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  1. So here is a pretty early test render without sails. It took so freaking long to setup the ship for texturing. Aweful pre grouping. Anyway, already doubled the particles to 50 million. The mesh wasn't that detailed.
  2. So somehow I dig get a somewhat working collision object. I think I made a two times conversion (vdb, polygons, vdb, polygons) and then also used the shelf tool for deforming collision objects. So actually three times. All in all it probably it would have been faster if I just did a retopo. Funny, because I did something like this 10 months ago with this free model and didn't met any problems regarding collisions. Just the cloth sim was very terrible and most of its terribleness is hided due to haze etc untitled.mp4
  3. Yep. I had a free model that was much more user friendly. In this case I have got a lot of unconnected parts which also are just flat planes.
  4. Actually me too There are a lot of ropes but I guess turning them all into wires would make me go crazy. Btw. there still was some flip leaking in the later frames. Seemed to be due to the fact that the ship was just a shell, so it had no thickness. Not that good for a vdb conversion. Didn't see that at first so I just had to knit, polyextrude etc. Hope this pass will work fine now.
  5. I'm using this technique for more than a year now and it actually works really good. I don't want a simple hull representation of the ship. That might work for a speed boat or other simples shaped objects but when you got a lot of detail in front of a ship and you make a close up shot it just looks better when the water leaks through fine structures. Or do you know a better way of acieving this? I think to use polygon collision is even worse. "No reason why the saved version of the bgeo and the live version vdb creation shouldn't work." Well, I know there is no logical reason but thats how it is atm When I use the live vdb version the flip collision gets mad. The saved one miracilly works totally fine. The whole sim is already done without any problems.
  6. Strange, I tried to load the saved version too and it seems to work better. It actually should be the exact same volume.
  7. So here is the collision volume. Maybe you guys are able to make something usefull out of it. coll.rar
  8. AAh, its not working. No matter wheter I use the surface polygons for collisions or any kind of volume.
  9. Its not working this time I really don't know why the flip object is producing such shitty results when the volume itself is pretty good.
  10. Well, its quite fast and I get very detailed collision guides without tons of polygons. Also the guide itself only needs to get calculated once not every frame.
  11. I actually did this proxy thing. Its so strange, because I used the same setup for an other equal sized ship model. I don't know why flip isn't willing to cooperate this time. I'll give it a try with the deforming object.
  12. Thats the vdb collision cvolume I created
  13. Unfortunately that doesn't help. The collision volumes the flip object is creating are a mess. Second image shows the collision guide for the static object, the first one for the flip object.
  14. Hi there, I've got some strange problems with the collision volumes in flip. The static object itself shows a clean, closed volume; the flip object on the other hand shows me a mess. Nothing is closed, the collision volume seems to be made of stripes. How does this discrepancy between static object and flip object happen regarding collisions? Actually the flip particles are floating inside the object. Got a new ship model and obviously some diffuculties making it work I also tried to use for each loops to convert each single object the shi is made of into volumes in order to merge them together insteat of turning the whole thing into a volume at once.
  15. Hey, I've got a very basic question regarding the payment of VFX work. Mainly I work for an advertising agency, so I usually don't sell vfx. However I got a request to do something I'm showing on my vimeo page. What would be an appropriate pricing for such scenes? Probably a bit more elaborated. E.g.: or: