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  1. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Few things to check - inside your UE4 shader/material make sure your frame range is set correctly (1-100 in Houdini is 99 frames for unreal) - Inside your mesh fbx in UE4 check full precision UV's (can sometimes make a difference) - and can also check your normal before the export over? - Another lil thing is going into your UE4 position maps/textures and changing the filter to nearest (more precision) Let me know if any of these fixes your issue
  2. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Very nice man :), don't suppose anyone has got sub-uvs/flipbooks in unreal to work with custom color passes from Houdini - Use the color pass to pick which sub uv texture to use for example? - UE4 more than Houdini related question but any idfeas would be great, had some success with messing around but not to the extent I want, Thanks guys Chris - PS ; (Vertex Animation tools Beta - all work fine for me now for all export types )
  3. rbd and softbodys

    I would personally run a RBD simulation get the results I want breaking/fracturing wise then run that through a soft body sim to add the extra wobble/jiggles or even fem perhaps. OR Fem using the fracture within that to get the break apart - perhaps the best method especially for a pumpkin or something organic (if you do some research I'm pretty sure theirs various ways of controlling the breaking/fracturing within FEM but I'm not certain) - ill post a hip file perhaps when I get chance to take a look
  4. Downres Meshing Techniques - Houdini to UE4

    Nice suggestions, I may give building a low res mesh deformed by a higher res mesh a go that sounds quite plausible, Thanks twan!
  5. Downres Meshing Techniques - Houdini to UE4

    Hey guys, trying to figure out a good method for reducing polys in fluid mesh's / other mesh's I wish to export to unreal from Houdini. I have the pipeline via vertex textures working now trying to refine my results. - The base sim I wish to downres I mesh at high res to begin with ; looks as usual smooth just what I want, - Begin to downres (delete smaller pieces and bits i don't want etc or not needed) - Poly reduce and set the target poly count (1024/2048) [trying to stay as little polys as possible for use in game] - I have tweaked poly reduce settings and tried doing it manually with a remesh too and tried smoothing and averaging out point positions to give a smoother look but that also failed terribly. - I was just wondering if anyone had any techniques or ideas on how i would get not jittering low res mesh's? (if i up the poly count i can get smooth mesh's but ofcourse more polys more expensive) (the shape is fine just the constant jitter due to the lower poly count and poly reduce sop i guess) Thanks guys [my guess maybe to write my own poly reduce sop/HDA or own re-mesh algorithm which doesn't cause jittering or can be smoothed out somehow - although what I'm trying to achieve may just not be possible on such a low poly count ]
  6. Simple VEX/Houdini array question

    Ahhh okay ty Yunus!
  7. Simple VEX/Houdini array question

    Hey guys soo I'm using grains within Houdini and ive been trying to write a simple expression/code/vop/vex that deletes the particles with less than 'X' amount of neighbors - which I'm finding difficult as the neighbour attribute is an integer array and theirfore I cant think of how you would get this to work? - (Ive tried myself converting the array into something else but had no luck, and ive also tried writing little expressions to delete arrays with less than 5 integers say (so less than 5 neighbors) - I could just be missing something little but if anyone has any ideas or a solution I would be really appreciative (and any explanation on how to work abit with integer arrays) Thanks guys Chris
  8. Simple VEX/Houdini array question

    Incase anyone is interested I found a solution myself within vops - Import integer array - use an array length - and output this using bind export as a float - gives you the amount of neighbors in the float value
  9. Broken Mosaic Node?

    I will upload a sequence for you at work tommorow! Ahhh thats good to know but no all my images remain the same resolution, thanks syzmon
  10. Broken Mosaic Node?

    Hi guys, I'm using the mosaic node in COPS to create texture atlas's for games. All renders from Houdini seem to work fine using the mosaic node. However often I use aftereffects/other software to add extra motion blur etc to my renders - save them back out as exr's or png's and then take into Houdini COPS to put together the texture atlas - However I keep running into the same issue which is; The mosaic node incorrectly interpolates my images. For example I may have 120frames - set the images per line to 10 and max images to 100 - so it should show the first 100 frames right? not in my case it seems to start the atlas from a random frame and not always show all the sequence REGARDLESS of mosaic node or preference settings with tile size etc. Someone suggested it may be memory contrsaints due to the huge size of the mosaic it creates but to me that shouldn't affect it interpolating the image sequence in the correct order and knowing which is the first and last frame - I would attatch a scene file but that would require me providing a render which I currently an unable to do but will try and get one that I cant get to work uploaded for others to try. - (See below I have attached a screenshot of the exact issue - the input sequence contains 156 frames) Any ideas would be great as this is really annoying and rather confusing - My only thought is naming conventions and the mosaic node needs or wants a constant frame number with the same amount of digits - 001 through to 100 etc. - Just tested this theory and no changes so it cant be that, unless Houdini just hates non Houdini renders or file types
  11. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Found a solution to my above issue - my frame range in the shader was off by 1 due to a bit of personal error! So fluids working - and for anyone having RBD issues make sure fully precisions uv's are turned on and the filter inside the mesh I believe should be set to nearest which should help
  12. Broken Mosaic Node?

