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  1. I think u can turn off display material in viewport ,
  2. I I want to build a ios app for me like a queue manager , can I acess to queue manager from command line or not ,
  3. thankx very much I want to ask you " I want to build a ios app to mange like a render schedule how I can acess to the render schedule throught command line
  4. how I can type a houdini render commad form window cmd instead of houdini command tool
  5. what is the best self-learning or cg school
  6. Thank , right
  7. thank you , davpe
  8. thank you very much , Cody Stoof I should follow cgsocity and fxphd and cmivfx courses ، please tell me foundation courses I dont depend on courses in long time I 'm very good in python language , what about sidefx tutorial is not good ? What I should now before start in houdini ? I Know Cmivfx and Fxphd that has a lot of powerfull courses , Thank You For Tip my Friend
  9. Hi , I'm new Houdini user I Follow this learning path -------------------------------------- First level : Foundation Level Houdini First Step By SideFx Houdini Next Step Procedural animaion By SideFx Houdini Next Step Rendering SideFx Houdini Vex By CGWorkshop ------------------------------------ Second Level : Some Fluid Technique Introduction To Fluid By Sidefx Introduction To Flip Fluid By SideFx Houdini Waterfall By SidefX Ocean Waves By SidefX Houdini Ocean Effects FXPHD -------------------------------------- Third Level : Pyro Effects : Pyro Effects in Houdini FXPHD Volcano SidefX ------------------------------------------------ Four Level : Destruction Topic Destruction in Houdini By CgSocity Houdini Embers And Ash By Cmivfx These learning path for begineer user in houdini ، Good or not Good ? I Want to tips before started
  10. thank you for reply , My laptop good for foundation levels and in the next or advance level I should buy new workstation laptop , Do you agree with me , I'm Sorry my english language not good and again , thank you for tip
  11. Hi , I'm start learning houdini (visual Effect ) but I have hp pavilion core i7 4510u 2.0Ghz up to 2.5ghz and 32g ram 1600Mhz , graphic card nividea gt 840m 2g my questions ? 1- This laptop good for learning and simple Simulation ? 2- What the best laptop for visualeffect works , MSI , Dell , ...... ? I know PC Better for Viusal Effects works but Lack of electricity in my country , thankx