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  1. Hello, I think we have the same problem. Check this post: there are advises how to identify the issue. Personally, I made the tests but I can't catch anymore this bug. If you can with the log and verbose level 5 it will be very useful for us and for SideFx team if it is a bug.
  2. Thank you! I will try.
  3. Hello, Interesting... I have the same problem (H 16.0.600). Mantra freezes rendering. I have two scenes based on GEO + Particles + EnvLight+Arealight and Mantra (PBR). It freezes randomly, sometime on 100 frame, sometime on 259 frame. But if I restart the rendering the problems with this frames disappears until it freezes somewhere else. I can make the test and provide the scene file (it's difficult to report a bug while you can't catch it...) P.S. I would like to test your scene too but I can't start the rendering, there are some missing files OBJ.
  4. Hello, I'm still very interesting in this method. If you are alive please let us know. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I will try to explain. He has a sequence of 2D images (animated character). He needs to obtain a 3D animated geometry based on this 2D sequence. This 3D animated geometry should be close to a 2D animated character with 3D hands and 3D legs. May be it needs to generate Z-channel for this task or something else. Finally he will project 2D character (texture) onto this 3D geometry object. Thank you for your help!
  6. Hello! The same question, I would like to know this method. Can you help us? Thanks