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  1. Arnold Hqueue

    Thank you Gavin this solve the problem it was my mistake the mismatch on the output extension was the reason for the environment variable i set it on the system variables so i dont need to mention it every time thanks for your help
  2. Arnold Hqueue

    am using a very sample setting here is my file ArnoldIntro.hip
  3. Arnold Hqueue

    Hi I am wondering if we can render arnold through hqueue? is it supported or not because when am trying to do it I get error. and If not, is there any way to render arnold throw render farm? Many Thanks
  4. points to groups

    Hi I have some lines here i want to turn them to point sepreatly and group each point in a group with name pointing to the point number and then i merge all the same names group in one group is that possible or just am high thanks
  5. Houdini 16 attribute rename node

    I got it the problem was the operator definition is not correct it was pointing to something else so i was have to correct it and direct it the original one thanks
  6. Houdini 16 attribute rename node

    yes i did and also i tested a full new file I got the same problem with this node at the beginning of the instillation it was Ok suddenly it changed like so
  7. Houdini 16 attribute rename node

    Move on is not an option here the attribute rename is not working at all as you can see in the images so how this could be solved
  8. Houdini 16 attribute rename node

    It was going OK in the beginning but once i got this massage on opening
  9. Hi I have a file been created within houdini 15.5 when i started to work on it with houdini 16 i git the attribute rename node changed like below and my network got error how can i solved and why dos it happened
  10. object aligned to curve

    Ya this did the mission thank u Galagast
  11. Hi I have here a curve created between tow points every point get its position according to an object position ok no i wan to copy a box along this curve but always keep it look in direction vector from the first point to the end point i used poly frame and the point method even i tried to use point vop but always there is something missing So can you guide me on this I did attached the file Directed.hip
  12. Distance between tow objects

    Thanks Atom & Boby that was relay helpful Yes Boby that what I was Looking for thank You
  13. Hi Am trying to get the distance between tow objects and use it as variable for a third object width so i was thinking to promote every object (( the targets )) position as an attribute and use the vop to get the distance and export it as an attribute and then feed it in expression at the third object width But unfortunately it didn't work am not sure if my method is fine or there is a better method I attached my hip file thanks in advance Distance.hip
  14. Hi am trying to make a character cloth sim here but am facing some problems as you can see in the image below i get intersect and sticking between the cloth and its self and the colliders as in the red circles while its had a good collision shell as you could see in the green circle and i cannot figure the reason i attached the file if this could help S14Cloth.hip
  15. Hi am new for houdini crowd solver am working on very sample scene but i get my crowd intersect each other how i could stop them from intersecting