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  1. Hey, Got a little question regarding the advecten of large scale volumes like clouds. They won't have much of a directional movement but this typical billowing. I build a setup that takes the surface field and places some cross product swirls right under the surface, adjust the noise frequency depending on the depth and also the amp etc... but it's still not convincing me. Do you have an idea how to realize this in an efficient way? Cheers!
  2. Slowing down fluid dynamically

    Okay, works exactly like I thought. Got it!
  3. Slowing down fluid dynamically

    Hey guys, I have a Little question: what would be the easiest way to retime a fluid dynamically? So there is a timewarp node but I want a fluid to slow down on a certain Frame and then move on in the normal Speed. So probably Need a timrshift too and Switch to the correct retimed Version. Sry, could figure it out by myself but there's quite some stress atm with other parts of the Project : /
  4. Cofe with foam/bubbles on top

    Hey, I have to to some fluid stuff for a cofe. It needs to have some cream/foam/bubbles on top. It shall run in from the top of the glas and generate that stuff on top. Pretty tough deadline. Any ideas on how to approach this in an efficiant way? Maybe using the surface field and change the chading on top depending on the distance? Any tipps are appreciated
  5. Partial collision detection

    hey, little problem here. I have a piece of cloth made out of grains. Its colliding with an object. Here I use a collision detection in combination with a collision behaviour. The collision detection shall only detect a few polygons of the whole object to stop the motion there. Referencint the polys in dops. Its giving me a correct collision guide but during the sim it keeps ignoring it. Insteat it freezes the grains along the whole 'main collision object'. So that are the areas to collide with, just a few squares.
  6. Look inside the exampple files for "spinning flip collision" or so. Its causing an emission in dependency of the velocity
  7. Grains morph target geometry

    Hey, how would you go about transporming the target geo in something different without having the grain solver go crazy? So not just a transform, shuld be a different kind of geo. Also with intact constraints.
  8. Activation expression

    Nope, unfortunately still not working if(($FF<225, 1, 0)) if($FF)<225, 1, 0 if $FF<225, 1, 0 if$FF<225, 1, 0 None of them, its only returning 0
  9. Hey, I got a really stupid question but I can't get it to work ATM. I want to put an expression in e.g. a fluid source node in dops. Something like "if($FF)<225, 1, 0)". So when smaller than frame 225 take 1, else 0 (or another expression like a sin curve). What am I missing here?
  10. Ugly artefacts

    omg, I had to adjust the raytracing bias on the rop
  11. Ugly artefacts

    Hey, got a pretty annoying problem. A certain area of my ocean always gets some artefacts. The dark area isn't responding to AA blur, geometry input etc. Rght behind that its okay again. ANY idea whats the problem here?
  12. OBJ Import Material Links

    OK, got it
  13. OBJ Import Material Links

    Anyway, I can do it like this. But another problem: I can't merge all resulting material node together for rendering. This is causing shading errors. I can display one material at a time and render the whole thing with proper material assignment on one set of primitives. As soon as I try to merge two material nodes together…shading issues. I need to blast the primitives depending on their group. So how can I blast them based on this selection expression? @shop_materialpath=="/shop/Cruiseship_cleanup_v003_rpr:Glas_Grey_DisplaySG"
  14. OBJ Import Material Links

    ATM I have to use the "@shop_materialpath==..." eypression which is handier than selecting every object but I still have to write out lots of material names and then create them manually. No idea of python
  15. OBJ Import Material Links

    I didn't ask for an OBJ but the fbx seems to be corrupted. Well, I'll see.