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  1. Nice, so no x99-A "II" just the plain old one? I Got that too with an 6950X @ 4GHZ and 64 GB. Thought this was the limit. 4x16 GB sticks. So is it possible to just put another 4 stcks into that case?
  2. Hey, can anybody tell me where I have to write this line "HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICENUMBER=1" in order to force houdini to use my second GPU and not the one plugged to the display? Its not doing anything when I pase this into the houdini.env file.
  3. Hey there, I'm trying to manipulate my whitewater a bit since the scene is taking place on some turbulent ocean. So I want to apply noise on certain conditions. One is age the other should be the distance to the surface field. Without any distance my particles which are pretty close to the water surface are quite jiggly. So if in the air, apply noise. Unfortunately its not working that well. Is the surface field recognized withing the popvop? Withing the dop flip context its accessable pretty easy. Any hints maybe?
  4. Ah, okay, I don't need an anctive value sop when I already transferred active values to the packed geo. Finally working.
  5. Do you have an example file? That doesn't work here. I also deactivated packed geo but still isn't working.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to implement an old trick I used several times with older versions of houdini. Just trying to transfer a color attribute to some points placed in the center of the fractures pieces to use it as an active value in the dop network. Unfortunately nothings happenning. Some idea what could be wrong here?
  7. Hey, I want to have some points which are generated with a points from volume sop to have a fixes position when the object is animated. I know how to do this with the scatter sop (timeshift and attribute interpolate) but not how this works with a pfv. Any suggestions?
  8. Thats in geo level. What about object level?
  9. Hey, a simple question here: how can I move an object to the pivot or a pivot to the center of an object; or an object to the center of the world? Got a case where the ship as well as the pivot are off. I need them both at the same place on object level.
  10. Hey there,some problems with the guided ocean thingy here. So it actually isn't following the ocean surface after a while. Getting pretty flat. Any idea why thats happenning?Starts with a pretty good match but then leafes the shape. Nothing special done with the setup, its pretty basic. tank around 40*60m large.
  11. Hey, I have to work a a pretty huge ship szene. Unfortunately I can't really give out the spectrum file or the masks because during the baking process all my memory gets eaten up (64 GB) what ends in a crash. So we are talking about a test situation with only 1 million flip particles. I also decreased the mask resolution to 0,1 and tried ‘use input volumes only’. The flip domain itself is very huge (400-600 m).So how could I save some memory during this process or even make it work at all?
  12. Hey there, any idea why the depth channel is behaving funky at the foam area?
  13. Is this compatible with H16 or only 13?
  14. Hey,I know the theory behind aces but could need some practical advice on how to use it with houdini. Does anyone have some experience with it already?
  15. Hey, whats that thing with hdri maps in houdini? They always look ugly. one side is heavily overexposed and the other side too dark. Doesnt really matter if I use .hdr, rat or exr files. How the hell is it ossible to correctly light with hdrs in houdini?This image is lit with this hdr: https://cg-source.com/details_hdrisky.php?id=0066-01&pricat=sky