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  1. Thread PointVop Guidance

    Thanks a lot Jiri, Will take a look at these threads & see if I can get where I need - The helix along a curve seems ideal. (I need to start learning VEX poperly so I can *finally* start to move away from VOPs, they have such heavy overheards in comparison.)
  2. Hi all, I've started putting an asset together which allows me to create multiple 'threads' from a single line, then effect them as if they are fraying/weaving. I'm quite happy with it, however my approach doesn't lend itself well to anything other than straight lines, and I'd like to apply it to more/multiple complex curves - so that it follows their contours exactly. At the moment it does 'work', however it distorts the original curve quite a lot, which I'd like to avoid. Could anyone suggest a way for me to adapt my current VOP setup to calculate the trigonometry per curve? Or an alternative to using the 'wireU' attrib? Or alternatively, if there is a different approach I should be taking all-together? any pointers in right direction would be much appreciated .hip attached - Thanks in advance! (N.B. This setup is loosely based on a thread I originally found here on odforce some time ago - but I cannot for the life of me find it now, so a hat tip goes to OP if reading.) thread_tool_asset_003.hip
  3. fill mocap volume

    Hi all, I'm working with some mocap meshes that I'm trailing particles over using the 'minpos' technique in POP VOPs. I'm getting a little stuck though, as when i make trails of the particles, these obviously trail behind the mocap as the keep their birth XYZ coords. What I'd like to achieve is that the trails adhere to the surface of the body/geo in the same way that the particles do, so i end up with something like 0:24 > 0:26 of the attached video. Maybe I need to do something within a sop solver? perhaps dop pop is the completely incorrect way to go? Any hints or tips greatly appreciated - I've attached my .hip here should anyone have the time to take a look! Thanks! (hints on filling the volume as-in the video will also be met with rapturous thanks... I'm not even sure where to start with that one.) surface_particles_trail_test.hip
  4. Vortex shape controls

    Hi all, Am testing/playing with some vortex setups, and came across this super tornado thread w/ scene files that I've been using as a solid starting point: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/13344-creating-simple-tornado-motion-using-pointcloud/ I started to emit points from various sources/shapes, and had the idea to try and get the rising points to not conform to a circle around the vertical curve, but rather maintain the emission shape while funneling up & with an increasing radius. I've tried using a curve force for this & have got results close to hat I'm going for, but the particles always seem to want to confirm to a tight circle around the vertical curve rather than the base shape & funnel outwards. Would anyone have any tips of how to create a custom 'perimiter' for the particles to rise around so they adhere closely the base shape while the vortex gradually increases in radius? Any tips or nudges in right direction much appreciated as always. vertical_outward_vortex_test_001.hip
  5. controling crowd starting positions

    Awesome, thanks for the proper explanation. Really appreciate your time!
  6. controling crowd starting positions

    Or, here I am trying a far simpler setup, based on the 'stadium' example file, where the agents are copied directly onto points from the embedded .bgeo. Again, I don't really understand why I cannot apply agents directly to points in my scene in the same way. I assume perhaps it's based on the density attrib? Once more, any help or guidance much appreciated. formation_circle_test_002.hip EDIT: Update: After bugging with it for ages, finally just decided to re-install to latest stable version & it works just like in the example file now! This crowd utility is pretty cool.... Going to keep exploring it for a few days - see if I get anything interesting.
  7. controling crowd starting positions

    Hi Atom, Thanks for the tip, and it definitely does what it says on the tin! However, how would you suggest approaching a setup where I may need to bump up the number of agents? Or, if the agents needed to move with military precision (i.e no variance or deviation from the curve at all)? I guess in a perfect world, we'd be able to set the initial positions of the agents based on actual scatter/copy functions directly onto geo point-counts (for those of us who aren't so hot with VEX yet). Copying onto a spline and saying 'march along it' would be super useful feature imho. I've attached a scene here of how far I've gotten with the circular path - Would it be possible for you to cast an expert eye over it to see if there are any glaring mistakes I may have made, and possibly point me in the right direction (again)? I'd really appreciate it. If you're too busy, then no worries. Thanks again. formation_circle_test.hip
  8. Hi all, I've been using the crowd shelf tools this week, trying to get to know them. The example files are super helpful, and have taught me a lot, but I'm getting slightly stuck on one seemingly simple thing. Controlling the initial position of the agents. For example, I have around 10 agents, walking, following a circular path. However I cannot figure out how to define the starting positions of the agents to be along that circle (so that they are all walking around it from F1). I can only seem to be able to randomly populate a surface, or set the population to 'formation', which allows me to do a straight line, but not a curved one. Both of these are v useful, but is there a way to set a custom starting state for agents (i.e placed along a curve)? Basically I want to set up agents walking around a circular pool. Any tips much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Folding Surface

    Hi all, I've been plating around with the folding stuff posted here recently, and it's pretty cool. However, I'm looking to push myself a bit & want to try and learn how to build this kind of setup (01.15 > 01.25 of video). Now, I can tell that they've obviously created a flat 'net' of the final folded shape, however I'm intrigued to know of anyone's thoughts of how best to approach the actual animation rig setup. I'm guessing a bunch of edge selections? Or perhaps that is a really brute force approach, and there's something a bit more elegant I should look into? I've made a start creating a net for my own shape, but thought I'd see if anyone had some suggestions before going crazy in-depth on it!
  10. Separate UV tex for duplicates

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the scene... I've had a look & tbh I'm struggling to find exactly where you added the VEX... Can you specify the node(S) for me? In the meantime I've been trying to figure out how to individually UV some wires & then export those UVs in a usable way. At the moment in UV view They are jumping around as they animate. If you/somebody with time could take a look at this file and point out where I'm going wrong that would be great! wire_uv_issue_v3.hipnc
  11. Separate UV tex for duplicates

    Hi all, I've still not got anywhere with this, so thought I'd put together a quick .hip while I had the chance. Maybe if there was some way to group the individual duplicates? Then I could individually UV wrap them? Any help appreciated... I'm super noob in not just Houdini, but CG in general! wire_uv_issue.hip
  12. color attrib per frame in dops

    Perfect... Thanks Skybar! I was going in the '$CR' direction for the @gluetoanimation, but would have taken me forever to reach your conclusion. Going to spend the next few days playing with wrangles to try and learn them as much as possible.
  13. Hi all, Am trying to tweak a scene file that was passed to me from here (apologies, I don't know/can't find original poster, so can't credit). It's a wire sim where points are activated based on their Y position - And I'm trying to tweak it to be based on color. I've worked a nice way to animate my colour across the points in a way I like, but my question is: How do i get my point color attrib to update per frame in the dopnet? And how do i associate it to the gluetoanimation value? Been really trying to get this going today, but to no avail... Any help or tips gratefully received! activate_sim_based_on_color.hip
  14. Hey all, Ok, so I have a line, which I am duplicating (manipulate) 10 times, then feeding into a wire sim. After the sim, I am animating a fuse on the wires to create an effect of 1 wire turning into ten, then doing a polywire. My question is, how should I map my UVs so I can texture the polywired wires separately? Obviously this is a little tricky because of the fuse, as it's creating a non-consistent topology. Any ideas? Unfortunately I can't share a .hip right now, but the setup literally is as simple as I described, you could even replicate a similar animation by just animating offset in the duplicate sop. As always, thanks in advance for any pointers!
  15. Per prim extrude

    Thanks F1! This is a lot closer to what I was trying to achieve - Will build on this! It's quite eye-opening what you managed to do with just a few nodes!