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  1. @Skybar Yes! This is much better haha I was going stupid way, thanks!
  2. Hi Try to use this shelf tool to make a chain of multiple VDB combine nodes by selecting & clicking once. Select multiple VDBs. Execute this script. selected_nodes = hou.selectedNodes() vdbcombines = [] for x, node in enumerate(selected_nodes): if x < len(selected_nodes)-1: vdbcombine = node.createOutputNode('vdbcombine') vdbcombine.setNextInput(selected_nodes[x+1]) vdbcombine.setParms({'operation':'add'}) vdbcombines.append(vdbcombine) for x, vdbcombine in enumerate(vdbcombines): if x < len(vdbcombines)-1: vdbcombine.setInput(1, vdbcombines[x+1])
  3. Found this in 2017. This now works pretty well. Thanks.