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  1. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hm i see ,for some reason i can't upload the file
  2. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    maybe something like this
  3. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

  4. HQueue Problem

    Great,thank you very much,that's it.
  5. HQueue Problem

    Thanks for reply Ben,if I understood you,i need to log to nodes which I want to use as a clients,and mount drives on them and other directories?Do I need a licence for clients,i dont understand that part with clients so well.
  6. White water issue

    Can you post a scene?
  7. HQueue Problem

    Hi,when I submit ,my job on client it fails every time with this message,"The network name cannot be found",or "The system cannot find the path specified".Does anyone had same problem?Thanks.
  8. wierd wave layer collision

    Yes,it is ok,no holes or anything...