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  1. Hi all, I've got a box which i've scattered points over, then added some noise via an attribute vop. Some of the points are close together, and some are spread far apart. How would i go about deleting the points that are farther away from each other? scatterpoints.hipnc
  2. Hi all, Recently came across these images, and after doing a bit of digging, found that they're made with particles and layers of noise. i know a lot of the work is in lighting and compositing which isn't too difficult for me, but how do i go about getting better detail with varying amounts of billowing and whispy-ness? Here's an example image of what i've got so far (low quality render/comp)
  3. Hi all. currently i've got a sphere with a falloff driving the diffuse colour, starting black on the outside and fading to white ( image attatched ). my problem is that i would like it to start black (0,0,0), then gradually fade to white (1,1,1) all the way to the center, giving a smoother look. any suggestions on this? any help is appreciated
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to model a disco ball via copy stamping some extruded grids onto a sphere (polygon mesh). It's all good until it reaches the points at the poles, at which point the copied geometry begins to overlap due to the points on the sphere being closer together. Also, how would i introduce some random rotation to the rows? at the moment it's quite uniform and if you look at an actual disco ball, there's some slight variation. Any help is much appreciated x
  5. I have a curve with a carve node, animated over 10 frames so that the curve grows from point 0 to 10. how would i go about triggering this animation to repeat at random?
  6. Hi all, really noobish question here, but how would i apply some turbulent noise to a curve in VOP's while having the end points unaffected. i know about the $PT/$NPT expression but that only gives me the desired effect on one end of the curve, how would i go about having it on both ends? Thanks in advance