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  1. Thankyou hugely for the excellent explanation Atom - the animation is being done by a fellow student and im waiting on a update eventually but thankyou! Going to make those changes and hopefully all should play out well
  2. Bump
  3. If anyone can provide me any help with my glue constraints not deleting/staying after being broken please take a look at my file above
  4. So sadly, that did allow it to update each frame but seemed to be having no affect on the sim at all - so turned it off for now to fix my constraints - which arent deactivating correctly for some reason, so if anyone has any ideas take a look at the file and i will provide the collision dragon too! Destruction_v3_t4.hip dragon_base2.abc
  5. ahhh fantastic thanks alot atom appreciated!:)
  6. Hey guys, working on a destruction peice and wanting to take the velocity from my charachter and put it into my bullet sim - So decided to try and use a sop geometry node to bring in the calculated velocity (from a trail and fluid source) - which is working perfect. But my sop force doesnt update each frame, its static - ive tried changing the expression from $T to $F and other things, not sure if its a limitation or if im doing something wrong? i will attatch a file but will be missing the geo but atleast you guys can see the setup Any help would be great! Thanks Destruction_v3_t2.hip
  7. i usually write out from copy sops with .bgeo - and make sure i press packed primitves in the copy sop as i think that packed prim's are lighter that unpacked due to the 'packing' but yeah im not an expert so could be talking rubbish about the packed prims
  8. Which node are you particularly on about? ive found VDB advect points, VDB points group and Convert VDB points - i use VDB with points when using a particle sim as pyro for wispy looks or for foam/whitewater in FLIP sims
  9. I did manage to fix it - thankyou Vitor i will take a look!
  10. That makes no difference, still doesnt render and resize bounds dont change :/ - The rendering is the big problem too i dont have a clue why it doesnt render
  11. Hello, I have a pyro sim which once again has broken for no apparent reason i just opened it back up and now i get nothing in the render - dont have a clue why and my resize bounding box isnt working as it should either - but if i add vel to it it does work better - any help would be great as id rather not rebuild my setup X_x RocketLaunch_v13_t1.hip
  12. Usually i think theirs a group also defaulty made of the collision geo - i often use the delete sop if i accidentally cached it with my sim - then put in the group @collision=geo or something along those lines - if you click the small drop down menu it should give you the group i think
  13. +1 to the above comment and personally I find the More particles the better, as soon as you get into the millions and using a very small pscale you get nice wisps and looks but render time is pretty long sometimes - Sim wise i often using pop forces and drag or vop pop's to create cool particle stuff - Looking cool so far too!:)
  14. Ahhhhh fantastic, Thanks Jeff will try this!
  15. Hey guys, trying to use the wedge rop to create multiple pyro wedges to then drive particles - i thought my setup was correct and cant find an error myself but all the wedges look identical, provided my file so have a look and would be great if anyone had any ideas Thanks as always Chris Ink_Water_v2_t1_introducewedge.hip