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  1. VDB Landscape With Train Tracks

    Yeah they were. I would love to upgrade to H16 however the OS we're on at the office does not support it so unfortunately I'm stuck on H15 until we can do the OS upgrade or even better switch over to a PC shop. I would've loved to have started this from the beginning with the terrain tools if they were available in 15.
  2. VDB Landscape With Train Tracks

    Thanks for your reply Atom. I’m on H15 still at the office so I’ll see if I can modify that height field setup to work. Not sure if that file is totally dependent on H16 or not.
  3. Hello, I have a problem that I'm not really even sure how to articulate. I have created a fog volume using VDB from particles and this will be used to create a landscape that looks like snow. I also have a train track made out of basic polygons and the idea is that the tracks are on top of the landscape and where the tracks meet the landscape the volume should flatten out so it looks like the tracks were laid directly on top. I want the landscape to plateau where it meets the tracks. I have explored converting the volume to a polygon, using an attribute transfer to create color information that can be transferred from the tracks to the landscape, I tried sculpting as well, but I'm coming up against a wall with my houdini knowledge. Does anyone have any ideas? I've attached a scene file. Thank you so much. tracks_example.hip
  4. Object Displacement

    Hello, I'm attempting to recreate something similar to the reference geo in this link: I'm using a tube and then painting where I want my displacement but I'm not happy with the results as it isn't really resembling the reference image. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a different way to approach this? Thanks for taking a look. disp_geo_js_v01.hip
  5. Smoke Density Driven By Velocity

    Hello! I was working on a basic smoke sim where the smoke was being emitted from animated type-geo. I computed the velocity of the geo with a trail, then plugged that into the fluid source to create the density for the smoke sim. That is all working fine as you can see in the render. However, I'm not happy with how the smoke just appears all at once. In other sims I've used an attribute wrangle to map the density to a ramp and have the density fade in but in this case I want the smoke density only to be generated when the velocity starts to increase. I played around with trying to get the velocity data out of VOPs but I really was just taking stabs in the dark. Any suggestions would be appreciated. smoke_test_v02.mp4 text.abc smoke_density_v01b (1).hipnc
  6. Destruction UV Pass

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a destruction project where I need to isolate the front faces of bricks in a bullet sim so that I can export out a UV pass of only the front face to use in compositing. I know how to setup Mantra to export out an overall UV pass but I'm not sure how to isolate only the front faces of my bricks geo in the UV pass.
  7. Hello, I'm doing a simulation where a car drives through a brick wall. The scene will eventually be imported via alembic into C4D for texturing and rendering so here is where I'm getting stuck: I imported the car as an obj, cleaned it, converted it to polysoup, made a low res proxy (using the ray sop) for simulation, and then after I get the sim the way I want I export the point data of the sim and then use transform pieces and connect the high resolution car. However, I'm not sure how to export the car with selection tags for texturing individual parts of the geo in C4D. I'm using alembic to export from Houdini to C4D. It seems like once I convert the car to regular polygon mesh, all the individual pieces of the car fall apart in the sim. I would use an HDA and the C4D Houdini Engine but we are on R16 at work and will not have R17 available to us for this project. Is there a way to save out texture tags in the polygon soup so that when I save the alembic file they are baked in? Any ideas are welcome! sim_example_js_v01.hipnc
  8. Sliding Fluid Particles w/ Alembic

    So I applied what you were saying to the actual scene I'm working on but i'm getting the same sliding results. I don't know if the workflow needs to be different in this case but i followed the same idea. I created the geometry in C4D, imported as Load Houdini Geometry, added a Polycap but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. any ideas? fluid_scene.zip
  9. Sliding Fluid Particles w/ Alembic

    That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for the file! Question, what is the purpose of the group node inside the alembic_test_geo node? I see that the polycap is referencing it but I don't really understand why it needs to be there.
  10. Sliding Fluid Particles w/ Alembic

    So I created some simple geometry in C4D, saved out as alembic and imported into Houdini. I created a very simple viscous fluid but when the particles hit the surface of my geometry they slide all over the place. In the same scene with the same particle sim I created a box inside Houdini, made that a collider, and the particles hit the surface of the box and don't slide, they act like I want with the viscosity settings and all. I'm not sure if I'm missing something with the way I'm importing the alembic or if it's a normals issue, scaling issue, etc. I attached the scene file if anyone would be so kind to take a look. Thanks! alembic_particles.zip
  11. H14 Pyro Division Size Issue

    Interesting, I have 64gb of ram. Do I need to reset something before I start a higher res sim?
  12. H14 Pyro Division Size Issue

    Hello! I am doing a very simple smoke sim using the billowy smoke shelf tool. I was able to get my sim close to what I wanted using a division size of .05 but then when I switched it to .02 to cache the simulation stopped completely and the smoke doesn't rise at all. I did some research and it seems that in previous versions of Houdini upresing was the fix but I was under the impression that you didn't need to do that in H14. Any ideas? Thanks! HD_smoke_Flash_v01.hip
  13. Hey all, I exported out an alembic scene from C4D, imported into Houdini, made the proper scale adjustments and everything looks as it should. However, when I go to render in Mantra, I select the imported camera in my alembic scene and the preview is completely black. When I add a Houdini camera and render the scene looks as if it should but the alembic camera will not show up in the render. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. Footprints In Live Action Footage

    Hello! I'm a total newbie to Houdini, my background is design, live-action directing, but I'm really wanting to learn Houdini and hopefully implement it in my work. This is the effect I'm wanting to achieve, only take out the character, the footsteps appear by themselves but with the same displacement, snow clumping effect etc:https://youtu.be/9H1gRQ6S7gg?t=3m30s Except I want to shoot actual footage, create the footsteps effect, then composite it back into the live action footage. I've been messing around with wet grains, using various pieces of geometry to displace them but I'm not really achieving the results like in this video. Also, I'm not sure if wet grains is the best way to go about it, perhaps animating a displacement map would be better, then using grains to add to the effect. Thanks for reading and for any help! Any advice is absolutely welcome!