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  1. Dynamic RBD - Houdini to Unreal

    Would anyone know how to pre-fracture geometry in houdini, bring it into unreal engine and have it be dynamic (responsive to real-time collisions)? I know unreal has a way to do it and be dynamic, but Im wanting to be able to art direct from houdini for the area where my collision will happen in the level. I have already tried pre-fracturing with voronoi and exporting as alembic and fbx but no dice. Just wanted to see if anyone had a solution to this. Any ideas?
  2. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    Hey all, I am trying to import my OTL into UE4 using 15.5 (NC) using this tutorial here and when i get to the part where i bring the asset into the UE4 project all i get is the Houdini logo in the viewport. I can move the asset around but it never updates to what my asset is (a test building). Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?
  3. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    turns out you need to have Houdini Indie in order to bring in otls from houdini to unreal
  4. Houdini FX Artist - Available

    I am currently available for Visual Effects work. Please contact me at: jameshadkins@me.com
  5. hey all, Ubuntu newbie here, I keep getting this error when i launch H16 with Ubuntu 16.04. (please see attached pic) Coincidentally when i try to render anything or do a flipbook (of even just a sphere) the screen fades to super dark, not all the way black for a few minutes then resumes the session with no render, or flipbook. I can play in the viewport just fine, and i can render with the IPR but the above does not work. Also I have no clue how to setup my save files on Ubuntu, i have a second HDD for houdini stuff specifically and I have no idea how to navigate to it for saves. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. Houdini FX Artist - James Adkins

    Hello, I'm James Adkins. Currently available for Houdini FX work. Please DM or email me(jameshadkins@me.com) for my demo reel password as the work in this reel is still under NDA. I have attached my CV as well, if there are any questions please let me know. jamesAdkins_resume_feb2017.pdf
  7. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    yes i am using apprentice. I you're right and that it might be that, which kinda sucks but i get it. Awesome! thank you so much for the help LaidLawFX! Ill let you know if i get it sorted out with this new info!
  8. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    Any progress with testing? I'm still getting the same result
  9. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    Its all good, thanks for testing it!
  10. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    I am using Houdini version 15.5.673 Unreal Engine 4.14.0 and the HDA is just a few boxes with no promoted attributes. JayAims_buildingTEST.hdanc
  11. particle "beam"

    Hello Houdini Masters! I'm having trouble with finding a starting point for creating a beam of energy being shot out of the barrel of a weapon. I haven't worked with particles much, but I don't really understand how all those particles become something so clean as a solid beam of "energy". I have some reference as to what i would want the beam to look like: (lilo & stich - the green ray from Jumba's gun): (WoW: Legion trailer - Sylvanas's arrows she's shooting) If anyone has any links to tutorials, articles explaining the process for this, or has any first hand experience working with partcles/"energy"beams your help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. particle "beam"

    I think that one may have been a bad example. something more like this green beam from the spear
  13. emit smoke when rbd hits the ground plane

    Roberto would you mind posting a HIP file still? This is something im trying to implement but am having the same problem. Thanks!
  14. Hello VFX wizards! I am trying to render out a sim with an RBD alembic animation from maya inside my houdini smoke sim. I can render the scene just fine but my question is with object contributions. in lights you can add contributions that basically layer the exr file with direct lighting, indirect lighting, C, ect, for each light. Can you do this with objects as well? Because in my shot the object swirls around the smoke and has the smoke visible in front of and behind it. I want to be able to essentially render out the RBD object that is spinning as a silhouette on its own layer that comp can add the actual textured object into nuke but still have it in the center of my sim. Is this possible in houdini? *see attached for the LQ take of the shot* smokeRender.v3_LQ.mov
  15. I understood every word of this. lol. Sorry just excited that im understanding the lingo of Houdini! Alright! ill put this into use! Thanks Tomas!
  16. Hello All! So I am importing an alembic file from Maya with animation into Houdini. I want to have this object interact with my pyro smoke sim as a RBD but when i set up the cache to be the RBD object it disappears from the viewport and the sim remains unchanged. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
  17. YES! sorry for the late response. I got it working. The imported abc file was already working with the smoke sim. I think i just had to reset the simulation. Thanks!
  18. I have already tried using the convert SOP and i still get the same results. See attached scene file. testLulz.v2.hipnc
  19. Hello fellow VFX-ers! I am experimenting with fluid sims to create a waterfall. I have done up to creating a particle emitter with a static landscape RBD, but I keep seeing the fluid simulation passing through the static geo. Am I doing something wrong? Oh, and as far as adding the whitewater part of this simulation, since its houdini 15 what is the next step in this process? selecting the flipfluidobject SOP in the autoDop? Any help would be great! Please see attached .hip file waterfallBigger.hipnc
  20. Waterfall questions with adding Whitewater

    If anyone is interested in what i used this for here is a link to the video. Thanks for your help everyone!
  21. Waterfall questions with adding Whitewater

    I got it figure out everyone, since im using houdini 15 all i had to do was select the particle fluid SOP and select the whitewater simulator in the particle fluids tab. then hover to the view port and press enter.
  22. Waterfall questions with adding Whitewater

    Thank you Federico!! Any idea about how to get the whitewater sim started?
  23. Layering simulations in Houdini

    Hello All, I was wondering about how layered effects in Houdini would work. Example: a statue destruction sim with a smoke sim for the dust. Would you do the dust in a separate Houdini file or layer or all in the same one? Basically where do you start with more complex effects like this? Thanks in advance!
  24. Layering simulations in Houdini

    Awesome! thank you so much!
  25. Cloth Sim, Tieing a knot

    Hello, I am starting a production for a college short & we have a shot that we would want to cloth sim, but we dont really know where to start with it since it is tieing a knot in a bandana. (see pictures) We are going to animate the hands coming up and making a tieing motion but would like to show cloth being thrown around a bit as well. does anyone have suggestions as to where we might start with this?