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  1. Id take a look at ; Theirs some clustering techniques on this thread, and go take a look on the Houdini Go Procedural Vimeo page - their is some videos on Pyro clustering (sourcing and bounds) which should be of use hope this helps Chris.
  2. Delete only column edges after skin SOP and bool

    Would be great to see a detailed breakdown or tutorial in future if you get some time Alexandr, looks like a very nice procedural stadium
  3. Subdivision UV Sculpting?

    If you move your attrib promote to after your subdivide I get cleaner results, but I'm not sure if that's what your after exactly but thought id mention it incase
  4. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Hey Andrej, Take a look at what ive done, think it was what you were after (added a small sticky note with what I added/did also) StampinVop_cd_fix.hip
  5. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    If you promote whichever vop parameter your trying to copy stamp, then outside the vop, the parameter will become available and you can place your copy stamp function into it
  6. Scatter points on displaced surface

    Perhaps bring in whatever displacement is happening in your shader into a point vop and applying it to your particles/points position just after scattering perhaps?
  7. Smooth Sop strenght based on Color

    Hello, take a look at my hip file, group based on color then use that group as a selection in the smooth sop odforce_smooth_color.hip
  8. Volume mixing with VolumeVop

    You could also try the 'make_loop' sop which is from the game shelf tools (can also dive inside and see what its doing!)
  9. Meshing Small Splashes

    Yeah I did have a look before creating the thread but thought perhaps newer versions of Houdini may have led people to finding a way round it! I would do but cant share certain files due to project restrictions, but in future I will do thankyou! Ahhhh that is something I hadn't thought off, nice simple possible solution thanks martin!
  10. Use a Pyro Sim to affect another Pyro Sim

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean, I think that's to do with the velocity perhaps needing some more math to calculate it or something along those line to make it more accurate I usually just compensate by scaling the velocity until I'm content
  11. Use a Pyro Sim to affect another Pyro Sim

    Hey evan, just threw together a quick setup - where I import the vel using a source volume from pyro sim v1 - into pyro sim v2 and if you play the sim youll see the velocity moving v2 into v1's path - simple and basic way I'm sure theirs perhaps more controllable/correct methods but this seems to work odforce_pyro_affect.hip
  12. Destruction Question

    If your going to use the explosion to drive your destruction simulation it would make sense to do that first - but if not then it doesn't really matter its all dependant on the situation personally
  13. White water Foam Stick in air

    I took a quick look, and tried to work out why and couldn't really find an answer . I would simply recommend deleting what you have and using the shelf tool and then go from their (Maybe your missing something very small from the shelf tool setup - but essentially a white-water sim is just a glorified more complex pop sim) - one thing I did notice however, you were sourcing your whitewater particles directly from the cached flip sim, rather than the whitewater source which calculates which particles to keep and emit from, perhaps this is where your downfall is? - I'm sure someone else may have an insight to what is broken in your scene however
  14. Meshing Small Splashes

    Helloo, I'm working on some small splashes etc. For a project. And I'm at a point where eradicating mesh jitter is near impossible at the scale/amount of particles I'm using. The splashes are small and need a more chunky look, so I cant just up the resolution particles wise and hope that it meshes better as this completely changes the look. (The look I'm after isn't super high res realistic splashes at all as this is for a texture going into games) Ive tried meshing manually via VBD from particles instead of the default particle fluid surface - VDB from particle fluids - in combination with other vdb operations. Ive also tried point replicating so each point I have is 5 rather than one in the hope it reduces the likelihood of jitter and particles are closer together and theirs a higer count. Ive also tried upto 3 substeps in the base sim in the hope it maybe has more particles between one another. It seems almost silly when I've had the simulation as I've wanted very quickly but cannot get a small splash mesh without jitter. (Even tried motion blur to ease the effect but needs to be very strong to work and then smears the render more than getting rid of jitter) Any tips or ideas on the matter would be great (if I happen to solve it in the meantime ill post a file or at least a good description of how I got their eventually) - I have a feeling it may come down to trying every value possible in the particle fluid surface node or even animating certain parameters in their
  15. Noworries :)! Can you post your hip file perhaps? should be easier to see whats going on! If not no worries and ill have a think and post a reply on that thread if I can come up with anything