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  1. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thanks for sharing your file ok++ ! Awesome work !
  2. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    Thanks both for your informations. I will definitively have a look to the upres workflow and learn it, i'm wasting to much time try to get my high res which doesn't match at the end.
  3. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    Personnaly, to avoid the messy flowing of my pyro sim, un reduce the gas released. But tha'ts not a good deal i think.
  4. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    OK Yon, Thanks for your reply. I will have a look to this "upres" workflow, because the "division size" setting blow my sim. Is there a relation between division size and "gas released" parameter ? because when i increase the resolution my sim changes like if there was too much gas released in the combustion.
  5. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    I have exactly the same issue, and i was wondering how often the "Gas upres" node is used comparately at the simple division size setting. I mean, does the fx artist which works in studio use the division size to make the sim in high resolution or does he use the Gas upres node ? Because in my mind (certainly wrong idea), the upres workflow was "obsolete" ?
  6. Hi, there is some new stuff, After few test i noticed when i disable the "particle separation" in the flip solver (particle motion tab), i don't have anymore this probleme (the volume doesn't reduce). That's cool but i'm a bit confused because i don't understand why the particle separation option make my volume reducing ? If someone can explain me the reason, it would be great
  7. Hi everyone, I got an issue with the particle sepration setting. I'am making a vortex in flip, when i set my particle separation to 0.1 to get a fast preview of my sim, all works well. But then when i set the particle separation to 0.05, my simulation looks weird. It's look like the tank is loosing a bunch of his particles, and the flip's level surface get down. I don't understand why the particle separation breaks my simulation. I knew this setting can change a few things in your sim but here i'm loosing a lot of particles.... and it' happen all the time as i set my particle separation under 0.06 here is a flipbook of the simulation at 0.12 (no issue): https://www.dropbox.com/s/y36uz2oxl6jl7jv/RenderTest0.12.mov?dl=0 here is a flipbook of the simulation at 0.05 (issue start around the frame 96): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5w3uv9r3hzocc90/RenderTest0.05.mov?dl=0 Here is my hip: FlipWhirlpool02issue.hipnc If someone know how can i fix this isuue, i'm listening all kind of tips, Thanks a lot for your help (currently i'm not able to cache this sim properly). ps: if the quality video is poor, download the link, it's because of the dropbox streaming. Marles
  8. Hi Konstantin, Thx for your quick answer ! That's work like a charm ! Thx again
  9. Hi everyone, I would like to create point from volume but with a custom point separation, i mean have a different point separation by axis, like 0.5 in Y axis and 0.2in X and Z axis. I couldn't find how manage it, does someone have some tips ? Thanks for yout help. Marles
  10. Importing hipnc into commercial

    https://www.orbolt.com/upgrade-houdini-files, You can use this online converter from orbolt.com, but i think is only to convert Hipnc into Hiplc then you will be able to open your projetc in a commercial (limited) version, but if you want something more specific (eg: convert your file in Hip) you can contact Sidefx with your files to explain what you want. Hope it help you
  11. Need help on Tornado simulation

    Hi, Or maybe you can use a vortex force in DOP to keep your smoke turn around your main axis. To do that, you need to create the orbit's attribute from your deformed line (create a vortexforce atrribute next to the line) and then use them to drive the vortex force in your DOP. You can control the vortex in 2 node: in the vortex force DOP and in the VortexforceAttribute in SOP. See the hip below, the red node are the news. ps: i'm not sure if it works, because i didn't have the time to run the sim totally. Let us know. Tornado_test7.hiplc.hipnc
  12. Thanks bunker for your reply, it looks better now !
  13. Hi everybody, I'm working on a smoke simulation, but in the display when i look at to the density of my volume i'm bit confused about the result. Instead to have a shadow on my volume i get something as a black hole (like if there was no density, see the picture below, it looks like my volume is sliced.). Although I can see the density appear if i put another light to lighten the shady part of my volume i would like further explanation to make my mind clear. So i was wondering: -Is it normal to see a black hole instead a shadow ? -Do i lost my data, or the volume is not display but the data is still there ? -Is there a way to get more accurate display on the volume, to see a real shadow instead nothing (a setting in the light or anything else ?) ? Thanks a lot for you help, Marles
  14. How to use Vex with particles?

    Hey Yorkst, i'm not sure to understand what you're asking, are you asking what mean each attribut in vex syntax that you can find in the popnet ?
  15. Whaouh thanks asd asd for this other method, really interresting process and really helpfull, i exactly get the particles that i want. Thanks a lot,