    Yes it does work generically - No all frames working etc. because I've checked the files in other programs also and even have another program which does what the mosaic does which works with a sequence which doesn't work in Houdini, soo I'm really not sure I have a feeling its connected to anything not rendered in Houdini itself
  13. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Ahhh yes good thought! Ahhhhh strange that a fluid works through the soft body export but I will give that a try myself and see the results, yeah again nice thought I will keep it in mind but most of the time textures seem to recognise correctly, Thanks again Neil - Little update; tried the soft body method with a small moving fluid but couldn't get the translation to work, sooo went back to the fluid method but still getting the exact same look (almost asif the position map is baked with higher polycount/vertex count than the fbx I import and so cannot move all verts correctly but the movement is roughly correct) - Another thought, Has anyone found it necessary to manually set the bounding box parameters (min/max) within the UE4 shader? thought it maybe fix some issues but perhaps a hopeful but simple solution Please see the issues with my fluids inside UE4 in the video below 2017-10-11_Capture_Fluid_Mesh_Issues.flv
  14. Houdini codings

    Yes,. well Potentially as a FX artist who mainly makes tools / codes / programs etc. which is always needed, But I would say you have less chance of becoming an actual fx artist if you ONLY have previous experience within Houdini coding and no actual 'FX' or simulation knowledge, - If I were you with what you've said I would learn code as much as you can (Vex/Python/C++ may even be useful to add to your CV) - And then do whatever simulation practice you can to show FX or concentrate on making optimized/streamlined Houdini tools which really aid the FX or any other process's. (Essentially in my eye if you want to go to work as a FX artist or TD and produce simulations/renders (explosions/fire/magic etc.) as well as some technical stuff (coding etc.) you need some simulations in your reel to a good level. Otherwise with coding alone I think you may struggle to get more artistic jobs and live in the world of programming/coding (Pipeline TD's/Coders etc) which is if that's your aim no problem! BUT if not make sure to try and produce whatever simulations you can using what you have. (PS; ive been told by senior artists and recruiters often rendering isn't always necessary especially if the simulation itself is very good or accurate and presented well (something to consider when you have a lower end pc spec etc. not rendering can save a lot of time) Hope this helps just my opinion on the matter
  15. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Lil update for anyone interested - I got sprites to work by turning on two sided which made them visible and fixed the issues (within the UE4 Shader)
  16. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Thanks for the tips Neil! I also have the soft method working - still having odd rotation issues with RBD - Sprites work perfectly except they are invisible?? regardless of what I do to the shade but you can see their moving correctly when highlighted so I'm sure that maybe a small fix - Fluids I'm still getting the same results regardless of changing resolutions (texture/sim/etc) see the video below - any solutions for any of this would be super handy, Thanks Guys, 2017-10-11-1044-27.flv
  17. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    From what I can see all my cameras set to render out position etc seem to be erroring regardless of if I manually set the bounding etc. Anyone else come a cross this and found a fix?
  18. RBD export from Houdini to UE4 via vertex texture

    Mind sharing what you did to fix it Adam?
  19. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Hey guys, I'm having some issues using the vertex animation exporter - with RBD mode, it wont produce a FBX and so I have to manually export that which isn't an issue just odd and then with the shader correctly built in unreal I still get a horrible result? ALSO has anybody tried to export cloth/soft body method? as for me after following examples and tutorials I only export a useful normal and FBX and the position map / vertex displacement part always comes out completely empty? Attatched both my hip files also rbd_test.hip soft_body_test.hip
  20. Mantra Freezing

    Hey guys, i can provide my scene if needed, but my problem is after 2-5frames rendering to disk Mantra literally just stops/freezes rendering. Ive changed my frame ranges, new mantra render nodes, pathed to a diff hard drive which i thought had worked but didnt. Just seems ridicolous, frames that are rendering are coming out exactly as wanted, Just dont understand why its freezing for no reason? heres the scene too; Any help would be great as im trying to do some test renders and at the minute not suceeding due to this issue ocean_v2_t7.hipnc
  21. PC Upgrade Advice

    Hey guys, I currently have a - X99-UD4 gigabyte motherboard, 32gb of ram , GTX 770, i7 - 5820k, (500gb SSD, 2x 3tb HDD) - i am looking to upgrade very soon but not sure where to start or what actually would improve Houdini/other vfx software (maya/nuke/rendering) performance. To me my graphics card and ram was what i was thinking. My ram is nothing special and my board is quad channeled so was thinking of replacing my current ram with 64gb (4 x 16) sticks, and then replacing my current GTX 770 with either a 1070/1080 OR as suggested by a pc building freind, a Quadro of some type? (but i didnt and couldnt tell from online specs/benchmarks whether a Quadro would out perform a GTX 1070/80 of the same price for rendering/simulating rather than gaming) He also had a suggestion that i use the new m2 sata ssd instead of new ram. Using that to place all projects on and work from, (as it has much higher read/write speeds than a ssd) - also considering to begin to use openCL and GPU rendering is beggining to take over. So essentially looking for some advice and facts about what will help my performance etc. (When i get to it my budget will be around 1000) Any help would be great!
  22. PC Upgrade Advice

    - Yeah i often spend along time trying to get sims to work with only 32gb etc. so more ram is needed as you've said! - Ahhh okay thankyou for clearing that up, that is what i could see also, just my friend who builds pc's seemed convinced a quadro would be better but i agree with your statement for sure, (and my mate has no vfx knowledge just a pc builder for a living) - Ahhh again thats what i seemed to see from online results also! makes sense, - Rendering tends to be my biggest pain rather than simulating ( i have to wait days and days for renders sometimes leaving me nothing else to do etc.) and in general would like to be able to bash out work abit quicker than currently, Thanks for the help Luke appreciated!
  23. Surface tension and viscosity

    Im not sure but my point was their is a surface tension attribute in the new h16
  24. Surface tension and viscosity

    this is what i am referring too;
  25. Surface tension and viscosity

    Their are new surface tension control and attributes in H16 within the flip solver itself, how accurate etc it works i dont know but pretty sure it is their