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  1. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We are launching our 2017 series of GridMarkets Houdini artist profiles by featuring talented French Houdini artist Maxime Causeret! Don’t miss the background on his spectacular new Houdini video, "Order from Chaos", created for electronica and techno producer Max Cooper and recently selected as a Vimeo staff pick. We hope you enjoy the article, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  2. Hi everyone! GridMarkets' new Featured Houdini Artist is Alvaro Segura, Houdini FX Lead at MPC Los Angeles. He shares his thoughts on art, shows us how to build a simple fractal system using VEX and as a bonus, we get a glimpse into the cloud system he is currently building. We hope you enjoy this last profile for 2016 and wish you all a Happy New Year, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  3. Done - thanks Marty. Easier to click through now... Patricia
  4. New GridMarkets featured Houdini Artist: Ramiro AMK Fernandez from Argentina Is it possible to create an entire Universe using Houdini? Talented art director and digital artist Ramiro AMK Fernandez from Argentina shows us how it's done! You can read his Artist Profile on our website: www.gridmarkets.com/ramiro-amk-fernandez We hope you like this new feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  5. Hello everyone! Our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist is Varomix from Mexico. Don't miss his detailed video tutorial on how to create an asset in Houdini for use in Unreal Engine. We also added an interview with Varomix, where he shares his thoughts on how he uses Houdini. Enjoy, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  6. Hmmm, I tried it from the office and it seems to work fine. If anyone else has problems, let me know. Here is the link again, just in case: http://www.gridmarkets.com/matt-estela.html Patricia
  7. Hello everyone, Our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile features Adam Swaab, Creative Director at Wolf & Crow. Adam specialises in design-based VFX using Houdini and here he shares some key ideas on his design process. We thought his article was very insightful and thought-provoking and hope you find it interesting as well, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  8. Animal Logic's Matt Estela is our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist! He manages to explain a complex and confusing topic such as DOPs in simple and efficient terms - check out his amazing tutorial here.
  9. Hello everyone, We are very excited to share our latest GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile with you! This time we interviewed Norwegian artist Erik Ferguson, whose wrinkly and saggy creatures have taken Instagram by storm. We hope you enjoy our latest feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  10. Hi everyone! Following the success of our GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist profiles, we are excited to introduce our new series of Featured Animation Schools. The focus of our first feature is CG Spectrum Film and Game School, based in Melbourne, Australia. We'll get the opportunity to learn some advanced displacement techniques for materials from CG Spectrum’s Houdini instructor, Ben Fox, who kindly shares one of his video tutorials with us. http://www.gridmarkets.com/cgspectrum.html Let us know what you think, Patricia and the rest of the GridMarkets team
  11. French Houdini Artist Florian Bard wonders how flocks of birds move during flight. And he throws in a T-Rex for added entertainment! Check out his R&D here: http://www.gridmarkets.com/florian-bard.html
  12. We have just published our latest GridMarkets Houdini Artist profile. This time we chat with talented Danish artist Pingo van der Brinkloev about his latest project, Knitbox, a collection of digital assets for the procedural creation of 3D fabric. There's a free downloadable asset for you to play around with. We hope you enjoy the feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  13. Hi all! Our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile features Alessandro Pepe, Lead FX TD at Framestore, Los Angeles. He shares a detailed and systematic tutorial on how to create cigarette smoke using Houdini: www.gridmarkets.com/alessandro-pepe.html For more information on Alessandro's work, visit his website: www.alessandropepe.com For more Houdini tips go to: http://pepefx.blogspot.com/ We hope you'll like Alessandro's amazing tutorial! Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  14. We would like to share some more GridMarkets' SIGGRAPH 2016 footage - a video of GeoSim's presentation on creating 3D Cities for Film, TV and GameDev using Houdini and GridMarkets. We have also added our interview with Matthew McCauley, GeoSim's Chairman: www.gridmarkets.com/siggraph2016-matt-mccauley GeoSim Systems has created Virtual Vancouver, the world’s first high-precision 3D model of a real city with 1cm visual resolution at street level. For more information, visit: http://geosimcities.com/