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  1. Hej guys , i was looking for an option to add costume velocity fields to a grain solver. I a a tutorial, but it did not work for grains. Does anyone has a tip to do it with grains? best jack
  2. anybody still have an idea? i found a better example for this:
  3. Hi guys, is it possible to use animated contraints with Fem? I was trying to contraints the head of the 2 tubes (image) to an rotating cube, so that both tubes are winding together like a rope. With fem targets geo i had no luck. :-( Is this possible? best jack
  4. yes i was thinking about this - but i'm not sure how to animate that in sop-level so that it looks like this: bend deformer does not working i think.
  5. up.
  6. Hello guys, i was trying to add a rdb-collider to a cloth animation...without luck. Is it possible to combine both so that hej interact physical correct? best
  7. Hello guys, I have a cloth object and addet a target object in the DOP Network. Is it possible to control the transformation to the target-object ( Target Stiffness) with a animated noise? Best ;-)
  8. Thank you this is working...but not with an animated noise. Do you know if this is possible too?
  9. Hello guys, i am playing around with crowds in houdini. I wanted to achieve, that my crowdsource people are placed in a circle around a specific object - and all faces have to look at the object. Does anyone know how to do that?
  10. Hmm, no no chance to get ist working. I also try the self tool "look at". The people are not looking at my object. ..hmm
  11. Does anyone know how to setup a vdb morph with the " vdbmorphsdf "- NODE and a mask? Never got it working. Best
  12. Hello guys, i am playing with crowds in h16. I have 2 states: one standing and one walking state. The problem: when i am blending from the walk to the stand state, the chraracters still moving forward. How can i kill the velocity of the stand-state? Best jack
  13. Hello guys, is it possible to transfer Points UVs to Primitiv uvs? I have Grain Particles with Point UVs ...now i wanted to transfer the UV information from the Points to Primitivs (Surface) so that i can export an alembic to C4D. I tried Attribute Promote..but the uvs are not correct afterwards.
  14. Hello guys, i have a a object filed by a grain source. My problem write now: How i can apply gravity (with popforce) only to particles which reach a specific speed/velocity? best
  15. Hello guys i have a polygon-selection as a group (picture a ). Now i wanted to smooth out the polygon-selection so that the points i get a nice circle shape (picture c) . When i try so smooth the group with a smooth-sop, i get something like in "picture b". Does anyone has a good approach?
  16. Hello guys, i wanted to open my FEM-Setup-File which was created in H15.5 , with the new H16. Now H16 showes me some problems with this setup. Does anyone knows where the problem comes from? best
  17. Hello, i added a simple Spline und copied some rectangels on it. (PICTURE 1) Now i wanted to blend the normals, so that the bottom rectangels always have the direction of the ground (PICTURE 2) Does anyone know how i can do this? i posted my hip file aswell best spline.hipnc
  18. wow - really cool - is there also a way to define the falloff? @konstantin magnus
  19. Hello guys - does anyone know how to build an procedural walk rig or have some tips to how to get something like this? best
  20. Thank you very much guys, i followed this tutorial - but i had some problems to rebuild it. Could be a version problem between H11 und H15. @rich_lord is your setup working in H15? best
  21. Hello guys, i copying geo on a spline und control the scale of the copied pieces with a ramp. (picture 1) Now i wanted transform each piece to the "ground" - the bottom border of each peace, should be at the same height. (picture 2) How i could do that? best! copy_222.hipnc
  22. awesome works - is there also a possibility to control the rotation of "each" piece with a ramp?
  23. Hello guys, i have a simple setup with an dop network. For some reasons i lose my normals? (not sure) when my geometry is calculated over the dopnet. I wanted o copy some tubes on the "big tentacles" but the copied cubes did copying in the normals direction. Picture 1: wrong normal direction after dopnet Picture 2: right - i want to achieve this i uploaded my file here swell best