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  1. OBJ transforms to points

    Here it is. To be properly integrated with the packed disk primitive setup I assume 'scale' would need to be 'pscale' but it's no problem. OBJ_to_copySop_002.hip I had a setup to do this after the copy as you suggest which was great but the setup/tools our environment artists are using don't really allow for that.
  2. OBJ transforms to points

    Well I finally managed to sort out using the primitive intrinsic. This means I don't need to add any attribs to the objects and all it needs is for the object merge to pack the objects. J
  3. OBJ transforms to points

    Thanks! I would say the file isn't quite working for me as pscale is 0 but I get the idea anyway. Perhaps I was overcomplicating it by using primitive intrinsics but OK. Cheers J
  4. OBJ transforms to points

    Thanks. I'm not sure that helps though. I don't want to deform the objects in SOPs, I need to generate a point for each object transform at object level so I can recreate the distribution via a copy sop. Not only that but understanding why the transform matrix is not working as I assumed it should would be beneficial as a learning experience. Cheers J
  5. Hi, I'm having a small problem getting transformations from OBJ into SOPs. The idea is to convert the layout at object level into a point cloud for copying. I'm clearly not handling the primitive intrinsic data correctly so any pointers would be helpful. I'm using an object merge to pack the primitives and hopefully use the the primitive intrinsic attribs to orient the copies. Cheers J OBJ_to_points.hip
  6. Hi, What is the preferred method of driving long hair animation with animated guides using the 15.5's basic fur tool? I can import the animated guides and skin directly or I could point deform the static groom. I'm sure there's some other ways but I'm struggling to find an example. Cheers J
  7. Hi, Is it possible to embed metadata into the output of mantra (image planes or beauty)? John
  8. Post Process Mantra

    I see what you mean guys thanks.. The problem is we submit mantra jobs to the farm from IFDs. From what I can tell I would have to create IFDs then render the IFDs and then a third 'render' to process the Composite (in batch I would suppose). The third process is better done in Fusion for us as it wouldn't utilise hBatch licenses on the farm. I was hoping there could be a mantra process for this but it was a long shot Cheers John
  9. Post Process Mantra

    Hey, I've trying to do a kind of post process on mantra render. So far I can obviously submit a mantra render then a second 'render' using halo however.... is there anyway of being able to post process the render in mantra submission so I don't have to send the 2 renders to the farm whether automated or not? Cheers John
  10. Aliasing and Image Planes

    I have also managed to hack a divide (wtf) in cops.. The file illustrates the fix i mentioned John renderPassesHou.zip
  11. Aliasing and Image Planes

    Unless I'm missing something then it only allows me to divide by alpha. I want to divide rgb by a second rgb John
  12. Aliasing and Image Planes

    Exhibit A: The attached hip file and images should give you the above. The image on the left shows the edge fringe issue, the right image is the beauty render. It doesn't get much simpler than this. Let me know what you think. John PS. I'm working in linear edgeAA.zip
  13. Aliasing and Image Planes

    I've managed to extract an alternative colour pass from the beauty by first subtracting specular and reflection and then dividing the result by the combined diffuse lighting passes. I can then use the result as a colour pass as usual. The results so far are very good. If someone could tell me how to do a divide operation in compositing operators then I could post an example. (for some reason there is multiply, add and subtract nodes but no divide) Cheer John
  14. Aliasing and Image Planes

    I can't give you the shader as it's the company uberShader but I have done a couple of rough tests with a simple built-from-scratch shader that show the same issue. When I get time I (or maybe Serg )will package a good example for you to look at. I will also get it sent to SESI. Cheers John
  15. Aliasing and Image Planes

    Indeed. The example isn't that extreme but I have others the greater the contrast and the motion blur the greater the problem. It is better with lighting passes premultiplied by the colour but you sacrifice lighting tricks in post and various other flexibility. At least I know it's not just me though I'd like to be sure exactly why Cheers John