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  1. Search is there already, but is not deployed for everyone, so to force it you have to use/download Canary builds of browser/desktop app. More on this in #announcements channel. Marty, it's not heavy as long as you don't try to post 5 posts on topic in, for example, #hou-realtime and then another 30-40 posts completely off-topic saying that talk is just flowing in and off. That would be very convenient excuse of every spammer from now. Multiply this thru 130 people and you will have a complete mess. Also, since this is realtime talk, we can't allow to call SESI staff just like that, without some restrictions. We got some channels for simple talk, like #lounge, and some voice channels too, if you feel like talking to someone. Just today joined us 3 people from UnrealSlackers Discord (one of them is Epic employe, @UnrealAlexcander, the one from Twitch streams). There is 5 or 6 people from SESI. At the begin of December there was around 4 people online thru the day (totally 8), now it's 130 online (totally 473). So it's not that bad if they are still coming. I created this with gamedevs in mind, to help push Houdini into their world, but it's really hard to avoid FX people in Houdini world. So right now I think there is more FX guys there. At some point, when we lure more people from Polycount, UnrealSlackers and other places, those proportions may change.
  2. Since community is growing fast, I decided to unspam my private Twitter and created dedicated one for Think Procedural. From latest news: we now have 368 members online activity thru the day hovers around 60-90+ people at once Follow us on Twitter Join us on Discord
  3. It's hard to make Houdini Discord without simulation or rendering topics. Do we like it or not, it's still not a weapon of choice for gamedev. But the goal of this Discord is to at least have Houdini close to all those people who make games and are hanging out on Discord. If they are already on other servers, they may decide to also take a look there to see what we got in store. Ideally I would like to also broadcast webinars thru this server. But the video chat & video sharing features are still couple months away. #announcements channel pinned messages contains information about other interesting servers on Discord. I never linked them here, so here is the list: UE4 server (on crowdy days they can get even 1000 people online at once + EPIC employes) Unity server Allegorithmic server (backed by their employes) Zbrush server Programming server Virtual Reality server Polycount server (a lot of people from Polycount forum) Game Dev League server (artists, musicians, programmers, trolls, you name it and it's there)
  4. Hey good people! *Think Procedural*, an unofficial Houdini Discord server, just crossed 200+ members. Currently there is 60+ online. Join us => https://discord.gg/b8U5Hdy <=, if you didn't done it already EDIT: Current user stats. Starts from @everyone together.
  5. Hey, we are growing but we still have a lot of free place for all of you! Below I included our current users count stats after one week. Starts from @everyone together - BOT. Join us!
  6. I looked for it to get faster answers for UE4. With 1000 people online with different level of knowledge and expertise it's alot easier to get to your goal fast. Another server that I like is Programming. Many languages to choose from if you are looking for help. It's not a complete replacement for a forum, but if you need help fast, it works better. Load mobile app on youe Android/iOS device (or just use it thru browser) and you can chat on your way home/job. That's assuming that there is enough people with knowledge around.
  7. Hello everyone! I created Discord server for Houdini => https://discord.gg/b8U5Hdy <= called Think Procedural. There are already couple of people there + some SESI guys are lurking there too. We also got custom BOT. It's still in Beta mode, so some things doesn't work, but the most important functionality is already there. The goal of creating this server is to bring Houdini closer to game developers. Around the corner there is a UE4 server with more than 1000 users and EPIC staff. There are also Unity/VirtualReality servers and the biggest from the all, GDL (Game Dev League) with 1300 online users. If you are interested in using Houdini for game development or any type of graphic activity, join us and spread the word. Once in a while I will be bumping this topic so that everybody would get the memo. See you!
  8. You can try VS way. @ttvdhave some examples of using CMake to generate project files for VS on his Github. It's very easy to modify them to be used in two file projects (one *.h and one *.cpp), even if you are not familiar with CMake. In linked example it looks that you only need to replace lines 198 and 202 with the file names you want to compile + set HFS variable (ideally before line 34) that will point to Houdini instalation directory and use CMake to generate project files with it. See if this helps.
  9. I used VS way and hcustom way, and never had any errors on update 1,2 or 3.
  10. I know ablout couple cases where people forgot the name of the Slack to which they joined. And finding it months later. Recently I build myself small, power efficient workstation + I was using some other person computer browser. I had to chase all the Slack channel names to which I joined, to view them on each, because I didn't remembered them all. With Discord I just logged in and I didn't had to remember name of any. There are Polycount, Unity and UE4 Discord servers.
  11. I'm against it. Slack is a bad platform to build community on. Better use Discord. Let me introduce you to some pluses and minuses of both platforms. Both, Slack and Discord, have mobile apps, and can be used directly thru web browser without any app. Slack cons: - no dark skin version - it's a team based platform, there is no forum like role management there - if you are subscribed to multiple Slacks, you have to remember name (name of Slack, not your login name) and password to each, if you want to view them on a completely new computer on which you didin't had Slack setup (in app or browser). You really want to remember multiple passwords and/or names? - integrations on free plan are not usable with bigger communities - UnrealSlackers (UE4 Slack where Epic devs also hangout) moved on to Discord - invite system sucks. You can automate it, but it's still very bad and you have to setup it thru external extensions (on Zapier for example) - to manage all settings you need to use browser Slack version Slack pros: - there is a search (but in free plan it's very limited and with bigger community it will very fast become not usable) Discord cons: - no search at the moment (but they are working on it) Discord pros: - dark skin version - it was made to handle communities, that means real role management (you can do really cool stuff with this, especialy once you merge it with custom Bot that can automate many things, for example, channels visibility, accesibility for members with different roles and so on) - you need only one login and password to view all the Discord servers to which you joined - it's a platform made for gamers (and SESI wants Houdini to succed in game world) - there is UnrealSlackers UE4 server - there is a voice channel support from begin of the platform existence - very good invite system (built-in) - you can manage all settings thru mobile app Here you can read why UnrealSlackers moved to Discord. On a side note, I'm working on Discord server with custom Bot (written in C#) that will focus on Houdini. I was thinking about luring there couple admins from Odforce and SESI devs + community manager (Mr. Ben Mears, are you reading this?), so we could build finally proper community on a realtime platform. If you guys are interested to work on it, give me a sign.
  12. We need to solve "one post" rule first on all forums we want to be, before cool things will start happening. We like your way better. Fixed.
  13. Hello! We hope to teach you one or two things... You can expect deep training on many cool topics you always wanted to know... and was always to shay to ask. We decided that it's best to make this topic as our "Hello, World" post on this forum because we felt that we can achieve two things at once, introduce ourself and focus your attention on this topic which will be used as a central for our future announcements. So make sure to follow this topic and remember... ... is the smart way!