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  1. Allocation memory problem

    well, it seems like you've got insufficient memory. a good way to solve the problem is to add more memory cheers
  2. copy to points

    what you can do is to create a group of template points where you want to have doors (by bounding box for instance). then based on group membership, override the attribute number you've created before for windows (so that all the door template points have the same number). then if the attribute number is the one you've generated for the doors, pick a door shape instead of window. that's in short how i'd go about it.
  3. UV unwrap without holes

    you can use AutoUV SOP from GameDev toolset. does extremely good job. check out the video: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-game-dev-tools-auto-uvs/
  4. Under water Lighting & rendering

    you can use zdepth in compositing to create sort of fog effect but you won't get light rays that way. creating volume box is really easy thou, you don't need an fx artist for that. just drop a box in your scene, turn it to volume and render with uniform volume material.
  5. Under water Lighting & rendering

    hi, rather than using volume lights I find it more efficient/user friendly to fill a scene with volume fog and render that as a separate pass. otherwise there is nothing much different from lighting point of view. it's mainly the fog and caustic projection that makes it look underwater.
  6. Limit one parameter using another?

    you can simply clamp param2 by param1, can't you? @param1 = 0.2; //0.2 being value you want to clamp to but it can be anything @param2 = clamp(@param2, 0, @param1);
  7. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    oh i see, didn't thought about this if you have an expression in the shader parameter it must be promoted to the top level. you can change a name of the parameter either in the shader (if you select the promoted parameter node) or if you go to Edit parameter interface on the top level.
  8. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    i duuno, if youre on frame 1001 and the texture is called "something_1001.png", then "something_$F4.png" should work. if it can't be reached Houdini doesn't default anything, it just evaluates the expression which, in your case does not give the correct result. (sorry cant have a look at your hip file right now) just a thought but sometimes you have to force the expression evaluation by backticks: "something_`$F4`.png"
  9. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    pink means the specified file/path couldn't be found. check the console (windows) or terminal (linux) for errors. hard to be more specific without inspecting the scene.
  10. Hi, having different passes is the way to go. currently, i don't think there is more straightforward way to do such a thing (in Mantra). Objects can be excluded from casting or receiving shadows but that always work globally for all objects in the scene. you would have do some shader coding for what you want (as you figured out yourself).
  11. Need help with simple string manipulation

    the problem is that you cant have a string in a float attribute. floats can only be numbers.
  12. Hey, 1. uv_texture_SOP can do any basic kind of uv projection. you're probably looking for planar or camera projection 2. load a texture into any kind of material (principled and classic are sort of standard ones) 3. apply the material to the object (just drag and drop the material node) done. cheers.
  13. Substance SHOP to Material

    hey, I don't think you can do anything else with it than dial exposed parameters and render. it only works under quite specific conditions, and in general the plugin is not that great as everybody hopes for shame. not sure if there weren't any major updates lately but I don't think so.
  14. exporting emission texture to vex variable

    to get emission channel you can select Combined emission to be exported. however, for custom shading/texturing and aov workflow you want to use material builder. not just a precompiled shader node which doesn't really offer anything other than very basic features. aovs can be exported using bind_export_VOP (inside material builder).
  15. i dont think there is a straightforward way to do that right now, unfortunately.