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  1. Patronus Charm Effect

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I did the same thing but I dont know how to make the particles glow and fade away. I even converted it to smoke but it dint work either.
  2. Patronus Charm Effect

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I am attaching a link from youtube please see that, I want to create similar effect. Its really urgent please let me know if you can help. Link:
  3. Patronus Charm Effect

    Hi, Does anybody know any good tutorial for creating patronus charm effect from harry potter? Paid or Free, anything will do. Please if anybody knows, please share the link. Its urgent. Thanks
  4. Fit range confusion

    Hi, I was watching a tutorial and the instructor used negative value in fit range node's source min parameter and then he said that as there is a negative value in source min so he will have to flip the the destination min to 1 and destination max to 0. I don't know why we must do that. Can anybody please explain the math behind this? Fit Range Node's details: source min = -5, source max = 1, destination min = 1, destination max = 0. in the value parameter he takes some random attribute that ranges from -5 to 5 based on the point numbers.
  5. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    Thanks alottttt.
  6. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    Wow, Thanks it works like charm. Hey can you please help me with python for houdini. Because the documentation for python in Houdini is very wierd. I cannot get enough examples and all the functions are very hard to find. So can you point me to some documentation elsewhere or tutorial? Or can you please tell me how to follow the documentation because I always feel lost in it. Like finding some examples or some function name, etc.
  7. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    Hi, How to add a name attribute to each point in a selected geometry via the python sop? Suppose I have a box with 4 points and I want each point to be named as piece0, piece1 and so on where the number is its point number. I have written a code, it adds the attribute to the spreadsheet but is unable to add the value. The value is added only when it is not a string. Please Help. The code that I tried: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Point, "name", "piece") Please also add how to add the respective point numbers to the string piece. Thanks
  8. Copy random fracture pieces over points via copy sop

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your help. It even works with the delete sop but I am really confused, because this expression works perfectly when I put it in group parameter of delete sop but when I put it in pattern parameter then the expression copies one single piece of geo onto every points. Why is that? How does it works in group parameter? Can you please explain?
  9. Copy random fracture pieces over points via copy sop

    Thanks alot, your way works but I am really confused. Is there any other way?
  10. Hi, I had created a sphere and then fractured it, then I had selected few pieces so that I could copy them randomly onto few particles/points via the copy sop. The problem is that, I want the copy sop to randomly pick up any one piece out of my selected pieces say from "piece0" to "piece8". But what actually happens is either only one piece is copied to each point/particles or all the eight pieces are cluttered together and copied over each point. How can I set up a workflow where the copy sop randomly picks up any one piece from the provided pieces from the fractured geometry and instances it onto random points? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Please let me know if there is a simple setting in preference where we can enable or switch to GPU or OpenCL. I am not sure whether viewport uses GPU, I think it does and I would also like to know if we can directly switch a DOP node to use GPU for its calculations. Can Mantra and Arnold use GPU? Please let me know the specific settings. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks a lot.. I found out a way, the opacity map that I exported from substance painter should be inverted and connected to the refraction color channel and everything works fine. No need to connect anything to the opacity channel.
  13. Hi, I will build a workstation specifically for sims and renders by december, I do a lot of heavy sims and also plan to use Blender, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, etc. I am really confused between Xeon processors and core i7. My budget is around $ 2500. I cannot decide what will be best for me? Dual Xeon processors or single core i7 (in my case, 6800K). I am planning build a workstation that I can upgrade later and keep on adding as the time demands. I would probably stick to GTX 1070 and would really want a liquid cooler for both my CPUs and my GPU. So, I will need a good cabinet that supports 3 liquid coolers and a good PSU that can power up everything. Please suggest me with what to buy? a Core i7 6800K with 6 cores or a Xeon ( I add another xeon later, as my budget is tight ). If Xeon, then please suggest me a Xeon that is compatible with dual processor and a Mobo with dual socket. The main question is Dual Xeon or Single Core i7 6800K? (or if anything better about to launch at the same pricelist)
  14. Hi, I am using Substance Painter to paint textures on my object, I have a portion of the object that is glass and I have painted the opacity map and it looks good but when I bring the textures in Houdini I am not getting any refraction effects that we typically get in a glass sphere. I am connecting the opacity map into opacity color and also applying inverse map of opacity to refraction color. But I am not getting proper refractions. Opacity is working fine. Please help.