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  1. If you connect Transform SOP to Prev_Frame, It scales Linearly. linear_scale.hipnc
  2. @martinkindl83 Thank you Martin for verifying this! It is a problem that arises when I use a newly added cut-point as an inner point. The problem was avoided by checking the inner line again. DissolveInside_sy_fixnestedline.hipnc @toadstorm I also like your way.
  3. Intersection Analysis Sop can get good results when used with Intersection Stitch Sop. DissolveInside_sy.hipnc
  4. lightning growth

    Your geometry is not connected, First I tried connecting each pieces. Next, slim the trunk and find the distance from start point. And cut geometry using that distance attribute. lightning_Grow_sy.hipnc
  5. Wall generation from wireframes

    I challenged wall generation. maze_sy.hiplc
  6. Distance on Mesh

    It is now possible to get surface distance from the softselection with the new function of H16.5! geodesic_distance_softsel.hiplc
  7. I tried sorting with VEX. sy_sort_points_along_edge_group.hiplc
  8. U coordinate on closed prim

    I think primuvconvert function will be helpful for intrinsic uv attribute. An example of code to get relative distance between the vertices. // Run Over -> Points int prim; vector uv; xyzdist(0, @P, prim, uv); int mode = 4; // PRIMUV_UNIT_TO_UNITLEN u@uv_profile = primuvconvert(@OpInput1, set(uv.x, 0.0), prim, mode);
  9. Golf Ball

    Bevel and Inset. golfball.hiplc