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  1. Its small, yes, but why did the first layer of flip caramel sim absolutely correct? If I let this chocolate layer collide with the bisquit it works fine again. Its something about the fluid collision layer. I'm trying to recreate this sim I did with realflow some time ago. So one layer of caramell and one of chocolate I add the file if that helps. untitled.hiplc
  2. The first flip solver isn't active because of the switch node. It just simulated the first layer of caramell.
  3. Hey, I do have a little problem with flip collisions. I'm simulating a layer of caramel on top of which I want to add a layer of chocolate. The mesh of the first layer I converted to a deforming object. Collision volume and everything looks just fine. Unfortunately flip is going crazy when it touches this surface.
  4. Hi there, is it possible to let Mantra only calculate displacement on areas where the camera looks at? I'm working with very huge oceans.
  5. Another question: how would you give out a velocity aov? Same technique? Following the houdini help section the velblur node needs the velocity from the velocity plane. Is this the motion vector? Because I can't get any result with the outputted motion vector.
  6. lol, I give up. Mantra isn't crashing but the motion vector I'm getting is rather ribbish. COULD be a little easier to get the motion pass..
  7. lol, I give up. Mantra isn't crashing but the motion vector I'm getting is rather rubbish. COULD be a little easier to get the motion pass..
  8. It seems to be working now.
  9. I did copy the null node too but the error message remains
  10. Thanks. It works in this file. Tried to port this to my main file but getting some error messages
  11. I've done it now but it still isn't working
  12. So here is a simplified version. Maybe you can get this to work. motionvector.hiplc
  13. Hi there, I'm having a hard time exporting some motion vectors out of Mantra. I used a method that was described in this forum. Two get blur nodes, one set to 0 and the other one to 1. Subtracted them and piped into a custom direction vector attribute which I used to render out an image plane in Mantra. Unfortunately I'm not getting any motion vector in the exr file. The image plane is black and when trying to use it with a vector blur in Nuke or a velocity blur in Houdini's comp area nothing happens.
  14. Still an animated chain missing though
  15. And a little animation: