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  1. @rreno mine was just for the OP specific case
  2. or just use a point wrangle with this: v@center = set(0,0,0); v@N = v@center - v@P;
  3. it isn't censorship if it's a closed Beta. All those who currently have access to H16 have made very specific agreements not to disclose any information about it publicly. The fact that SideFX offers daily builds of Houdini makes it, in effect, a constant open beta - and means that users can get bug fixes and new features sometimes within a day or two of reporting them. When a new version is being prepared for public release I don't think it's too much to ask to be given the courtesy of releasing it the way SideFX wants to.
  4. not that I've ever seen there might be one at a studio somewhere but not for sale.
  5. I love the grabby eaty things at 2:00
  6. Are you using Houdini for your rigging? doesn't matter if you're not, just wondering
  7. ah ha! I love being right...it happens so rarely
  8. without seeing the assets it's hard to say - but my first guess is that the custom parameters are actually spare parameters - I'd check that first.
  9. not sure... pinned panes are designed to prevent them from changing...you may get it to work by finding a pane that isn't pinned...
  10. your code works for me do you have any pinned panes?
  11. H16 will start to address the lack of character tools/tutorials in Houdini.
  12. this is covered in the documentation: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/statement
  13. "amc" is the Acclaim format.