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  1. Hey squardis, This topic may help you http://forums.odforce.net/topic/21991-flip-with-bullet-interaction/ I did something similar and I didnt remenber using the multisolver. Usually the feedback scale should do the trick.
  2. Hi sorry for the delay i was really busy. However i still not figure out how to track fast object in my case. I've set another simple scene file up and this time i've included the object reference. Basically the plane is falling and one of the wings emit fire. I've created a box and parented it to get the motion of the plane Thanks TestFile.zip
  3. Hi everyone ! Im learning Houdini and i try to achieve a smoke sim too. And i had the same problem as Swapniel16 i tried all the different method and the container keep losing the object. I don't know what to do.... i tried to increase the padding it doesn't help. May anyone explain to me what did i do wrong ! Here my scene filesceneSetup.zip