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  1. take a look at Mantra ROP. there is a parameter called "off-screen quality" under Dicing tab. if you set that to 0, a displacement will not generate any new polygons on render time if the mesh is outside of the camera view. (still will be displaced though). if you want off screen polygons not to be considered at all in your displacement calculations you have to separate them to a different object and make it not perform a displacement.
  2. Currently, the most straightforward, fastest and human error resistant method for this is to create a separate ROP for the light and objects you wish to be affected (and create a preset out of it if you need to use it repeatedly). Alternatively, you can use Light linker. That's also really fast and easy, but drawback is it can't be shared between scenes, and if you bring in any new objects after you perform the light linking, it has to be reevaluated (which sucks). Light categories would be theoretically the best way, but right now, the implementation makes it useless (you have to manually add a Light selection parameter to every object in your scene to make it work). Let's hope it will get better in the future versions. As far as I know, it's not updated in H16.
  3. i don't know anything about cooling either but you don't need anything special I guess. or at least i don't even when rendering full throttle overnight i haven't ever noticed any overheating issue. sure, it can get pretty warm, but that's about it...
  4. i'm using laptop for houdini work quite often. it's not a problem, but I wouldn't consider anything smaller than 17", and external display is a must if you want to take it seriously few suggestions: avoid hp zbook. I own zbook g3 and I am not satisfied customer. hp seems to went down in manufacturing quality a lot in recent years. I'm going for dell next time. rather get xeon cpu than i7 if you can. it seems to perform better. don't save on RAM I've heard some people complaining about macbook not being great for houdini (on the other hand, many people are successfully using it) performance wise, I don't think there is any significant gap between laptop and regular pc. but it will cost you more for laptop being compact. also, hardware upgrades are limited with laptop (this is a biggest drawback to me)
  5. sure, yes, @id will help if you change topology afterwards and I agree it may become handy sometimes. once your initial model changes though (which is almost always, in a typical pipeline), it will all break .-/
  6. well, the attribute pattern or any pattern basically is one of the most common ways to define a group. the fact you can put it directly into a blast node is just a shortcut (which doesn't actually create a group, it will only run the operation on that pattern). to me it doesn't seem to be related to what are you trying to do (if I understand your question at all in your hip file, both ways to blast a selection are non-procedural. you are creating id attribute by ptnum so if the input model is changed, your id will change too. it's nothing more procedural than just typing in point numbers. you just have one more step in between...
  7. well first of all, if you delete something from viewport, it will always delete the element you have selected. so if you select points and hit delete it will yield in removing points by its numbers. if you select a group in the viewport and hit delete, it will delete the group by it's name (not points that are members). check the picture. but anyway i think you are mixing up groups and attributes. you start talking about groups and in the next sentence you are talking about an attribute. @attribute=10, as you mentioned in your example, is closest to an expression that assigns number 10 to an attribute. it's not a string, it's not a group, and you can't select anything this way. if you want to delete points that has 10 as a value of an attribute, you can delete by expression (as benjo mentioned) that will look like this: @attribute == 10 (that returns a boolean). but this is a completely different topic than groups.
  8. I don't think you can do exactly this (if I understand correctly what you want to do). you can blast the whole group, obviously, but there is no way to blast only some points in the group, without referring to @ptnum. what you can do is select points in the viewport, make a group out of them and then blast that group.
  9. this shader for proper bombing looks great! exactly what i was trying to do but haven't pushed it that far yet unfortunately it seems hip files there are crippled so I can't open it. bummer... .-/ helpful anyway.
  10. Some time ago, I managed to achieve this texture bombing thing with point clouds and slightly rewired uvtriplanar VOP, so you can instance your texture onto points in the point cloud and the projection will be correctly oriented against the normal (depends how far uv triplanar can push it - it's not great but may be fine in many cases). and it doesn't need uvs. I'm pretty sure there is much more elegant way how to do this, but anyway, check the hip file if you care. above implementation looks nice. the code is a bit over my head but maybe I will be able to steal some nice ideas, thanks texture_scattering.hiplc
  11. marty: that sounds good. I was working remotely for couple of years too but all the management around the actual work was killing me and I felt like getting good clients/projects was really difficult. It had some benefits working this way but overally I'm happier at the company I guess. My GF is now trying to go freelance, and again it seems to be very hard to acquire a good/reliable clients that won't keep giving you a crap work to do .-/
  12. marty: oh yeah? how it goes? what kind of work are you doing? are you working mostly for big or small studios? are you more in games or vfx? if you don't mind me asking...
  13. probably a very few people I guess. as far as I know, studios aren't very keen about hiring remote people in general (at least for film/tv work, and it's mostly for good reasons).
  14. as far as I can see all points in your model are topologicaly connected. so that wouldn't help you really. also, I don't understand the purpose of using attribute transfer here. anyway, if you already have a front face extrusion group, try turning that into an attribute (in wrangle SOP or pointVOP or attribCreate SOP). then blur it enough so nearby points get infected (Smooth SOP) and then create another group out of that (group SOP). and you're done I guess.
  15. I'm using Houdini for texturing a lot (I'm not in gaming industry though). what is it you like to know?