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  1. Displacement Quality (Ocean Spectrum)

    Also if a grid size is to huge can make that
  2. Displacement Quality (Ocean Spectrum)

    on ocean spectrum you have parameter called Resolution Exponent,on the top,10-12 can give you nice results
  3. Waves from Maya to houdini spectrum?

    OR Deform the ocean spectrum using vex or vops using your alembic geo as the reference geo How can I do that?
  4. Waves from Maya to houdini spectrum?

    Yea,that is ok,but i want to use that in simulation for other fields,any idea for that?
  5. Waves from Maya to houdini spectrum?

    Hi,is it posible to use ,alembic geometry of waves form maya BOS ,as input or reference for ocean spectrum in houdini?
  6. FLIP collision with moving object

    Make new colider ,use Deforming object,i put 4 substeps but can be less
  7. FLIP collision with moving object

    Hi,try to extrude sides of this geometry,make it thicker ,and use that as colision.Also value on colision separation that you use is too low and it is not nessery,just use biger value,i tryed with 0.01 and it works fine
  8. I am trying to export flip sim from H to maya in Houdini 16.If I get it right,I have to export mesh,with flatened geometry ,like alemic,for example,and displacement with baked masks and ocean spectrum like exr ,for example,but I cant make it work.Can anyone help me? Thank you!
  9. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hm i see ,for some reason i can't upload the file
  10. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    maybe something like this
  11. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

  12. HQueue Problem

    Great,thank you very much,that's it.
  13. HQueue Problem

    Thanks for reply Ben,if I understood you,i need to log to nodes which I want to use as a clients,and mount drives on them and other directories?Do I need a licence for clients,i dont understand that part with clients so well.
  14. White water issue

    Can you post a scene?
  15. HQueue Problem

    Hi,when I submit ,my job on client it fails every time with this message,"The network name cannot be found",or "The system cannot find the path specified".Does anyone had same problem?Thanks.