit alot of coins which will be pushed outwards the earlier borned coins Like a growing stack of coins. What is a good way to do this? Cause What bullet now is doing is leaving all the intersecting geometry Alone (no popping)
  11. SOLUTION: I foud it.... don't use OUTPUT BACK. manifold geo: <- is not possible?
  12. Hi, I have some issues with the FUSE before SUBDIVIDE sop and I think it might be a bug. Its realy simple... -> Platonic Soccerball -> create Unique Points -> assemble name attr. -> (foreachSubnet.-..Extrude) -> Fuse -> subdivide. After that it just doesnt seems to work probably. see example: soccerball tst.hip
  13. no your not, backgroud is as it is, two different splines to drive the main streaks(one spiral, one just inside) And one to drive the fluid smoke in the same directionss Good luck;)
  14. Hi, Im trying to make some water explosion using flip, Biut there are always streaks (vel vectors) who are just going further than I want. And they arent driving faster than others. What is a good approach to keep them in a area?point lookups? length? Im a bit touching in the dark or cant find a good solution
  15. System keeps crashing on FLIP sims

    I just bought my laptop some months ago, I let them figger it out first. dont want to overclock anything. so I let it checked, keep everyone up to date here. Thnx Atom! Your realy helpfull to me!