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  1. Baking Indirect Illumination

    hi, well baking lighting is actually very easy but not that straightforward as some essential parameters are not exposed in texturebake ROP (for who the hell knows the reason). i think the issue are two things in your case: 1) there is option to Disable Lighting/Emission in Baking tab on texturebake ROP which is on by default. that obviously needs to be off to be able to get any lighting information. After that you should see direct lighting in your main channel. 2) for indirect pass you have to actually add Limits tab to be able to control indirect rays contribution and bounces (thats the one which is not exposed). You can do that by going to Edit Rendering Parameters (little gear icon in top right corner of the parameters window) and filtering your search to "limits". then just add the whole tab by drag n dropping or by arrow icon. then there should appear a new tab Limits on your ROP where you can specify bounces (default is 0, that's why it was black). then you obviously gonna want to separate indirect light pass and you can do that in Images>Main tab where you can add Extra Image Panes and specify indirect lighting pass from drop down list. check the file attached if you still feeling lost cheers, D. bake_indirect.hiplc
  2. check out this video... around min 14. cheers
  3. Speedtree to Houdini leaf instancing?

    i was using elongated triangles as a mesh for leaves in speed tree, from this shape it was quite easy to figure out pointing direction for individual leaves in houdini and replacing it with whatever shape. i may get to showing a simple example later...
  4. Attribute blur in shader

    aha ok, i didn't know about this trick. it still is too clumsy thou, as there are some not obvious steps you have to make in order to get the shader working. as a random user, you'd probably ended up thinking it's broken. that's why i hope to find some fully inside-shader solution. i know gather() should do it but couldn't find good enough examples how to use it. there is a picture attached of what i am trying to do. the shader is generating sort of a weathering mask that is otherwise pain to do for large assets. this is one of the tools for texture artists that mostly don't know houdini, so i'm trying do do something very easy to use. i got what i want, mostly, only with the inconvenience of having to generate an input data in SOPs, which is, i am afraid, still too much of a hassle for non-houdini people. anyways, thanks for your effort and suggestions, toadstorm
  5. Attribute blur in shader

    are you sure op: syntax for point clouds work in shader? i mean, that would be great but i'm pretty sure you can't do that (and also it didn't work when i tried btw i don't care for ifd, this is supposed to be rendered on local machines only
  6. Attribute blur in shader

    yeah that is also an option. but it's not what i want, unfortunately. i am looking for a solution that needs no external data.
  7. Attribute blur in shader

    Hey guys, i'm working on shader HDA and I'd appreciate some help. I'm using geometry normals that needs to be blurred. I can easily do that in SOP (see the pic - @N.y on left, attribute blur on right) and bind into the shader but I'd like to blur the attribute in shader for convenience reasons. Any thoughts? Pretty sure it could be done with gather VOP but can't figure it out... thanks.
  8. search and check for UV's in scene

    ...or in vertex wrangle: i@hasuv = 0; float test = max(uv); if(test >0) {@hasuv = 1;} that should generate and attribute with values 0 for vertices with no uvs and 1 for verts with uvs. if you promote to primitive you can isolate polygons.
  9. Gamedev Simple Baker

    hm that sucks... i'm on older 1.8. but hey, i guess you should be able to install multiple versions and use an asset definition from older release for broken tools (in Operator Type Manager > Switch to definition, in dropdown menu you should see a list of all installed releases). it's a bit hassle but at least you can get it working. btw. right now I noticed there is already new 1.12 up so maybe they've got it fixed. couldn't find any changelog thou so hard to say
  10. Gamedev Simple Baker

    youre welcome. whats the issue with auto uv? works fine for me...
  11. Gamedev Simple Baker

    you want to render baker ROP in outputs btw, not the one in SOP (i have never used that)
  12. Gamedev Simple Baker

    well, you setup is basically all good, only BOTH lowres and hires mesh must have display flag ON... that's a nasty gotcha :/ don't see any lines in my renders btw. the file is attached, just for case... cheers. bake_response.hiplc
  13. displace on XZ plane

    something like this? check out the hipfile in attachment. cheers. displace_xz.hiplc
  14. Gamedev Simple Baker

    yes, those two are the same thing, game dev baker just have reworked interface plus some minor changes. it's supposed to be more intuitive but i don't think so. default baker works just fine, post a hipfile if you care, maybe i can take a look at it.