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  1. Flip "depth" water

    I usually have to run a sim like this for a few hundred frames previous, so the build up takes place like it would in real life. OR you could create flip particles from the river bed shape to fill it straight away (flip from object) and then emit flip particles also to get the river flowing correctly. (if you provide your scene file I can provide a quick example inside for you if it helps) Hope this helps, C.
  2. Transfer Volume attributes to Mesh/Points/Prims

    Thanks Jo, that makes way more sense now can see where I'm going wrong!
  3. Help - Can't find a thing on internet !

    Heres a link to a thread I know of, of something like your describing personal favourite of mine for the quality / look achieved https://realtimevfx.com/t/anime-manga-stylized-vfx-by-heavy-use-of-geometry/2342
  4. Turn photograph into whispy smoke

    Hey man put together a quick file to explain how I would go about it, pretty simple hope it helps To get the wispy smoke look - you'd need a lot of particles - or drive the particle movement from a smoke simulation for nicer movement particles_from_image.hip
  5. Hey may be worth checking out a lot of the newest games and googling to find some articles, Ghost Recon wildlands used a ton of procedural techniques and I think so did horizon zero dawn!
  6. Hey guys I know this may already have been asked somewhere, but had a real good luck and couldn't find much so my apologies if so! So I have a mesh generated from a volume (convert vdb > convert vdb to polygons) but my (density/temperature/vel etc) attributes get carried over in prim attributes from looking at my geo spreadsheet. I was trying to promote the attributes across so I can then use them to color my mesh, but so far been unsuccessful, if anyone could explain how I would do this and how it works that would be great!
  7. Connect Adjacent Peices to Polygons

    Hey guys, so I have some points, which I'm then wanting to connect to each other and create a polygon flat mesh from. Using the add sop to begin with but the polygon creation order wasn't correct (I'm sure ive fixed this before using an attribute or defining the polygon order to be drawn OR possible do it better in a wrangle? So if anyone has any tips of that side please say :)) Then I tried connect adjacent pieces which gives me the line'age I want but I just want their to be polygon triangles where the lines are/overlap instead, Can provide an example hip if needed but think someone may know what I need Thanks guys C. [EDIT trying now to manually group every 3 points, add sop per group - seems to be possibly working - and then I can ensure all edges etc are connected with a fuse or even remesh if needed - would still love a answer to the above for future if anyone has any vex tips on how to do it etc. ]
  8. Flip fluid "noise"

    Does it still hold these artefacts when meshed? - meshing may help smooth out and eradicate some of those not natural ripples and lines - (Otherwise I agree as you guys have discussed above!)
  9. Id take a look at ; Theirs some clustering techniques on this thread, and go take a look on the Houdini Go Procedural Vimeo page - their is some videos on Pyro clustering (sourcing and bounds) which should be of use hope this helps Chris.
  10. Delete only column edges after skin SOP and bool

    Would be great to see a detailed breakdown or tutorial in future if you get some time Alexandr, looks like a very nice procedural stadium
  11. Subdivision UV Sculpting?

    If you move your attrib promote to after your subdivide I get cleaner results, but I'm not sure if that's what your after exactly but thought id mention it incase
  12. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Hey Andrej, Take a look at what ive done, think it was what you were after (added a small sticky note with what I added/did also) StampinVop_cd_fix.hip
  13. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    If you promote whichever vop parameter your trying to copy stamp, then outside the vop, the parameter will become available and you can place your copy stamp function into it
  14. Scatter points on displaced surface

    Perhaps bring in whatever displacement is happening in your shader into a point vop and applying it to your particles/points position just after scattering perhaps?
  15. Smooth Sop strenght based on Color

    Hello, take a look at my hip file, group based on color then use that group as a selection in the smooth sop odforce_smooth_color.hip